best beginner skateboard for adults uk

Top Beginner Skateboard in UK For Kids or Adults

To help you, we have prepared the list of the 7 best beginner skateboard UK. Additionally, there is a comprehensive buying guide too, so that you can compare the products all by yourself and make an informed decision. So, without any further ado, let’s dive-.

  1. Minority Maple Skateboard Review (Best Overall)
  2. NACATIN Skateboard Review
  3. Globe Half Dip 2 Complete Skateboard For Beginner in UK
  4. Wheelive Cruiser Skateboard
  5. Sumeber Skateboard for Adults
  6. BELEEV the Best Skateboard in UK
  7. Funxim Skateboard Review

Skateboarding is getting popular all over the world with each passing day. Especially during the Covid pandemic, skateboarding came under the attention of many people because of the sheer fun and convenience skateboarding has to offer.

Starting from kids to older adults, a lot of people in the UK are considering getting into skateboarding. Now, if you are one of those aspiring skateboarders, the first thing you need to get is a good skateboard suitable for your skillset as a beginner.

best beginner skateboard uk

Which Skateboard is Best for Beginners in the UK?

If I have to pick from the list, the first entry from Minority is the best overall choice for beginners in the UK. Tons of features go into the favor of it. First of all, it has thousands of great user feedbacks to back up its quality.

Then, Minority has assembled all the best parts available on the market to build this complete skateboard. Deck size, material, and wheels, no compromise is made to ensure the best quality for the riders. Of course, this is the priciest option, but it’s well worth it once you look at the brand value and the product quality.

What type of Skateboard is Best for a Beginner?

As someone new to skateboarding, you might have wondered about the vast selection of different sizes, shapes, and styles. For the most part, skateboards are categorized depending on their size and shape, and they are manufactured to serve different purposes.

Therefore, before you make the purchase, you need to have some prior knowledge about the available types so that you make the right purchase.

Skateboards are usually categorized into four basic types, and all of us are somewhat familiar with them. The four types are:

  1. Longboards
  2. Cruiser Skateboards
  3. Carve boards
  4. Double-kick skateboard

Some experts may have different opinions, but I am trying to keep it as simple as possible. All these types also do have their subcategories too.

Longboards are just what the name suggests, boards with pretty longer decks than usual. They are known for their easy balancing and maneuverability.

Then comes the cruiser boards, again, just what the name implies. Cruiser skateboards are primarily used for commuting purposes. The decks are shorter too.

Carve skateboards are made differently than other boards, as the decks usually have some flexibility. You can carve these boards like surfboards and generate your own speed on them.

Last comes the double-kick skateboard, a dedicated type for skateboarding tricks. Both ends of this skateboard have a kick allowing you to stomp the board and execute any trick.

Now, which one of these types will be best for you as a beginner entirely depends on your plan. If you want to start easy and want to learn balancing and cruising around, then the longboards or cruiser boards are ideal for you.

If you are interested in tricks, then you should go for a double-kick skateboard. However, as a beginner, you should start small and begin with a cruiser or longboard to learn the maneuvering and balancing basics. Then you should move forward towards advanced types like double-kick or carving skateboards.

Product Review

Here we are at the most important part of this article. I have reviewed the best seven best skateboards for beginners UK with their pros, cons, and key characteristics. So keep reading as I dive deep into these skateboards.

1: Minority Maple Skateboard Review (Best Overall)

Starting the list off with one of the renowned brands in the skate scenes worldwide. If you have any prior knowledge of skateboarding, you should probably know how good the brand minority is. And this beginner skateboard from them is good enough to carry out their legacy.

The first thing you’ll notice about this skateboard is its stylish design. Under the deck, there is colorful paintwork with Minority skate written in there. For me, it was an excellent touch Minority added in a beginner-level skateboard like this.

Then comes the deck size and material, where this board shines. The dock of this skateboard is made of 7-ply maple wood with a 32×8-Inch deck. The size is neither too big nor small, just the perfect average size that every beginner can easily ride.

The weight capacity of this deck is pretty decent, too, with 220 lbs. I think that weight capacity should easily cover beginners of any height.

Now let’s have a look at what’s under the deck. The 5-inch trucks under the board are made of aluminum alloy to ensure utmost durability. The PU wheels come pre-attached with ABEC 9 bearing to provide you with the fastest speed possible.

