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Best Wrist Guards for Skateboarding in 2023| Stay Safe

  1. Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboard Wrist Guard Gloves
  2. 187 killer pads wrist guard
  3. Wrist Guard Protective Gear Wrist Brace
  4. Kids Wrist Guards Skateboarding Protective Gear
  5. Andux Ski Gloves Extended Wrist Palms Protection
  6. Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards for Skateboarding
  7. Burton Adult Wrist Guards, True Black

Skateboarding is fun. It is one of those sports that lets you ride the way you want. And the best part is this. It helps you to burn calories faster. But here’s the rub. Skateboarding contributes to about 70% of wrist breaks from sporting activities.

But, Hey, you can be one of the lucky ones who are escaping a wrist break when they fall in skateboarding. Here’s the solution. Buy one of the best wrist guards for skateboarding and enjoy your ride- with no fear of breaking a wrist-ever again.

But first, I’ll share with you every damn thing you should know about skateboard wrist guards. Make sure to read them.

What are the Skateboard Wrist Guards?

By now, you’re probably wondering if there are many differences between a skateboard wrist guard and a regular hand glove. Honestly, it’s okay to think this way. But let me say this straight. A skateboard wrist guard may look similar to a regular hand glove, but there are other differences. Here is it.

A skateboard wrist guard is your regular hand glove but with wrist support. See the difference? You’ll find splints inside the padded sides of the wrist guard- they keep you intact on impact. It is absent in a hand glove. But that’s not all.

skateboard wrist guard review

This safety gear is design to stop gravel in your wrists when you fall forward into your knees and hands – when skateboarding. Chances of skating injuries are low among skaters who wear skateboard wrist guards.

Be warned: A skateboard wrist guard does not prevent injury to the shoulders. As its name implies, it gives its protection to your wrist and nothing more.

Skateboard wrist guards vary in styles and materials. The most common skateboard wrist guard styles are the full finger styles, the fingerless style, and the half finger styles. The materials also vary from simple fabrics to hard-carbon fiber and metals.

Are Wrist Guards Necessary for Skateboarding?

According to research, a skateboard wrist guard lowers the rate of peak impact forces to 31.8%. Another study shows that severe wrist injuries are recorded in skateboard riders who wear a skateboard wrist guard.

So it all buzz down to this. A skateboard wrist guard is necessary for all skateboard riders. Here are some benefits of wearing a skateboard wrist guard.

  • Gives support to your wrist: Ideally, when you fall, you tend to throw out your hands from your skateboard. But here’s the thing. In the process, you can hit your wrist on a hard concrete floor and break your wrist bone.

But wearing wrist guards for staking can do the trick. The splints that are inside your wrist guard can reduce the impact of the hit on your wrist.

  • Protect your wrist: If you are someone who loves to do lots of stunts and tricks on a skateboard, a skateboard wrist guard is necessary.

Your skateboard wrist guard will be your safeguard your wrist from danger as you go about doing your thing. I’ll recommend that Beginners wear a skateboard wrist guard to prevent fracture.

  • Hold broken bones in place: In some cases, you may not be lucky to escape a damaged wrist. I am not scaring you, but shits do happen. On the face of that, a wrist guard can help you to hold broken bones.

The worst thing that could happen to an enthusiastic beginner skater is to get broken wrist bones dislocated. A skateboard wrist guard can help you this in check.

  • Shares the load: Studies have shown that skateboard wrist guards share an impact of a low energy fall in skateboarding.

So what this means is this. Instead of your wrist getting all the load that can result in severe wrist damage, a skateboard wrist guard will take part in sharing the load. Your wrist will be relieved and saved from severe damage.

what are the best wrist guards for skateboarding

Skateboard Wrist Guard Review

I know, I know. You’re going to ask me the same question every skater will ask- what are the best wrist guards for the skateboard. Here’s the good news. I have this wrist guard review for you to pick the best skateboard wrist guard for you. I did a quality search for it. So here it is.

1. Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboard Wrist Guard Gloves

A top-grain quality leather skateboard wrist guard – is available in four different sizes. Kids, youths, and adults have a chance to escape broken wrist with this skateboard wrist guard.

Here’s the catch. The ABS splints that are located on the bottom and the top are easily removed and replaced.

But that’s not all. This skateboard wrist guard comes with EVA foam layers with quality shock-absorbing ability. Are you worried about durability? The Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboard Wrist Guard Gloves are double-stitched to ensure a long-life shelf.

Believe me when I tell you this. It will take you another couple of years to search for another skateboard wrist guard.

The support strap with thick neoprene has a flexible hook and loop closure. What this means is this. A perfect fit is quick to get with this skateboard wrist guard.

If you’re looking for a skateboard wrist guard for heavy use, this is your go-to wrist guard. It is a professional-level protective wrist guard. The good news is that it comes with a 180-day manufacturer’s warranty.

But beware, the Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboard Wrist Guard Gloves is pricey. Again it holds up well against extremely high-density impact.

