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What are the Best Skateboard Trucks in 2023 | Explained

Most skateboard truck manufacturers try to make products that are unique from other brands. With attractive trucks available in the market, it’s sure to end up getting disappointments and losing your hard-earned dollars while on a quest for the best skateboard trucks.

For both experts and beginners, it’s very tricky to choose a truck. There’s a lot to take into account. You need to evaluate everything, from the characteristics of the brand to the specs of the product. It’s a complicated task that requires tons of research.

However, if you’re armed with this detailed information from us as experts, you’ll be able to buy the right trucks with confidence. Read through the whole post to make the right choice.

Do Trucks Matter On a Skateboard?

Perhaps, you are thinking of skateboarding, but you wonder if trucks matter on a skateboard. The answer is yes, they do. Trucks are crucial components of your skateboard setup. Without trucks, your deck will not get you far. You would want the best experience when you do your skateboarding!

If you are a beginner, you might be unable to identify trucks on your skateboard. In skateboarding, trucks are the two metal components of the skateboard attached to your skateboard deck’s bottom. One truck is near the nose and the other one near the tail.

What Skateboard Truck Size Should I get?

Choosing the right truck size is one of the most important decisions you have to make as a skater. For most beginners, finding the perfect truck size can be a challenge.

If it’s your first time buying, your primary concern should be getting a pair of trucks with an axle width that matches your skateboard deck’s width as closely as possible. You want the best experience when you do your skateboarding. You should choose the perfect truck size to get the most out of your skateboarding.

For you to decide the width of a skateboard truck, all you need to do is measure the axle’s width, which is an outer width, and the width of the hanger, which is the inner width).

1. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks


  • Designed for deck size: Suitable for most deck sizes
  • Hanger size: 5 inch
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Size: 55mm height
  • Item weight: 2 pounds
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This is the best choice of trucks for any skill level, from amateur beginner to senior pro. If your child starts out skating, these trucks are the ideal option. Even though made from aluminum alloy material, just like expensive brands, havoc skateboards are reasonably priced. And built with standard size, havoc skateboard trucks fit most deck and wheel sizes.

Havoc skateboards come not only in black but also in a variety of other colors. And this allows its users the option of customizing their trucks and getting a unique style or look. Havoc skateboards are too strong, long-lasting, and lightweight.

User Experience

These trucks look great; even their color is perfect. They fit larger deck sizes and are the best trucks for 8.25 deck skateboards on the market. Their hardened bushings give them a rigid tight feel making them the best skateboard truck for beginners as well. Although the trucks feel solid, they’re so lightweight.

2. Independent Skateboard Trucks


  • Designed for deck size: 7.4 to 8.0 inches
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Chromalloy steel and aluminum
  • Size: 55mm height
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Independent skateboard trucks come as a pair made from genuine parts. They are very durable skateboard trucks that have an impact more robust than any other skateboard on the market. Their good stability and turn make them the top skateboard trucks for cruising too.

With less wheel bite, Independent skateboard trucks have excellent stability, yet still allowing you to cruise at real skateboard speed.

User Experience

Independent skateboard trucks come with washers. They are right top-notch quality trucks. Suitable for different weights from a three-year-old lightweight to a 260lbs adult, making them the best trucks for heavy riders. These are perfect trucks that will rock your skateboarding experience.

3. Core Skateboard Trucks


  • Designed for board size: 7.4 to 8.0 inches wide
  • Colour: 14 colors (metallic blue or black, red)
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Size: 7.75 inches
  • Hangar length: 7.63 inches
  • Distinct features: Finest quality premium USA-made brushing.
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Core skateboard trucks have topped the charts for the past 20 years and are rapidly gaining popularity on the market. Their reputation is of the best quality at an affordable price. Featured on these skateboard trucks are pivoting cups that make turning smooth and easy.

It is built with lightweight aluminum alloy hangers; core skateboard trucks are the best skateboard trucks for cruising. The super high rebound brushings guarantee you the smoothest and most consistent ride of a lifetime.

Assembled and designed in the USA, they are of excellent quality. They come in a variety of assorted colors to choose from to make your perfect board. Core skateboard trucks are made from heavy-duty breastplates that make them strong.

User Experience

The skateboard trucks are a set of two that come with four axel nuts and eight washers. They are not only fit for longboards but do even on skateboards. They are lightweight but a bit heavier than thunder hallow trucks. These unique skateboard trucks offer a perfect flawless skateboarding experience.

4. VJ 5.0 Skateboard Trucks


  • Designed for deck size: 7.5 to 8.0 inches
  • Wheel size: 54 mm
  • Hanger size: 5 inches
  • Colour: Black and white
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Skateboard bearing size: width (7mm), core (8mm), an outer diameter (22mm)
  • Special features: convenient full package
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Available is a variety of durable wheels that allow you to customize your VJ 5.0 skateboard. The skateboard also comes as a complete package with trucks, wheels, bearings, screws, raiser pads, and spacers. Whether you are a fan of new or old school patterns, this truck has 6-hole base plates that suit both patterns.

