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Skating seems fun, right? But, of course, doing tricks on a skateboard is much more enjoyable. But it will not be possible if the skateboard doesn’t provide you with smooth riding.

Apart from that, your body has to keep balance with the skateboard. Tough? Of course, it is. That’s why skateboards should be of a perfect width so that you can move your feet freely whenever you need them.

Here, we are to let you know about a brand that has been ruling this market for a long. Well, it is no other than Tony Hawk. In this tony hawk skateboard review, we will let you know about the unique features of the skateboards to guide you to your goal.

Are Tony Hawk Skateboards Good?

Tony hawk skateboards are living up to their name. The skateboards manufactured by this company are known as the best in the marketplace. Even the company didn’t receive any complaints about the skateboards. It gives a smooth gliding, and its features are always up to satisfaction.

tony hawk skateboard review

There is no question about the quality of the skateboard, indeed one of the best. But you may not like the graphic design on it. Well, it is your personal preference. You can DIY it if you want to. But do not compromise with the quality of the skateboard. Safety always comes first.

Are Tony Hawk Signature series skateboards good?

Tony Hawk also has provided the best service to its customers, not disappointed here either. The signature series are outstanding models for use. The wheels and the deck are designed with unique features. Even the upper deck is a little bit rough to provide friction. But not so much that you won’t be able to glide.

The back deck fits well with the wheel. The wheels are also smooth, which provides smooth gliding. You can also do tricks on it and you will not regret buying it in the end.

1: Tony Hawk 34″ Hawk Graphic Longboard-Sakar

Tony hawk skateboards are always preferable for anyone. The Tony Hawk skateboard of 34″ has terrific features. Well, you will not be disappointed by the quality of the skateboards give.

Tony Hawk’s 34″ skateboard is made of wood with a widened front. The strength that the skateboard holds is amazing. Well, you don’t have to worry much as it is capable of holding a good weight.

The skateboard is wide enough to provide you a good balance. Even the upper side creates enough friction to hold one. The backside also has a smooth finish. This is because the wheels are fitted on the backside. You can look through it if it’s fitted well or not.

Though it is heavy, which is up to 4 pounds, it can provide a good balance. When you buy a skateboard, you may want to know if it will balance properly. Even though it depends on you, you can still have some faith in the skateboard too.

Next, the wheels are 3 inches in size. Apart from that, it provides smooth gliding. You can glide it smoothly anywhere. The smooth gliding will help you to enjoy the rise. It will also make it easier for you to use tricks while gliding.

The skateboard comes with a beautiful graphic design. Naturally, the design will draw the attention of many. But, even if you want to, you can not help yourself from admiring the design.


  • Can use it anywhere.
  • Cool design.
  • Creates enough balance.


  • A little bit pricey.


2: Tony Hawk SS180 Series Skateboard

It is a perfect skateboard for kids up to 11. Skating is not only for adults. So why deprive the kids from the fun? It is made of maple material with aluminum trucks. The material provides a perfect balance for kids and creates enough force. It is recommended up to 11 or 12 years old skater

For maintaining the balance, it has an ideal figure. That doesn’t ensure, kids will not fall. But, they will learn through falling.

It is a signature series skateboard. A perfect one for kids. The length is not too big or too small. It will make it easier to do tricks on it. Who would not want to do tricks once you are on a skateboard?

The skateboard weighs only 1 gram. Easy to carry, right? That might make you doubt its ability. Well, it can carry the weight of a kid. But if not balanced, it will not work.

The structure of the skateboard is quite simple, and the wheels are also perfect for kids. The wheels are 54mm 95a. It may seem small, but it glides perfectly. For a kid, it might be the safer way.

The backside is connected to the wheels with one big screw that holds the wheels. The screw is fitted tightly, so it will not make the wheels fall easily.

The design of the skateboard is also really cool. The design of wings may motivate your child to fly while gliding. Well, that’s risky, though. But enjoying the ride with learning new tricks will make it fun for him.


  • Smooth skating board.
  • Provides sufficient friction.
  • Smooth gliding wheels.


  • Not for everyone.
  • May vary according to weight.

3: TONY HAWK 180 Wingspan Complete Skateboard

It is an awesome one. Something you will not regret buying. The skateboard is a dull package.

The length of 8″ and width of 31″, that is the structure it consists of. The width is enough to make your legs move freely while gliding. The length also gives a proper posture. All that will lead you to do some good tricks.

The skateboard is made from maple material. Of course, a pure one. Not just that, the deck is also made of 100% maple 7-ply.

A great one, right? The deck also provides stability. The deck feature is also essential, as same as the upper side of the skateboard. You shouldn’t ignore it.

Wheels are 52mm 95a urethane made. It comes with the feature of smooth gliding. Unfortunately, it can also create frictions. However, the wheels might give you the best feeling to enjoy riding it.

Most importantly, the weight capacity is 100 kg. So, you do not have to worry about the pressure or the weight you will put on it. It will balance them all.

It has trucks with High Rebound 85a Bushings, which is 5 inches. That will make your tricks smoother and easier. But, first, you should learn the tricks properly. Then, the skateboard will give you an advantage over it.


  • High weight capacity.
  • Smooth rotation.


  • Not for everyone.

Can I Use the Skateboard for Freestyle Riding?

Freestyle skating is also fun to do. Skateboards are not always made for professionals. So using it will not be a problem while doing freestyle skating. But you can not do that on the streets, of course. Tony Hawk Cruiser is the best one for freestyle skateboarding.

Keeping the balance is the priority here. For doing tricks, smooth wheels matter a lot. Also, it will help you to perform the tricks casually. All these apply if you can keep your balance. Still, you can use the skateboard for freestyle riding and tricks.

Can I do tricks with the Tony Hawk 180 series Skateboard?

Of course, you can. Tony Hawk 180 series skateboards are designed for all. Mainly to do tricks. You can utilize the skateboard. By doing tricks, you can make 100% use of it. But the tricks may need sufficient input of force. 180 series come with great width that will lead your tricks. Even the length can be supported here.

When you want to do tricks, you may remove or slide your feet from the front part. It may cause you to be imbalanced. But Tony Hawk skateboards will help you to maintain balance. Because of its weight, it will not be easier to get it imbalanced unless you put too much force.

Final Verdict

Skating is love. But not being able to do tricks can make you feel worse. For this, a proper skateboard is always required. Even though you are a newbie, there are thousands of skateboards available for you.

We will refer you to try Tony Hawks skateboards as they are the best. However, choosing a perfect skateboard is tough. If you choose the wrong one, you will not be able to handle it.

That’s why you need a perfect one matched with your weight and ability. Well, body postures are also a thing to remember here. Learn from the beginning and start doing small tricks. That will lead you to do perfect tricks.

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