skatro mini cruiser review

Skatro Mini Cruiser Detail Review for 2023

There are thousands of skateboard brands available in the market. But choosing the right one for you can be a challenging task. Skatro is one of the reputed brands in the skateboard industry.

Though they are new in the market, they gained enough reputation by making quality skateboards. I can assure you that if you buy a board from Skatro, you will get no chance to make an objection.

Is Skatro a Good Skateboard Brand?

Yes, Skatro is a good brand but they are not much experienced yet. The company is committed to designing, quality, and performance. I have used their Skatro Pro 31” and found it is awesome to ride.

I am fully satisfied with its design, durability, and performance. And their Skatro mini cruiser is quite an interesting one. You will find it very comfortable to ride and carry everywhere. Some people using this skateboard for transportation purposes I do not doubt that they are going to be a reputed one in the industry.

skatro skateboard review

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Product Quality

Most of the time we become disappointed with the performance of a skateboard from a new brand. In this case, Skatro is quite different. They are very conscious in every step of manufacturing the skateboard or longboard.

If you look into the components of the skateboard or longboard, you will notice the boards are made meticulously. Their awesome-looking craftsmanship makes me astonished.

The authority collects wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. from their resources. And they follow 16 points of the quality control process and check every product manually before leaving their warehouse. So you will get awesome service from these skateboards.

I have tested the skateboards personally and become a fan of their skateboard. The fantastic combination of all parts makes the skateboards easy to handle, stable, and durable.

1: Skatro Mini Cruiser Review – Best For Cruising

I was surprised when I received the board for the first time. I have got it as exactly shown in the image. If you are searching for the best mini-cruiser available in the market, you need to select Skatro mini-cruiser must. All parts are manufactured by Skatro. So I have found great chemistry between them.

There are two special features. One is the board. They use a proprietary manufacturing process to ensure an optimum level of flex of the board. A special machine determines the amount of plastic required for the board.

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After manufacturing the board is gone through the pressure check to ensure the expected level flex. The Skatro mini-cruiser can withstand up to 220 lbs. You should know how to curve the board if your weight is more than 190 lbs.

Another interesting feature of the Skatro mini cruiser is its bearings. It features ABEC-7 Skatro bearings and polyurethane Skatro wheels. These bearings are not like general carbon bearings.

The Sktro steel bearings are harder than carbon-made bearings. The stiffness of the bearings reduces the frictions. And these bearings make sure the smooth and speed rotation of the wheels. You can expect a longer lifetime as they can take more pressure. 

The Skatro mini-cruiser comes with 3 inches lightweight aluminum trucks. And you will get a t-tool for free to adjust the trucks. This tool saves $10 for you. If you want to make a sharp and smooth turn, I will recommend adjusting it. But for normal use, it’s okay to start riding.

You may feel uneasy the first time you ride it. But after learning where to keep the foot, it will be easy to handle. Another downside of the board, it is not suitable for rocks or pebbles.

I have talked about the best longboard for rough roads already. You can select one from them if you are looking for a skateboard for the rough surface. Or you can try Skatro drop through longboard.

This penny board outperforms many mini cruisers already. An exclusive manufacturing process is performed to produce the board. The perfect flex makes it distinct from other penny boards.

And the durable steel bearings make sure the smooth-riding experiences. Its wheels allow going a long way in every push. So it requires less effort to ride. And the last good feature is super portability, which makes it one of the top skateboards for transportation.

Specifications At a Glance:

  • Brand: Skatro
  • Type: Mini Cruiser
  • Board: Plastic
  • Wheels: Skatro polyurethane
  • Bearings: ABEC-7
  • Trucks: 3 Inches aluminum
  • Weight Capacity: 220 LBS

2: Skatro Skateboard review – Pro Skateboard | Best For Tricks

I have compared many skateboards with Skatro Pro. But I found nothing that provides the same performance at this cost. There is nothing that can make you bored with this skateboard. It is the best one for kids, boys, girls, beginners, etc.

Skatro uses wood with a high Janka hardness score. The sturdy board features 31” x 8” 7 layers of premium maple wood. Though the skateboard is 7 layers, you will get the same type of performance as an 8 layers board. But it will give you the same type of flex as a 7 layers board. Skatro is specialized in that technology.

The manufacturer has used 95A high-performing wheels. And the wheels equipped with ABEC-7 high-speed bearings. Skatro always uses its own made wheels and bearings.

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This feature helps the manufacturer to create a perfect combination of wheels and bearings. As a result, the riders get the best performance.

You will see the 5 inches lightweight trucks with the Skatro pro skateboard. According to my personal experience, these trucks are durable enough and last for a long time. The first thing you will love, its design.

Awesome graphics made it more attractive. Well constructed Skatro pro skateboard is suitable for tricks like an ollie, kickflips, etc. Its 95A wheels and high-speed bearings make it perfect for cruising and street skating as well.

The bearings enable it to go a long way in every push. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, pro, or intermediate skateboarder, it is designed to meet any level of a skateboarder.

Specifications At a Glance:

  • Brand: Skatro
  • Type: Skatro Pro
  • Board: Maple Wood
  • Wheels: Skatro 95A
  • Bearings: ABEC-7 stainless steel
  • Trucks: 5 Inches aluminum

3: Skatro Longboard Review – Best For Long Distance Riding

If you are looking for a drop deck longboard with great graphics, I will recommend picking the Skatro drop through. You will also experience a proprietary adhesive technology in the Skatro drop through longboard. 

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The size of the deck is 41”. As the board is a drop deck, you will get better stability. It features a super multiply hardwood maple deck. The wood holds a high Janka hardness score.

The 8 layers board provides performance like 10 layers board. And they offer multiple graphics for the deck. So there is nothing to dislike about the deck of the longboard.

It comes with 70x51mm wheels. 78A wheels are neither soft nor hard. These wheels are perfect for rough road riding. You will see ABEC-9 bearings with the wheels. The chemistry of wheels and bearings is not bad. High-speed bearings make it the perfect longboard for downhill.

The longboard has aluminum pro trucks. The trucks ensure the perfect balance between stability and turning of the longboard. I am impressed with its smooth turning power.

You will get a t-tool along with the longboard. I will recommend keeping it in the pocket so that you can adjust your trucks according to your riding requirement.

I have noticed some downside here. The wheels are big enough. So you can’t use the longboard for tricks. Sometimes it may require replacing bearings. All in all, the Skatro longboard is suitable for people who are looking for a lightweight longboard for rough roads, downhill, cruising, etc.

Though the deck looks like 10 layers, you will get the optimum level of flex from this longboard. The big wheels make it perfect for rough roads. Its trucks ensure safe downhill longboarding. Though the board is light, it is durable enough and will last for a long period.

  • Brand: Skatro
  • Type: Skatro Drop Through Longboard
  • Board: Maple Wood
  • Wheels: Skatro 71x51mm
  • Bearings: ABEC-9 stainless steel
  • Trucks: Aluminum

skatro mini cruiser skateboard

Skatro Technology on Flex

Skatro is specialized in flex technology. They use a specialized machine to determine how much plastic is required for the optimum level of flex. We all know that a moderate level flex helps us to do tricks more easily and provide more comfort. I can say it is one of the key points, why people like them.

Last Word

Skatro can be considered as an emerging manufacturer in the skateboard industry. They are working to be a special one in the industry. If you are looking for a skateboard under $100 for cruising, then go for the Skatro mini cruiser. Skatro pro skateboard is perfect for tricks. Longboard lovers also love the Skatro longboard for long-distance cruising. 

I have tried my best to mention the all upsides and downsides. The decision is yours.

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