2. 187 killer pads wrist guard

A good choice for skaters who is not interested in going home with a damaged wrist. It’s also less expensive when compared to other skateboard wrist guards in the market.

It weighs 0.34 kg. There are extra thick splints present in this skateboard wrist guard- to protect the base of your hand. Oh, yes, it is designed from perforated materials and has a sweatband. No worries about breathability, trust me.

Worried about comfort? The 187 killer pads wrist guard got it. The interiors are fully padded to give more comfortability. This skateboard wrist guard is also durable thanks to its ballistic nylon with industrial weight Stitching.

Excellent fit is another feature of this wrist guard- it comes with angled designs and an adjustable strap. Rather than the regular skateboard wrist guard, this one has a reinforced thumb hole with palm-which contributes to its longer shelf life.

  1. Wrist Guard Protective Gear Wrist Brace

You’ll not have a breathability issue with this skateboard wrist guard. But that’s not all. This is your go-to skateboard wrist guard if you’re interested in flexibility. But keep reading and see all that this skateboard wrist guard has in store for you.

First, it has an open design on the back of the gloves. Can you see why breathability is never going to be an issue for you?  The style also makes it easy to wear.

There’s an easy strap closure system that allows you to get a perfect fit without any hassle. And yes, it comes with a shock-absorbing EVA foam that you’ll find between the wrist and the support splints.

The ABS plastic splints can resist a high-density impact and protect your wrists from bruises. You’ll find these splints at your palm- a unique situation since most splints are in the wrist area.

All in all, the Wrist Guard Protective Gear Wrist Brace is for both men and women. It also comes in a range of sizes.

4. Kids Wrist Guards Skateboarding Protective Gear

So we’ve talked about adult skateboard wrist guards, but don’t forget that there are young skaters out there. If you have a child coming up in skateboarding, this is the best gift you can give him/ her this year. But before you go ahead to give it a thought, see the lovely features of this kid’s wrist guard skateboarding protective gear.

The materials are friendly and gentle on young skin. The catch? It is CPSIA approved. All in all, it is allergy-free and highly fashionable. It comes in a variety of colors a young child would love.

But we’re not through yet. This kid’s skateboard wrist guard is flexible and has a secure fit- a thumb hole. The cushion paddling and twin splint construction are made to give young bones comfort and protection.

The truth? You’ll get by emergency rooms if you gift your child this skateboard wrist guard. It’s the best choice for kiddies. And for the last time- it’s the perfect skateboard wrist guard for your super active young skaters.

5. Andux Ski Gloves Extended Wrist Palms Protection

The plastic splints make a skateboard wrist guard what it is, and it is the most vital feature of a skateboard wrist guard. Needless I say. The Andux Ski Gloves Extended Wrist Palms Protection has a rigid plastic splint to give higher protection.

Also, it is quick to wear- has an adjustable hook and loop closure. You’ll not find many skateboard wrist guard that is highly flexible. Andux is one of those skateboard wrist guards with high flexibility- you can bend it to your taste during skateboarding.

It also has good cushioning and shock-absorbing material. As for the width, it comes in three sizes- 7.0 to 8.0 cm, 8.0 to 9.0 cm, and 9.0 to 11.0 cm.

Finally, this skateboard wrist guard can be worn underneath a ski glove or above. Most skateboard wrist guards will not allow this to happen.

6. Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards for Skateboarding

It is a quality cheap skateboard wrist guard, but it’s a bit less durable. If this does not bother you, I recommend this skateboard wrist guard for anyone who is on a low budget.

It has a slide-on design that allows for easy off and on. And like every other skateboard wrist guard, it has a shock-absorbing EVA foam.

What about the material? It is plastic incorporated with high-density force resistance ABS splints. The splints which are at the back and front are replaceable. This skateboard wrist guard comes as a pair, and you can be sure of great functionality.

But there’s more. The skateboard wrist guard is unisex. And guess what? No matter your age, you can rock the Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards for Skateboarding with pride.

7. Burton Adult Wrist Guards, True Black

How does an imported 100% polyester-skateboard wrist guard sound to you? Amazing right? The good news is that such a skateboard wrist guard exists and for a small cost.

The Burton Adult Wrist Guards is a low-profile design wrist guard that will do great under a mitten or a snowboard glove. It has a soft palm pad and flexible tapered top splints. The truth is you can move your hands as free as you want when wearing this skateboard wrist guard.

Also, it has easily adjustable hook/ look straps to give a secure fit. Your hands get a lot of comfort in the winter period.

The catch? While this skateboard wrist guard watch after your wrist, it gives you a unique sense of belonging. How’s that? The handle color varies with your size. Looks interesting, right?  But here’s a warning. This skateboard wrist guard does not need heavy washing, so wash with care.

How to Choose the Best Wrist Guards for Skateboarding?

Previously we have talked about how to choose the best ankle brace for skateboarding. In this part, I will do the same for wrist guards.