The wheels are 52mm with a hardness of 102A, which might seem too hard for some people. But considering other features, it’s easy to give that a pass.

Overall, this is a pretty balanced board with no significant compromise made in any sector. So if you are looking for the absolute best beginner skateboard for adults UK, it’s an easy recommendation to make.

2: NACATIN Skateboard Review

This fantastic skateboard costs way less than our previous entry yet provides a very similar quality. I am talking about the skateboard from NACATIN’s entry-level board here, that’s suitable for both kids and adults as a beginner.

Let’s start with the size of the deck first. The deck has a familiar size like the Minority board with a length of 31″ and a width of 8″. As you can see, it’s the perfect midsize, which makes it ideal for any height and age group. NACATIN used cold-pressed 8-ply Maplewood for the deck build.

For the price, it’s really impressive to see NACATIN pull this off. All this great work on the deck is incorporated with six different design varieties below the deck. All of these designs are absolute head-turners and uplift the overall beauty of the skateboard.

The deck is rated to carry a massive 400 lbs. and it’s needless to say that anyone with any height can ride this board easily.

The truck size is 5″, just like our previous entry. But this time, it’s a magnesium ally instead of a steel one, which is still a pretty solid option.

Again you are getting the same old PU wheels and ABEC 9 bearings, so there is nothing to complain about here. However, I have a little complaint about the Minority Board’s wheel’s durometer, and this board seems to fix that with 95A wheels.

Overall, this skateboard is an absolute bang for the money. It gets so many things right within a limited price tag. So if you are running a little low on the budget, you can try this skateboard with your eyes closed.

3: Globe Half Dip 2 Complete Skateboard For Beginner in UK

Unlike my first two entries, this manufactures, Globe, is a little unfamiliar to many. But after extensive research, I have decided to add this skateboard to this list because of the quality and features this board is offering.

If you are a fan of the simplistic design under the deck, you’ll love the board at first glance. Instead of an aggressive design, Globe played with colors to create a soothing and simple graphic design for the deck.

On the top side, there is a black grip tape that provides a good grip and goes well with the overall design of the skateboard. The deck is made of Resin-7 hard rock maple, which is somewhat expected for a price tag like this. Though there is no specified weight rating, according to my testing, it should easily hold up at least 250 lbs.

Underneath the deck, it’s full of standard items with nothing major to complain about. The bearings are ABEC 7 rated, which is not a big setback since the performance difference is not much. The wheels are 53mm in size, which is a standard size for beginners. However, for the hardness, it’s a bit high with 101A wheels. The trucks are a little bigger this time, with 5.5″ inch ones made of Tensor alloy.

Overall, if you want to look for something different outside of the familiar names, this board can be an ideal choice for you. The price may be a bit high to take the risk, but as you can see, the quality and material of the board make up for the price.

4: Wheelive Cruiser Skateboard

Finally, a proper cruiser skateboard made its way onto the list. Again, the name might not be as familiar as the other options here, but Wheelive’s cruiser skateboard has everything you need to provide the best cruising experience.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beautiful craft of this skateboard. The board comes in two design variant with a blue and a pink shade, and both of them looks absolutely stunning.

best starter skateboard uk

Then comes the deck build and material, and Wheelive has done a great job there for a mid-budget skateboard. You’ll get a 7-ply maple wood deck with a black grip on top. The weight capacity of the deck is 220 lbs. which should easily withstand a stand-sized adult.

Enough about the deck; now let see what this skateboard is offering in other sectors. The truck is made of Aluminum alloy measuring 5 inches. Both the size and material are what we see regularly, so I would give the manufacturer full marks here. Additionally, you are getting the highest rated ABEC 9 bearings with a hardness of 95A, ideal for learning skateboarding.

Lastly, I would like to thank Wheelive for adding a skate tool with the skateboard. It’ll make the maintenance easier and add more value to the skateboard.

Subtle design aesthetic, moderate budget, and quality materials, this skateboard has everything balanced out inside a single package. If you compare the price to performance ratio, I think it’s a pretty easy purchase decision.

5: Sumeber Skateboard for Adults

Starting from this one, the last three skateboards on the list are for budget-oriented skateboarders. I know most of the guys are not interested in investing tons of money as a beginner, and that’s totally fine.

To get the best out of your tighter budget, I bring you this beginner skateboard from Sumeber.

