Is skateboarding hard to learn

Why is Skateboarding So Hard? Know the Actual Fact

Is It Hard to Ride a Skateboard?

Well, skateboarding is not hard if you learn it properly. But many beginners start with complicated tricks without knowing correctly how to ride. Therefore, you have to learn from the basics.

Besides, it is challenging to learn and be good at a new skill. So, you have to keep patience and practice step by step. Similarly, you can be a master of skating if you learn and practice properly.

How Hard Is It to Learn to Skateboard?why is skateboarding so hard

Skateboard is a game of balancing and speeding. Thus, it isn’t very easy to learn as in other sports. In other words, many factors make skateboarding hard to learn. It would be great if you had the guts to take risks. Therefore, you learn properly how to push, balance, curve, and fall.

Moreover, you must choose good quality equipment to get better performance. For instance, skateboard, helmet, shoes, protective gear, etc. Because good quality equipment can make it easier to learn.

That must say, beginners miss the facts and make skateboarding harder for them. There is also the possibility to get injured. So, all these facts make it hard to learn skateboarding.

Why is Skateboarding so Hard?

Skateboarding is a popular game worldwide. However, people fear it a lot as it is one of the most challenging games to learn. Beginners always think, “why is skating so hard.” Let me show you why?


Skating is a stunt-type game. Thus, people fear a lot of getting injured. So, you remove the fear before start learning.

However, you must use protective gear and how ride carefully. In short, don’t fear and learn step by step carefully.

Age and Body Fitness

Skateboarding is the most challenging game that puts a lot of pressure on your body. It would be great if you had good strength for skating. So, experts don’t prefer skating for kids and over 30 years old people.

On the other hand, it is proven that anyone can learn skateboarding with proper equipment and guidance. However, you must fit and have the strength to learn and ride the skateboard.


Balancing on the skateboard is one of the most crucial parts. Firstly, you must learn how to balance while the board is not moving. Therefore, you have to place the skateboard on a thick carpet where it is stable and check the wheels.

Now, try to stand and control the movement of the board. When you have learned to stand, learn how to move side to side and front to back. You should also lower your body to balance more quickly.

Foot Placement

After balancing, you should learn foot placement on the board. In other words, it is a crucial part of balancing. Therefore, you have to learn to place your foot on the board.

Perfect foot placement is placing your left foot to the front side and your right foot to the backside of the board. Besides, you must use your right foot to push the board.

On the other hand, lefties should do the step oppositely. The right foot is on the front side and the left foot on the backside. However, I prefer to try both and check which one is comfortable for you.

Pushing the Board

Pushing the board may be dangerous for you. You must be careful while pushing and riding the board. Because you can get injured with a wrong push. So, when you are confident in your foot placement and balance, you are ready to push the board and skate.

Firstly, you should place the front foot and toes behind the front bolts. Next, you must ensure your front foot placement while pushing the board with your back foot. After that, place your back foot on the skateboard near the tail when it starts running.

Now, bend your knees and lower your body to get an excellent balancing performance. However, you should repeat the process till you feel confident and comfortable doing it.

Stop Skating

Stopping the skateboard is the most crucial part for beginners. Because you may lose control and get injured badly. Therefore, you have to learn how to stop the running skateboard.

However, it is a simple task if you are confident doing it. You should try to slow down your board with your back foot gently to stop the board. Besides, you shouldn’t ride the board at speed. As a beginner, you mightn’t be able to control the fast-riding board.

That must say, there are many more issues and facts. That’s why people think about why skateboarding is so hard. However, it is easy if you are fit, use the perfect equipment, and learn properly.

How to turn on a skateboard?

Before you start turning on your skateboard, you must be an expert on the basics of skating. However, I’ll show you the easiest methods to turn the skateboard quickly.


It is the most effective process to turn the skateboard for beginners. Before you start curving, you must lose the skateboard’s tuck. However, I prefer beginners to lose the tuck a little bit. Because it might be harder to practice with very loose tuck for beginners.

So, let’s go through the entire process

  • Push and start your ride of the skateboard
  • Place your foot on the backside
  • Now, lower your body (if regular) forward to turn right and backward to turn left. Or, lower your body (if goofy) backward to turn right and forward to turn left.


Kick Turn

Kick turn is another excellent technique to turn the skateboard. In other words, kick turn means a sharp and sudden change of direction of the skateboard through your back foot. Thus, I prefer kick turn to experts.

So, let’s check how to kick-turn the skateboard.

  • Push and start skating.
  • Place your feet and raise the nose of the board.
  • Change the direction of your foot to your desired destination.
  • Land the board’s front part on the ground.


Tic-Tac Turn

Tic-Tac is another easy process to turn the skateboard. To clarify, skaters must take the tic-tac turn to skip small obstacles. In other words, it helps to turn the skateboard suddenly to 70-80 degrees in your desired direction.

So, let’s learn about Tic-tac turn.

  • Push and start riding.
  • Raise the board’s noise a little
  • Change to your desired direction.

Lastly, there are the most effective three turns of the skateboard. I prefer to keep regularly practicing every turn until you are going to master it. After that, you can have a perfect turn on your skateboard.


What Things Should be Considered While Riding a Skateboard?

There are many things to consider while riding a skateboard. Therefore, you can minimize the chance of getting injured through skating. However, let’s check the major things and precautions that you must consider.


Speed is the essential thing that you should consider while riding the skateboard. To clarify, you can out of control due to overspeeding. Beginners often fail to maintain speed. Therefore, they lose their balance.  So, you should always be careful about the speed and ride slowly.


If you want to be an expert skater, you must learn how to fall. Confused? Yes, falling is the foremost part of skating. To clarify, from beginners to experts, everyone falls or slides from the skateboard during skating. So, it would be great if you learned how to fall. It saves you from getting seriously injured.

Equipment and Accessories

Good quality equipment can give you a good performance while riding the skateboard. For instance, good quality skateboards, shoes, and all other accessories. So, you must ensure good quality equipment and accessories while riding the skateboard.

Protective Gears

Skateboarding would be one of the most dangerous sports if you didn’t wear protective gear. For example, helmets, knee brace or pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, etc. That must say, from beginners to experts, everyone must wear protective gear to protect themselves.

Where to Practice Skateboarding?

Few skaters are seen skating on public roads, doing stunts and tricks. Honestly speaking, I don’t prefer to skate on public roads. Because people get embarrassed and also may occur an accident.

So, you should avoid crowded areas and find a quiet place for practicing. It might be your parking lots, your backyard or garage, etc. Thus, you can focus on your practice and can learn skateboarding quickly.

Final Say

Skateboarding is a challenging game. However, beginners think, “why is skateboarding so hard.” I hope you have got your every answer through the article. So, learn carefully if you really want to learn skating.

Besides, you have to maintain good quality equipment for better learning performance. But many beginners start with a lower skateboard and other kits. As a result, they couldn’t get their expected output.

So, don’t make the same mistake. You must use good quality equipment and remove the feeling of “is it hard to ride a skateboard” to learn skating quickly.

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