Are Tensor Trucks Good? Complete Review

If you are new to custom skateboards, you have probably heard of a brand called Tensor for the trucks. Whether you ask a fellow skater or search online, you’ll see a lot of recommendations about this brand. But before you make the purchase, you should judge whether Tensor is a good choice for you?

So, Are Tensor trucks good? Let’s find out as I take you through the ins and outs and Tensor trucks review to help you make a purchase decision.

Are Tensor trucks good

Are Tensor Trucks good for Beginners?

Tensor trucks are definitely an excellent choice for beginners for certain qualities it possesses. For starters, getting the perfect size of the truck is pretty challenging. That’s why the Tensor alloy lineup offers different sizes of trucks, which will save you from wheel bites and instability.

Then comes the fantastic build quality and lightweight of Tensor trucks, making turning and maneuvering on these trucks way easier.

Lastly, if you are a beginner, you might not invest a ton of money in the trucks. And for skaters like you, Tensor is offering some pretty good truck lineup like the Tensor alloy. So all these things combined, Tensor trucks can be a good deal for beginners.

1: Tensor Alloys Raw Skateboard Trucks

The first product we have for you is the entry-level Tensor, alloys raw skateboard truck. The reason why I picked this model from a wide Tensor lineup is because of its simplicity and efficiency. No matter what type of skateboarding you have in mind, these Tensor trucks will satisfy you.

The first thing you’ll notice about this particular model is its size variety. Due to sizing issues, we often have to leave a good pair of trucks that we like. But that won’t be the case for this truck. With nine different sizes available, you can accommodate any deck between 4.25 to 6 inches wide.

Tensor Alloys Skateboard Truck,5.0,Raw Finish
  • Start charging through those grinds with the Tensor Alloys Trucks.
  • Guaranteed for life, Tensor stands behind their product to produce the best quality truck on the market.

This truck is made of high-quality aluminium alloy, so there is no scope of complaint about the durability. You can do technical skatings like doing tricks or downhill skating; this truck is made to withstand it all. All this durability and still it doesn’t compromise the weight at all. The truck is still pretty lightweight and capable of faster turns.

As for the price of this truck goes, this is pretty reasonably priced.  For a price tag this low, I have to say Tensor has done a terrific job of putting together a beginner truck with such good construction and material.

If you are a beginner who doesn’t spend a ton of money on your first custom board truck, this option from Tensor is definitely worth looking into.

2: Tensor Magnesium Light Skateboard Trucks

Unlike the previous option, this truck from Tensor is more of a premium-grade one. Tensor magnesium light skateboard truck is comparatively newer in the Tensor lineup. So at first, I was a bit sceptical about this truck. But when I got my hands on this truck, it really blew my mind with its fantastic quality.

Tensor trucks review

Tensor build this amazing truck to meet the technical and durability demand of modern-day skating. For hardcore tricks and street skating, a truck must have the perfect blend of durability, lightweight, and quick turning ability. Throughout y test, I am happy to verify that this magnesium light truck has it all.

One thing I would like to point out separately is the grinding experience with this truck. As it’s one of the lightest trucks on the market, the grinding experience was insane. In terms of responsiveness, it’s not the most responsive truck either.

Now, depending on the rider, it can be a bad or good thing for you. The good thing is, when you land after tricks, this truck won’t pitch you out suddenly in a certain direction.

This is definitely not a cheap truck set. But considering the premium build quality, you can give them a try. If you are into grinding, you’ll absolutely love this truck. But you should also keep in mind that turning is not that good with this truck.

As these trucks are super lightweight, getting used to this truck may take some time. If you are willing to invest that time and can pay the price, this can turn out to be the best Tensor Trucks money can buy.

Are Tensor Alloy Trucks Good?

When judging if a specific truck is good, there are a few parameters you need to consider. Things like performance, quality, material, and the value for money are good indicators of whether a brand is good. Considering all these aspects, Tensor alloy always seems to be on top of the list for budget skateboarders.

Tensor alloy lineup is like a household name for budget-oriented skaters, producing some of the most popular trucks worldwide. If you want to buy quality trucks for your custom board at a lower price, you can opt for Tensor alloy trucks with your eyes closed.

Are Tensor Mag Light Trucks Good?

tensor skateboard trucks

As stated in the Tensor magnesium trucks review above, Tensor mag light trucks are a good choice for a particular rider base. However, as the price is a bit high and it takes time to get used to the truck, Tensor mag alloy is more suitable for expert skateboarders.

If you are into grinding, you will have an absolute blast grinding on this truck because of its weight. Compared to other brands in the same size and price category, Tensor mag alloy is 20 to 100 grams lighter than its competitors. So if you are after the lightest truck on the market, then the Tensor mag alloy is really a good choice for you.

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How to Tighten Tensor Trucks

Tightening a tensor truck is pretty much the same as other trucks. However, the tightness of the truck is a subjective matter as different people have different responsiveness preferences.

When tightening tensor trucks, flip the board first and check the current tightness by tilting the truck back and forth. Then, if you feel like you need the adjustment, use a skate tool or screwdriver to loosen or tighten the center screw on the truck.

After the adjustment is made, take the board for a spin and see if the truck needs further adjustments. Keep repeating this process until you reach your desired tightness.


Q: What are tensor trucks made of?

A: There are two key materials Tensor uses to manufacture their trucks. One is aluminium, and the other is magnesium, and both have their advantages.

Lineups like Tensor alloy usually utilize aluminium. Not only it’s durable, but it also has better stability and keeps the manufacturing costs down.

On the other hand, magnesium is used for premium lineups like Tensor mag light, making these trucks 10 to 30% lighter than their competitors.

Q: How much money does a tensor truck cost?

A: The price of a Tensor truck varies from lineup to lineup. For entry-level lineups, like Tensor alloy, the price usually remains under $40.

The price goes up if you are eying for more premium options like Tensor magnesium light. The premium offerings can cost you up to $80.

Though the price might seem a bit high, considering the quality of Tensor trucks, it’s definitely worth it.

Q: What bushings come with tensor trucks?

A: Like every other skateboard truck, Tensor trucks come equipped with two bushings mounted on top and bottom. These bushings are made of polyurethane. That’s why they have better pressure resistance and durability.

Final Word

There you have my opinion and answers to frequently asked questions about Tensors. If you were asking previously are tensor trucks good or not, you should have your answer by now.

As you can see in the Tensor skateboard trucks review, Tensor offers trucks in every price range for every type of skateboarding. So, if you are looking for trucks from a reliable brand, Tensor is a brand worth checking out.

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