what do skaters wear in the summer

What Do Skateboarders Wear in 2023?

To play the part, you have to look at the part. Skateboarders have a unique sense of style that incorporates functionality and attitude. Functionality is the most important part of the attire.

When it comes to skateboarding, is a must. Some tricks need different movements of body parts. So, if your clothing is constraining, it will be the biggest obstacle when you are performing.

A good blend of style and functional clothing will amp up your performance. The skater style is not only for skateboarders, but anyone can rock this style.

Thus, we put together some pieces that will help you achieve the carefree skater style. So, let’s find out what skateboarders actually wear!

What Do Skateboarders Wear?

Let’s check what skateboarders wear during their thrilling activity.


Loose and baggy t-shirts are the skater’s aesthetic. The graphic design on the t-shirts makes the style more accepting among fellow skateboarders.

Some may find it childish, but that’s the whole concept of the skateboarder’s style. You have to be carefree throughout your style. It is an expression of your skateboarding style.

The crew neck tees add to the look that you’re going for. T-shirts with collars are also acceptable. However, v-necks are not appropriate for skater style. We would definitely recommend you ditch that.

what do skateboarders wear


Skater shorts are usually not too tight. They are loose to maintain the functionality. The shorts are up to the knee level and wide cut.

If the shorts are too short and tight, it may look like you’re on vacation. It shows you’re carefree but not in a skater’s way.

The baggy and little more than knee-length shorts give a skater aesthetic. The loose chino shorts are comfortable and functional. These are lightweight and made of cotton.

They are less restricting than jeans and shorts. However, jeans are a pretty good option if you are looking for protection.

The monochrome shorts are classic. However, if you want to add some fun, choose one with lots of pockets or maybe brand logos.

The tropical prints are a big no! It would make you look more like a surfer rather than a skater. Thus, skip the prints and bright colors as well.


Some skateboarders like tight jeans, and some prefer loose ones. It totally depends on what is your own style and what type of you are going for.

The tight pants must be made from stretchy fabric. Otherwise, performing different tricks like ollie’s and kickbacks will be difficult.

The classic style for pants is jeans and chinos. However, there is a new type of popular pants for skateboarding. That is the cargo pant. Cargo pants are made of heavy-duty and durable materials.

Thus, they are very functional. The loose and wide-cut Cargo pants make the performance easy. It is best when it is worn out. There are also slim-cut cargo pants. They are very comfortable.

They have a lot of pockets where you can carry your stuff and not worry about them. Chino pants are always a classic for skateboarders.

Make sure they are very comfortable and well-fitted. The stitching should be of high quality as you are going to move around a lot.

Go for monochrome pants. It will make you less like a poser. If it looks like you’re trying too hard, the whole purpose of skateboarding style will be gone. Thus, stick to simple color pants. We prefer black, off-light, olive, green and classic blue.

Loose and baggy work pants are also stylish if you can pull them off with the right type of tee shirt or maybe a hoodie. The main concept is if you can wear it with confidence, then there is no definite fashion rule.


It is the last element of the core but not the least. Shoes are very important when you are dressing up and skateboarding. That’s why I have talked about best Nike skate shoes.

They have to be extra tough to withstand all that pressure from performing tricks. That’s why they need extra tough stitching to make them durable and last longer than normal shoes.

skateboarding shoes

Skateboarding shoes are made for the comfort of your feet when you are performing tricks. They also provide protection if you take a fall.

When it comes to skateboarding shoes, everything is a little bit extra. They give extra tape for better grip and extra padding for shock absorption.

A preferable material for skateboarding shoes in suede or leather. These two make an excellent choice for this type of sport. These are more resistant to wear and tear.

Thus, the shoes made from these are durable. Also, the double stitching adds to that. Overall, you have to look for shoes that have more longevity.

These materials are also flexible that aid the movement when your feet are doing tricks. They are less likely to rip and last a long time.

As long as you choose a well-known brand, you are good to go. But shoes specially made for skateboarding won’t rip that easily.

Thus, the heavy sole and cushioning help to stay comfy when you are practicing. You might like slip-on or lace-ups; that is totally up to you.

Besides skateboarding shoes, you may need special types of insoles for skateboarding. It also facilitates skateboarding especially when you are doing tricks

You need to mix and match the core elements to make the right outfit. Thus, choosing the right core fundamental clothing is crucial.

What Do skaters Wear in the Summer?

Vintage t-shirts are preferable. Drapey and loosely fit tees are the most comfortable in the summertime. A basic cotton t-shirt and well-fit trousers are the summer skateboarder aesthetic.

If you want to layer your core outfit, you can add a shirt. But if it needs to be lightweight and flowy, preferably check print.

If you look for winter wear, add a hoodie on top of it. You can also add a denim jacket or fluffy jacket.

If you get the basic elements right, you can layer them as you wish. It must be according to your vibe. Otherwise, you will look like a poser. That is definitely not cool.

Why do Skateboarders Wear Long Socks?

Wearing socks is important for protective purposes. Skateboarding does make your foot sweaty and wearing socks really helps.

It also prevents blisters. In the summer, long socks are a bit hot. But you have to wear them to protect your skin. If you fall, you are less likely to bruise this area.

In the winter long socks are fine but, in the summer, it is too sweaty. So, if you can’t handle the heat, wear whatever you like as long as you wear a breathable, lightweight material sock.

Favorite brands

For shoes, the old-school style is the van slip-on. They have other models too. But vans are the all-time favorite.

After the emergence of skateboarding, Vans first felt the need to manufacture skateboarding goods. Thus, they became the first choice for skateboarding shoes and other apparel.

Their shoes are specially made for skateboarders and provide comfort and durability. Thus, they remain on the top of our skateboarding favorite list.

For pants, you can choose what feels most comfortable. Here it is totally your personal choice. If you want, you can get a supreme or Palace t-shirt. It all depends on your style vision.

Other Accessories

You can categorize accessories as seasoning. It will be according to your taste and style. The accessories should reflect how you feel. You can add a logo cap or just wear a beanie.

Or you can embrace the 90s style and wear a bucket head if you have the carefree skater in you. You can also add bracelets or neck chains. However, it surely takes a lot of confidence to pull that look off.

Add a backpack or a bum bag across your chest to really enhance the look of a street-style skateboarder.

You can put AirPods on the accessories list because it helps to boost your game. It certainly did for the bronze winner at Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Jagger Eaton. During his heats, he played a mix of country music and rap.

Other than that, you have to wear protective gear that will save you from damage. Protective gear may include wrist guards, knee guards, helmets, and others.

Some of the Olympics’ do not prefer wearing helmets. They say it disrupts their looks and concentration.

However, the under-18 players must wear them. Olympians prefer wearing bright color caps to make a contrast with white outfits.


I hope, now you are aware of what do skateboarders wear. Whatever you are wearing, you can bear in mind that the outfit must be functional, comfortable, and cohesive.

It must represent you; otherwise, you will not feel confident in that. Which will make you look like a poser. That is the last thing you want to look like.

The street-style skateboarding genre always represents a carefree attitude. It also needs a lot of confidence.

You can’t buy it from anywhere. So, the skateboarders wear casual clothes with a lot of attitude and confidence sprinkled over them.

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