No matter the price tag, I have tried to pick only wooden decks for this list, and this skateboard is no different either. You are getting a 7-ply maple wood deck that comes with a grip a black grip tape on the top.

sumeber skateboard

The maple wood deck can provide you with all the durability you need with a weight capacity of 220 lbs. I really love the graphic design of the particular model I reviewed. Additionally, you can choose five different designs.

Sumeber tried to cover both regular cruising and primary tricks within one skateboard, and I would say they were pretty successful in that. The 55mm wheels with a durometer of 85A, this skateboard is dedicated to providing you with the best skating experience possible.

Then add the ABEC 7 rated bearings in the mix, and you get one of the best entry-level skateboards out there.

For the budget skaters, I don’t think a skateboard can get any better than this. For a lower price, it’s offering a lot of features its predecessors did. That’s precisely what makes this board a great choice.

6: BELEEV the Best Skateboard in UK

Like Minority, BELLEV too is a pretty well-established brand familiar to many for offering great skateboards, but what’s unfamiliar to many is some of their great offerings in the complete skateboard segment for a very competitive price. Here, I brought you one such skateboard from his manufacturer.

beleev skateboard review

Enough about subtle colours with our previous entries; if you are a fan of funky graphic design on the back of your deck, this skateboard brings good news. You can choose from six different funky and vibrant designs that give a stellar look to your skateboard.

For cheaper skateboards, the deck is the typical area of compromise. But impressively enough, BELLEV still stacked with a 7-ply maple wood deck for this skateboard with a weight capacity of 220 lbs. Additionally, the black grip on top is waterproof so that you get the best possible grip no matter the weather condition.

After the deck, now let’s focus on the wheels for a moment. The wheels of this skateboard has a diameter of 55mm combined with a hardness of 95A. The bearings also have an ABEC rating of 7 to ensure you get the most controlled and smooth ride possible.

If you are a little afraid of purchasing cheaper boards from unfamiliar brans, I think this skateboard is the best option for you. With a durable deck and other quality parts, you can do tricks and cruise around with this board.

7: Funxim Skateboard Review

I am wrapping it up with the cheapest board on the list. For a price tag this low, what this skateboard is offering will surprise you.

I know Funxim is not the most established name in the skateboard industry. But people familiar with this brand knows they have been delivering some really cool skateboard for the money, and the skateboard I’ll introduce you to is no different.

Right off the bat, I absolutely loved the cool graphic design of a shark surfing on the back of the board. There are five other designs too, but I think it was the coolest of them all. The deck felt pretty solid, made of 7-ply maple wood. The weight capacity of 220 lbs. further ensures the durability this deck possesses. Additionally, the dimension of 31X8″ makes it ideal for both kids and adults.

Things are pretty standard at the bottom of the deck too. The 52mm, 95A PU wheels will give you the desired skating experience. Despite the price, you’ll still get ABEC 9 bearings, which is another great news.

In the end, I would like to mention the inclusion of the skate tool here. I think every manufacture should add this with their complete skateboard, and watching Funxim add it at a low price like this is really praiseworthy.

All in all, with a balanced spec sheet with a reasonably low price tag, this board is one of the best starter skateboard UK for people who want to try skateboarding.

uk beginner skateboard buying guide

How do I Choose the Right Skateboard for a Beginner?

At first, it might seem confusing to choose the right skateboard as a beginner. But let me assure you, it’s not that hard once you know how to do it. So, here I have talked about some factors you should consider before choosing the skateboard. It’ll help you find the best skateboard according to your need.


The first thing you need to decide is what type of skateboard you want to ride. As mentioned before, there are different types, and all of them aren’t suitable for beginners. However, if I have to choose between a longboard and a shortboard, both of them have their advantages.

Longboards are easier to balance because of the big deck area, while the shortboards are better for quick turns, making it easier to commute in crowded and busy areas. First, ask yourself what your priority is, and then make the purchase.


You might not notice at first, but the deck material usually has a drastic effect on your overall riding experience. The board’s weight capacity also varies depending on the deck material, so it’s super important to consider carefully. Typically, wood, plastic, fiber wood, and even aluminium are used as the primary material for the deck.

Assuming you will be going for a mid-budget skateboard as a beginner, I think a wooden deck can be an excellent choice for you. For wooden decks, maple, bamboo or a combo of both is usually preferred. Additionally, you can consider plastic decks, too, especially those made of polypropylene.