The VJ 5.0 is the best street skateboard truck for skateboarding. Their hard wheels allow you to control the skateboard offering you excellent mobility. VJ 5.0 trucks are portable and compatible with most wheel sizes.

Design them into your exclusive style by selecting from any of the different durable wheels available. VJ 5.0 skateboard trucks feature the optimum 608-industry standard that goes with almost all skate wheel sizes.

User experience

VJ 5.0 is a worthwhile purchase. You can learn many new stunts with these. They are the best trucks for skateboard tricks. The package is convenient and has all you need to mount, you just need to grab a deck and grip tape, and you are good to go.

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What Are the Types of Skateboard Trucks?

Skateboard trucks fall into two main categories: Reverse Kingpin trucks (RKP) and Traditional Kingpin trucks. Area, Caliber, and Paris are all examples of Reverse Kingpin trucks, while Independent, Theeve, Krux, and Ace are examples of Traditional Kingpin trucks.

  • Reverse Kingpin trucks

The kingpin is mounted on the opposite side of the axle on a Reverse Kingpin truck. You would find that your kingpins will not be facing each other when you are riding your longboarding trucks. RKP trucks are characterized by a straightforward action when they turn.

They have a shape that enables them to turn more as compared to TKP trucks. Reverse kingpins are not only used for skating. They can also be used for freestyle, freeride, carving, crushing, and longboarding.

  • Traditional kingpin trucks

Traditional kingpin trucks are characterized by kingpins that face each other. They are ideal for street and park skateboarding. As opposed to longboarding trucks, Traditional Kingpin trucks turn less and are shorter.

And they are more linear and they’re so snappy. Since they’re less curvy, they are ideal to keep the board lower especially for tricks and park riding

What Are the Parts of Skateboard Trucks?

When buying skateboard trucks, it is essential to understand all the components and their functions. A Skateboard truck consists of various parts. Each part plays an important role in the performance of a skateboard. Thus you must understand each part in case if it gets damaged. You’ll be able to identify the problem without consulting anybody. Here are the parts of a skateboard truck.

  • Baseplate: As its name suggests, the baseplate is the base layer of a skateboard truck. It is mounted to the deck with four bolts. And that’s where the pivot cup and the kingpin can be able.
  • Hanger: The hanger is the largest component of the skateboard truck, which is next to the base. The hanger has a T-shape, which supports the pivot and the axle. And the pivot is located in the pivot cup. The other side of the hanger is connected with the bushings and kingpin.
  • Axle: An axle is the main component. The axle is usually made of steel or titanium. And this part passes through the hanger. It holds the bearings and the wheels, which are visible parts of it. Additionally, the width of an axle is what measures the size of a truck.
  • Pivot: The pivot on your skateboard truck is a rod-like portion of the hanger and attaches the hanger to the baseplate. In the base plate section where it is found, the pivot is supported by the pivot cup. The pivot is responsible for preventing the hanger from rotating around the kingpin.
  • Pivot Cup: The pivot cup is the rounded part fitted to your baseplate. It is found at your truck’s base and is a pretty important component of your skateboard truck. Perhaps, you have been wondering what makes your trucks steady. The pivot cup is the one that is responsible for making your trucks stable.
  • Kingpin: It is the big bolt mounted on the baseplate and fitted into the hanger and the bushings to holds the skate truck’s components together. In short, it acts as the backbone of a skate truck. It also controls the amount of pressure you can put on the bushings.
  • Bushings: You may have been wondering which component of your trucks enables you to turn, carve, and perform those great maneuvers when you do your skating. Bushings are responsible for that. Bushings are found already installed in your trucks. They can be soft or hard, and this determines your truck’s stiffness and stability.
  • Kingpin Nut: The kingpin nut is the part of your skateboard truck that holds together the baseplate and hanger. It helps with turning your trucks. It is also a part that is responsible for the stability of your skateboard trucks. Tightening the kingpin nut increases strength while loosening helps with turning.


How to Choose the Best Skateboard Trucks?

For you to get the best experience when you skate, you need to get a complete skateboard. In order to complete your skateboard, make sure you get the right trucks. Trucks are important, and without them, your deck won’t get you far. They enable your board to turn, and your wheels and bearings (lube the bearings to keep smooth) spin on them.

Below are the different things you need to consider when buying skateboard trucks.

1. Choose the right skateboard truck size

When getting your skateboard trucks, you need to choose the right truck size. Truck size is measured by the width of the axle or hanger. When buying your trucks, you would probably want them to be stable. For this to happen, choose trucks with the size equal to the width of your deck.

An axle width that is greater or less than 1/4″ the board’s width is okay if you can not find one that exactly matches the width of your skateboard deck. Also, it would be best if you chose trucks that aren’t too narrow or too wide. Trucks that are too narrow are highly unstable, while those that are too wide come with their problems.