There are plenty of skateboard wrist guards advertised on the media. Some will get your attention others will not. No matter your choice of material for a skateboard wrist guard, a style, or a budget- there’s always one for you.

skateboard wrist guards buying guide

We have made the whole process easy. Check out what matters to you in a skateboard wrist guard from our buying guide.


The degree of comparability varies in skateboard wrist guards. It is determined by the style and the material. As earlier mentioned, a moisture-wicking feature will allow you to be comfortable skateboarding during summer.

Some skateboard wrist guards are worn on the fingers like a glove. Another popular style is the open fingers style that lets you tighten the wrist guard with velcro. Both designs are okay. It all buzz down to what you find comfortable.


I know that you’re buying a skateboard wrist guard for safety reasons. And that’s pretty cool. But check the safety feature of a skateboard wrist guard to get the safety you desire.

Some of the questions you can ask yourself are this- do the skateboard wrist guard give me a perfect fit, or are the splints strong enough to withstand a high-density impact.


You will get many skateboard wrist guards made with different materials- latex, calfskin, goatskin leather, carbon fiber, metal, etc. But the trick is this. Look for a skateboard wrist guard that is anatomically friendly and aligns with the season you’re in at the moment.

For example, a skateboard wrist guard with a moisture-wicking feature is perfect for the summer period. Why? It will make your hands feel drier rather than be soak all up in your sweat.

The Burton Adult Wrist Guard is not an option in the summer period because it is made with polyester- a low absorbing moisture material. But for the winter season, the Burton Adult Wrist Guards is a great choice.

Additionally, the harder the material, the higher the protection you will get. For instance, a carbon-fiber skateboard wrist guard offers more protection than a fabric skateboard wrist guard.


You may want to check out the durability of a skateboard wrist guard before you buy. Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned dollars on a skateboard wrist guard that will end up in the trash a few days later.

I suggest that you check through the customers’ reviews of a skateboard wrist guard to see if others are giving it a thumb up for durability.


I doubt if there’s anyone who wants to wear an oversized skateboard wrist guard. So here’s what you will do to get the perfect size for your skateboard wrist guard. Get a soft measuring tape and measure around the widest point of your four knuckles.

Use a shoelace or a string if it’s impossible for you to get a measuring tape. Do not include your thumb in your measurement.

Virtually all skateboard wrist guard comes in four different sizes-small, medium, large and extra small or extra-large. You can fall back on the brand’s measuring chart to get the perfect size for yourself.

But remember this. Do not buy a tight skateboard wrist guard to wear under ski gloves. It will make you uncomfortable.


Flexibility is another thing you may want to look at when buying a skateboard wrist guard. It is a part where you consider how much movement you can make when you wear the skateboard wrist guard. Do not confuse this with comfortability.

Yes, your skateboard wrist guard can make you feel safe and comfortable, but limit your motion. It is not a pretty good way to enjoy skateboarding. So what’s the point? When buying a skateboard wrist guard, make sure that it is not too heavy, but flexible enough to move freely.


Make no mistake. A skateboard wrist guard with a premium price does not guarantee accident-free skateboarding or a super quality feature. You will get plenty of good skateboard wrist guards on a low budget- the ones mentioned in this article are considering.

Regardless of your budget, ensure that the price of a skateboard wrist guard does consume rate with its features.

Note: a brand name can cause a skateboard wrist guard to be on the higher end. Weigh your options carefully before buying.

All-purpose wrist guard

It’s not cool when you have to buy a wrist guard for another sport when you have a skateboard wrist guard at home. But this can happen if your skateboard wrist guard is not for a variety of activities.

Here’s the gist. Some skateboard wrist guards are made for some sport other than skateboarding. For example, the Wrist Guard Protective Gear Wrist Brace can also be used for snowboarding and inline skating.

skateboard wrist guards

How to Wear a Wrist Guard for Skateboarding?

Depending on the style of your skateboard wrist guard – you will pull your skateboard wrist guard over your hands down to your arm.

For a clearer picture- here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to wear your skateboard wrist guard.

Step 1: Turn your skateboard wrist guard on your palm and allow the plastic to cover your wrist.

Step 2: Wrap your guard fabric around the back of both hands

Step 3: Make a secure fit by adjusting the strap or pressing a velcro against its corresponding velcro. It’s that simple.

In some cases, you will get a hook and loop closure system to make the skateboard wrist guard quick to wear. Fingerless skateboard wrist guards are also quick to wear.

Like your fingerprints, your hands are unique to you and will be different from another’s. So what’s the point? Make sure to use the brand measuring chart to pick your wrist guard size. A brand’s measuring chart varies.

And yes, there will be adjustable straps on your skateboard wrist guard to give you a perfect fit. In the absence of straps, make use of the velcro to get a good fit.


There’s a skateboard wrist guard out there for you. What you need to do is this. Take a look at our buying guide- material, comfort, price, etc., and you will get the best wrist guard for skateboarding.

In summary, we present to you- Kids Wrist Guards Skateboarding Protective Gear for kids, the Burton Adult Wrist Guards for winter, and the Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards for a low budget.

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