After deciding the type and deck material, the next step is to choose the right truck for the board. The wheels of the skateboard are usually attached to the truck. That’s why a good truck with proper alignment and build quality is important to get the best riding experience.

As you’ll most probably buy a complete skateboard, you can’t have any control over what trucks you are provided with. So before buying the complete board, make sure the truck is not too wide or narrow and made of durable steel so that it serves you well in the future.


Under the wheels, I’ll discuss the bearings, too, as it’s a part of the wheel. So in a complete board, the wheels and bearings all come reattached. As the wheel materials, you should opt for polypropylene as t’s considered to be the standard one. Then comes the hardness of the wheel.

Instead of a detailed guide, remember that the softer the wheels, the more grip you will get. But that will compromise your speed too. So as a beginner, my suggestion would be to get a mid-sized wheel of 51-55 mm and a durometer (hardness) of 90-95a.

Also, the ABEC rating of the bearings is a good indicator of how fast the wheels will turn, so in that regard, try to pick a board with ABEC 7 or 9 rated bearings.

Extra features

Lastly, you should look for the extra features that make up for a more appealing choice. The features include grip tapes, warranties, skate tools and stuff like that. Though they don’t affect the performance directly, these will add more value to your purchase.

Especially, a warranty means that you are covered for the future, and skate tools can be a great help for basic maintenance and adjustments to your skateboards. Most of the complete boards come with grip tape pre-installed. Still, it’s always good to have some extra in the package.

Skateboard Size Recommendation for Beginner

While choosing a skateboard for the first time, the size of the skateboard, or more specifically, the width of the deck, is the simplest yet the most crucial thing to consider. The width of a skateboard deck usually stats at 6.5″ and can go up to 8.5″.

Usually, the wider the deck, it would be easier for you to maintain the balance on them as a beginner. But the extra width also adds excess weight to the board, which makes it hard to maneuver, so you have to keep that in mind.

Some people recommend a proportionate size to your shoe or clothing, but I’ll recommend it according to your height.

  • If it’s your kid with a height between 3’6″ to 4’6″, a deck size of 6.5″ to 7″ should be ideal for him.
  • Then for midsized adults between 4’6″ to 5’6″, a deck width of 7″ to 7.5″ should be optimal, and it’s the most common size of skateboards.
  • Lastly, if you are someone super tall and heavy with large feet, then you should opt for boards wider than 7.5.”

Of course, the numbers can go up and down depending on individuals, but it’s an average number you should consider before buying.

best skateboards for beginners uk


Q: How much should I spend on my first skateboard?

A: While there is no fixed threshold about how much you should spend on your first skateboard, I’ll try to give you a rough idea here. First of all, the initial budget for buying the first skateboard varies from person to person. Not all of us can’t afford something, and if budget isn’t an issue, you can go for any skateboard you want from known manufacturers.

Now comes the majority of aspiring skaters who have a tighter budget ad looking to get value for their money. For those, I would say a budget of around £50 should be enough to get an ideal skateboard. It might be a bit tough, but if you look closely and keep the factors in mind from the buying guide, you should be able to get your hands on a decent beginner skateboard.

Q: Where to buy a complete skateboard in the UK?

A: There are two ways of buying a skateboard in the UK. As you might have already assumed, the ways are online and offline. Now online means different e-commerce e sites as well as directly from the manufacturers’ website. For the offline option, you can visit your nearby sports shops and dedicated skating stores.

Both of these buying options have their pros and cons. Online, you have a more versatile collection with occasional discounts going on. From stores, the collection is somewhat limited, but the advantage is that you can check the product before making the purchase.

So What is Your Decision…

Choosing the right skateboard as a beginner can make your learning experience safer and easier. Any wrong buying decision and it can kill the interest you have in skateboarding. I hope the article was helpful enough to give you a general idea about available beginner-level skateboard options on the market.

If you haven’t decided yet, let me tell you that all the options on this best beginner skateboard UK are best on their own terms. All you have to do is pick one and enjoy your time as a beginner skateboarder.

Additionally, the buying guide will help you decide and look for other options outside my list. No matter which skateboard you choose, keep patience throughout the learning process and enjoy the experience, and you’ll be an expert in no time.

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