Kinds of grinds skateboarding

Types of Grinds Skateboarding | Detail Guide

Grinds indicate various forms of skateboarding tricks which include sliding on the skateboard in a different way.

Types of grind skateboarding are-

  1. FS 50-50
  2. FS Boardslide
  3. FS Lipslide
  4. FS Nose grind
  5. FS 5-0
  6. FS Nose slide
  7. FS Tailslide
  8. FS crooked
  9. FS Over crook
  10. FS Salad
  11. FS Suski
  12. FS Feeble
  13. BS 50-50
  14. BS Nose slide
  15. BS Tailslide
  16. BS Crooked
  17. BS Feeble
  18. Hurricane grind

The starting of grind moves originated from backyards of pools. In the previous days, as the pool backyard was the primary space for the skaters to perform grinds, they have become skilled over time and gained much confidence.

The backyard pool consists of carves of the high-speed limit, and it was around the high walls of the pool. There has been a gradual change in the skateboards as truck manufacturers are creating skateboards on their own. So they have put on a hanger design which allows it to get widened up.

The new skateboards have all sorts of features that keep popping up. All of the grinds are seen to be performed on the tips of any object. It is also performed on thick handrails along with benches. Moreover, the grind is compatible with any smooth edge, or any hard edge will also work.

To understand things better, let’s have a look at the types of grinds skateboarding.

types of grinds skateboarding

Types of Grinds Skateboarding and Slides

FS 50-50

This is considered one of the easiest grinds. From the start of the grind, you will keep sliding, balancing on both the trucks.

At first, you need to look for a rail or suitable ledge for doing the training. The thing needs to be at a relatively low position, and it should also consist of a convenient corner.

After that, you need to gain a good amount of moderate speed. You need to ride the ledge facing upwards.

An Ollie needs to be performed on the obstacle, and proper balance should also be caught. Make sure you lean on your back, staying slightly far from the point of the ledge.

Keep sliding, then at the time of descending, raise the top part, the board’s nose. Put some pressure on the back and tail parts, and loosen up your leg at the front part. Finally, jump off the bridge by performing the Ollie.

FS Boardslide

This is a general slide slightly backward, staying on the center of the board. Facing forward, keep riding till the obstacle arrives.

For performing the front sideboard slide, keep your riding position parallel to the rails. The front side indicates keeping the face forward-facing that obstacle.

The feet are in a position of Ollie’s stance. Jump up and high and try to take the front-sided trucks over the rails. So at this position, the railing is currently at the center of the board.

You need to be very precise to catch up with the balance. Or else the board will fly off, and you will be beneath it.

Keeping a tight hold in your balance slide as long as you can until the obstacle allows you to do so.

Take a ninety-degree turn of your frame and exit. You can also exit the regular stance or even the fakie, whatever you prefer.

FS Lipslide

It is a front slide on the middle part of the board. Enter the grind by taking the rear part of the truck onto the end part of the ledge. Here you need to ride the board, the ledge facing upwards.

You need to bring the rear truck by a snap onto the ledge part. Make sure you take the dedicated turn of ninety degrees.

Keep sliding on the middle part of the board. Exit the grind with a turn of ninety-degree, and you will return to your original position.

skateboard grinds list

FS Nose grind

This grind is performed facing the obstacle sliding only on the front truck. A precise balance is required for performing a perfect nose grind. Here you can also lay your nose downwards facing down towards the obstacle, and it is allowed.

Keeping the leg in a position of Ollie’s stance, you need to ride the board keeping your face forward onto the obstacle.

The position of the leg will be like Ollie’s stance. As soon as you snap to maintain the balance on your leading front foot, you need to do a shift.

Hold the required balance firmly and keep sliding. After the process of taking the nose part ahead, exit the board with a small snap.

FS 5-0

You will go along the front side in this trick, but it will be performed on the back truck. That means the front truck will be raised upwards on top of the ledge. The basic step of this trick is to ride up facing towards the ledge.

Make a snap and soon place the back truck over the ledge and make sure to lift the front truck. Keep sliding, and you can exit by getting off the ledge or by doing an Ollie stance.

FS Nose slide

This step is performed on the backside of the ground part on the part of the nose. Facing forward, keep riding until the obstacle comes.

As soon as the obstacle comes, make sure you do a snap and take the nose part of the board over the railing maintaining an angle of 90 degrees.

After completing the slide, you can take an exit by turning backward at an angle of 90 degrees.

FS Tailslide

It is a slide that is performed holding onto the front side on the part of the tail. Move along the way of an obstacle, pulling the board upwards in a parallel manner. Place the feet in Ollie’s stance way.

For taking yourself over the area of the ledge, you need to snap hard. Now place the tail on the ledge you need to make a swing on your board of 90 degrees.

Ensure that you are having a smooth balance while you are on your way to slide. Be careful so that you get tripped off the board and lose the board out of your feet. Make a light snap and exit the board at an angle of 90 degrees.

FS crooked

The front side nosegrind and this trick have a great similarity. Just the board will slightly make an angle with the ledge. So that is why this truck is termed as crooked nose grind facing the front side.

The riding position of the board will be parallel concerning the part of the ledge. The feet should be firmly kept in Ollie’s stance.

With the help of the rear foot, you need to make a snap on the Ollie and making an angle of 20 degrees. You need to take the ledge onto the nose part.

With the help of the front foot, you need to create pressure onto the part of the nose and press it. The raised part of the tail will be controlled with the help of the back foot.

Keep sliding in a crooked position. Keep forwarding with a slight nudge, and you can ride away or slide off for exiting.

