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If you are in the market for kid’s skateboards, you must’ve heard about Xootz. They are the manufacturer of top-class quality skateboards, and their kid range is exceptionally good.

But if you are not sure what to pick or whether you should even get a Xootz skateboard for your kid or not, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Down below, we’ll go over everything you need to know along with 2 of the best Xootz skateboard review so that you can decide for yourself.

Is Xootz a Good Skateboard Brand?

In this overpriced market where literally everything good seems out of reach because of the price tag, Xootz manufactures some of the best skateboards ever. These are all made of premium quality material, but you’re getting it in a very low price range as well.

So, you just can’t find a better deal than going for a Xootz skateboard. Unlike any other brand, you can feel confident about your purchase and your kid is going to love it. Fortunately, it’s super sturdy, and it reduces any risk of unwanted accidents caused by poor quality issues.

xootz skateboard review

Also, the skateboards designed by Xootz look stunning as well. Kids don’t want to use anything that looks bland and boring. And the Xootz skateboard gives them the fancy look and feel that they crave. So, he’s going to love it. 

Overall, there’s no better deal than Xootz skateboards in the market as it nails every aspect of a great skateboard. They are the best in terms of quality, reliability, and value. So, yes, Xootz is an amazing skateboard brand, and you should definitely get your kid a Xootz skateboard.

For Whom Xootz Skateboard is Suitable?

Xootz skateboards are designed for kids so that they get to enjoy the best skateboarding experience. All of the Xootz products are made with high-quality materials for enhanced safety, and the sleek design along with great ergonomics are quite appealing to the kids as well.

Not to mention, the Xootz skateboards are perfect if your kid is just getting started in this field. They are super well made and they can easily withstand a few hard falls and beatings without any damage.

Also, the structural integrity makes sure that the skateboard gives good balance and support to your kid so that he can enjoy the experience uninterrupted.

2 Best Xootz Skateboard Reviews

As we discussed, Xootz skateboards are a fantastic choice if you want to buy your kid a good-quality skateboard. However, if you are not sure which model to get, check out our 2 xootz skateboards down below to find out the perfect one to purchase.

1: Xootz Kids Complete Beginners Maple Deck Skateboard 

First, we have a beautiful maple deck skateboard by Xootz. It’s sturdy, fast, and provides a great riding experience for your kid. And for the price range, it’s undoubtedly a no-brainer option for you.


This skateboard comes with a 31-inch deck that’s more than enough for a kid to get a comfortable grasp on the whole board. That will allow your kid to stay on the board more comfortable and get a better balance.


The wheels of this board are made of hard plastic, which provides fast and smooth riding expenses. However, the wheels do create a bit of noise, which might be a drawback for some people. 


With the 608z bearings, this skateboard is super reliable, and your kid is going to get the best skateboarding experience out of it. It’s really amazing, and there’s no room for any complaints. 


It features 5 mm trucks that are super sturdy and provides the best safety for your kid. That along with all the other parts make it a reliably strong platform for skaters.

Overall Performance

The overall performance of this skateboard is just incredible, and you should go for it by all means.

What I Like

  • It’s perfect for kids who are just starting 
  • Super sturdy build quality 
  • Looks and feels premium in every way

What I Don’t Like

  • Makes a bit of noise that’s caused by the wheels

2: Xootz Kid’s Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Next up, we are going to take a look at another amazing skateboard by Xootz. This mini cruiser skateboard is the sweet spot of specs and features, and you just can’t go wrong buying it for your kid.


The deck of this skateboard is 22.3 inches, which is an average for kid’s cruiser skateboards. That allows your kid to build more balance and control on the board while riding it.


With the high-quality PVC material build, the wheels provide a super smooth riding experience. However, it might feel a bit stiff for some people as it requires a bit more push to increase speed.

Bearingsxootz kids skateboard

This board uses ABEC-5 carbon bearings; perfect for a reliable and comfortable ride. So, you don’t have to worry about your kid getting injured because of the skateboard.


It comes with 3.5-inch plastic trucks that provide an ultimate sturdy build quality and longevity. It’ll last for a very long time without any trouble. 

Overall Performance

The overall performance for this skateboard is phenomenal as well and it’s definitely the best all-around skateboard for your kid.

What I like

  • Provides a smooth and fast skateboarding experience 
  • The color looks very gorgeous 
  • Undoubtedly the best value for your money

What I Don’t Like

  • The wheels may feel a bit too stiff to some people
xootz skateboard for kids

So, Should I buy Xootz Skateboard Or Not?

As you saw, Xootz skateboards are exceptionally well made, and they can provide the best skateboarding experience for your kid. From the build quality to the design, everything about the Xootz skateboard is of top class.

If you go out to buy a good-quality skateboard for your kid, you’ll find tons of options out there. But only a few of them can guarantee the safety and smooth-riding experience that’s vital in this case. And even if you find them, they are super expensive.

So, if you don’t want to break the bank by buying a skateboard for your kid and still get an amazing quality one, the Xootz skateboard is the perfect option for you. It’ll undoubtedly provide you with the best value for your money. Don’t waste your time and money on other skateboards and get your kid a Xootz skateboard; he’ll love it.

Last Word

I think you are satisfied with my Xootz skateboard review along with everything you need to know about Xootz as a brand I have shared here. Also, you can pick the best skateboard for your kid without any issue.

Remember, kids have a greater need of doing physical activities these days. They just spend too much time on their gaming consoles or playing on their phones. In that case, skateboards can easily solve this issue for you.

As you saw, these Xootz skateboards are going to be perfect for your kids. So, you can go for it without any hesitation, and your kid is going to love it.

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