Whether you want to do street, vert, park, and transition skateboarding, choosing the right truck size will give you a fantastic skating experience. Choosing the right truck size can be challenging. This is because different brands measure trucks using varying units, while decks are measured in inches.

2. Choose the right truck height

Another essential consideration you have to make when choosing skateboard trucks is truck height. The height of a skateboard truck is the distance between the baseplate and hanger. Many brands offer skateboard trucks in low, mid, and high options. When choosing your trucks, make sure to select the one that suits the type of skating you wish to do.

  • Low trucks

A low skateboard truck is characterized by a shortened kingpin and is designed for small-sized wheels. If you are a street skater, you would prefer a low truck that offers excellent stability. It achieves this by providing extra clearance on your skateboard hanger for grinding and letting you sit lower to the ground.

  • Mids or Standard trucks

Some companies offer mid trucks. Mid skateboard trucks have 53 to 56-millimeter wheels. These offer the best of low and high skateboard trucks. Perhaps, you don’t want both low and high trucks, so why not try mid trucks?

  • High trucks

A high truck is characterized by a longer kingpin and is designed for large-sized wheels. Large wheels on a high truck help to avoid wheel-bite, making your skating experience great.

If you are a transition skater, you would probably go for high trucks. They can make sharper turns and are a perfect choice if you just want to cruise around town.

3. Bushings

When buying skateboard trucks, it is crucial to consider the type of bushings they come with. Bushings are cylindrical molds of urethane. There are soft and hard bushings, and you ought to choose the one that works well for you.

How hard or soft the bushings installed on your trucks will determine how stable and responsive your trucks will be. Hardened bushings on your trucks mean your trucks will be stiff and pretty sturdy. But then you need to put more extra effort to turn them. On the other hand, soft bushings will turn effortlessly and speedily respond to pressure.

Many skateboard trucks come with soft bushings. If you want your bushings hard, all you need to do is buy them separately.

Other factors to consider when buying your trucks

When buying skateboard trucks, you would also want to consider the brand of your trucks. I bet you would wish for trucks that will last longer and give you a great skating experience. Choose a brand that offers the right quality trucks.


Are Low trucks better for street skating?

Low trucks are for technical skating. Their wheels sit closer to the board, creating a tighter center of gravity. This makes flip tricks easier. They are loved because they give you a quick, responsive pop and a more stable center of gravity.

Low trucks will give you a great skating experience if you are a tech skater. However, if you are a transition skater, try high trucks. The choice yet is yours. It is all about personal experience.

What are the best trucks for street skating?

Standard kingpin trucks are the best for street skating. They are easily adjustable by loosening and tightening to customize the way your board turns.

Standard kingpin trucks are great when it comes to versatility. You can use them for any type of skateboarding.

Are wider skateboard trucks better?

Choosing the right width of your truck depends on how you plan on riding your skateboard. If you plan to cruise, then a wider truck will give you the best experience. If your truck is more expansive, your ride will be more stable. However, your edge pressure will be reduced, and you will need to make a greater effort to turn.

Therefore, it’s on your choice for a truck with a width that works best for you. It is a matter of personal preference.

How do I choose skateboard trucks?

The first step to pick skateboard trucks is to understand all the parts and how they function to make your skateboard turn. These parts include the baseplate, hanger, axle, pivot, pivot cup, kingpin, bushings, and kingpin nut.

The next step is knowing the types of skateboard trucks. This helps you to choose the one that tickles your fancy. There are two types of skateboard trucks, namely, standard kingpin and reverse kingpin.

Standard kingpin trucks are ideal for street skating, bowls, and skateparks, while reverse kingpin is the best for carving and cruising.

The other pivotal thing to put in mind when getting a skateboard truck is size. You should find trucks with an axle width that matches the width of your deck.

How long do skateboard trucks last?

Trucks usually can last between two and four years, depending on their quality. Therefore, you need to be aware of the different brands when getting your trucks. You do not want low-quality skateboard trucks that are not durable.

Another factor that determines how long your trucks will last is how aggressively you skate. If you skate only on rough streets, your trucks will not last longer than when you skate on smooth concrete.

Are hollow trucks better?

Some trucks are available with hollow kingpins or hollow axles. This helps to reduce weight. It can make your skateboard pop higher, flick faster, and weigh down your backpack a little less. However, when it comes to choosing your trucks, you ought to choose trucks that suit your taste.

Final Verdict

These are the best skateboard trucks you won’t go wrong with. Whether you were looking for a pair to replace the damaged one or you want the parts for DIY, you’ll be glad about these products. They’re not just okay products, but they are of good quality and worth the investment.

Keep in mind that skateboard trucks are not created in the same size. Simply choose one out of these that will fit your board. If you have more queries about skating, feel free to browse throughout the site. You’ll discover almost everything you could be looking for. Happy Skating!!

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