FS Over crook

For this trick, you need to place your front truck over the part of the ledge. You need to make an angle and slide over it. Make sure you are riding facing the ledge.

Get the part of the front truck by making a quick snap over the ledge at an angle of 20 degrees. But the position concerning the ledge will be an angle of 45 degrees.

You need to push it down and bring your back truck upwards. You can take an exit by snapping down or riding from the ledge.

FS Salad

This slide has a great similarity with the 5-0 backside. The main difference point is the shifting of degree angle. You need to ride the board facing towards the ledge.

Making a quick snap and getting the back truck onto the part of the ledge with a shifting of a 45-degree angle.

Soon after the shift, lift the part of the front truck by pressing the back truck. Simple sliding off the ledge, you can exit.

FS Suski

This trick is almost similar to the 5-0 front side. Just a shift difference of 45-degree angle is observed on the inward side. The trick is named after person who is Aaron Suski. Ride the board facing the ledge.

Make a quick snap and get over the ledge with the help of the back truck. Make an angle of shifting of 45 degrees.

Now pressing down the back truck, you can lift the front part. Get off the ledge or slide off and make an exit.

FS Feeble

For making a backside grind depending on the board and the rear truck, this trick is followed. The work of the front foot will be lower and over the part of the rail.

Firstly facing forward, you need to ride the board parallel to the rail. Keep your front foot on the above part on the nose bolts, and on the tail, the part will be the back foot. Make a snap and take the back trucks on the railing.

After that, bring the trucks of the front part under and over it by locking the skateboard. The sliding pressure will be on the back part, but you need to face forward. Simply by raising the trucks of the front part, you can exit.

BS 50-50

This is a very easy trick, just the opposite of FS-50. Keep sliding, maintaining balance on both the trucks from the beginning of the ride. You need to keep your back part relative to the ledge.

Find a good spot of railing for performing this trick. You need to seek something of low altitude and with desired corners.

After bringing a decent amount of speed, you need to ride upon the ledge with the back part of the board.

After going close to the obstacle, make an Ollie stance and grasp your balance. Keep sliding along, maintaining some decent amount of pressure on the back part of the board, and loosen up your front leg. Exit by snapping off the bridge by doing an Ollie.

BS Nose slide

For this trick, you need to face forward and keep sliding, putting pressure on the nose part of the board.

Ride up to the obstacle area with the back part of the board. Snap and get onto the ledge part, with the nose part maintaining an angle of 90 degrees.

Slide and exit the board by going back to the original position by going back to 90 degrees.

BS Tailslide

This is performed on the part of the tail by doing a backward slide. Move your board facing the area obstacle and maintain parallel balance on your back with the board. The position of the feet will be in an ollie stance.

Get over the part of the ledge by doing a hard snap. Make a swing on the board at an angle of 90 degrees and place the part of the tail of your board on the part of the ledge.

Ensure proper balance when you are sliding. Otherwise, you will fall off the board. Making a snap off the rail and making a turn of 90 degrees, you need to exit the board.

Types of skateboard grinds with pictures

BS Crooked

In this grind, it is required to bring the front part of the truck onto the ledge. You need to be precise with the angle, and thus you can grind the backside. Keeping your back forward ride along the way of the obstacle.

Make a quick snap and get onto the rail by bringing the front part of the trucks. Maintaining an angle of 20 to 45 degrees concerning the ledge moves forward. Lift the back part of the truck by pressing on the ledge part.

You can exit the grind by sliding off the ledge or by riding through it. Other than that, you can also snap off performing a Nollie style.

BS Feeble

This grind is performed facing forward on the back part of the trucks. You need to go over and under the railing with the front part of the board’s trucks. Similarly, ride in the railing part, keeping your back facing forward.

Keeping the back foot on the tail and front foot will be on the bolt area close to the nose area. Make a snap and bring the back part of the trucks onto the railing.

Keep your front trucks in a lower position over the railing. This will lock the board on the rail.

Complete the grind facing forward. You can exit the grind by simply raising the front part of the truck.

Hurricane grind

This grind is the combination of the Fakie Feeble and the front side 180. The first step is to approach the ramp at an angle of 45 degrees.

Then press on the tail part slightly and lift the wheel upwards, and as soon as the back part of the truck touches the metal area, take out the front foot.

All the weight will have opted on the back leg. Make sure you lock the rear part of the trucks onto the metal cope with slight pressure.

For the front side 180, you need to pop up the board by dragging your front foot and bring the board in the air.

You need to take your back leg forward, and soon your back foot will push out the board around and make a 180-degree rotation. You can exit after you land.

Difference between grind and slide

Both grind and slide indicated jumping the skateboard and performing a stunt based on the obstacle’s position.

Both of them offer multiple forms of tricks despite some differences. A grind is basically when you use the metal trucks to slide off the skateboard.

A slide is basically when you perform on the deck sliding off the skateboard. Both of them slide, but there are different sounds for grinds.

It feels really exciting to perform rough grinds. Various types of combinations are there for both the tricks.

Some Final Thoughts

Grind and slide are both needed to be an expert for performing stunts and tricks for skateboarding. Both of them need an adequate amount of practice to make them work perfectly.

For sliding good, the streets with painted concrete or metal ones are preferable. Forgiving lubrication in the skateboard, you can use a little amount of wax. Using the right amount of fax will help you to slide maintain a perfect balance.

Some skaters use hard rock for sliding. For street grinds, granite provides the best feeling to perform any grinding trick.

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