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Top Skate Parks in Baltimore in 2023

Skating is always fun. Beginner & expert both types of people love to ride a skateboard at a skatepark. That’s why today I am going to mention some of the best skateparks in Baltimore. If you love to do tricks with a skateboard, you can go there. You will find ramps, halfpipe, bowl, grinds, etc. in these skate parks. So let’s start….

skate parks in baltimore

1. Sandy Hills Skate Park

Address: 3326 Bero Rd, Lansdowne, MD 21227, United States

Phone: +1 410-499-6932

Sandy Hills Skate Park

The Sandy hills skatepark was built in the 70’s It is one of the oldest surviving skateparks in Baltimore. It is an interesting place for skateboarders. I have found the workers are so friendly. My uncle went to this skatepark in the ’80s for the first time.

According to his opinion, it is a great place for both parents and kids both. They can have an enjoyable time here. Beginner kids can learn skateboarding here. I especially love this skate park because it is less crowded, the hills are decent & the availability of mini ramps, that is very helpful to beginner and intermediate skateboarders.

One thing to keep in mind is that safety gear like helmets, pads, wrist guards, etc. is required to ride skateboards here. So don’t forget to bring these.

Opening & Closing Time:

Saturday-Sunday: 12pm-8pm

Monday- Friday: 3pm-8pm

2. Skatepark of Baltimore

Address: 1201 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211, United States

Phone: +1 410-916-5570

skatepark of baltimore

Are you looking for more than a skate park? Then you can choose the skatepark of Baltimore. You will see several types of athletes as there are soccer fields, baseball fields, swimming pools, etc. So if you are tired of skateboarding then you can spend a good time at the swimming pool.

The skatepark is clean and smooth enough to ride skateboards. The park is suitable for all levels of skaters, etc. But I found a problem there that there is no restroom & washroom. So it seems problematic to me. I hope they will add the facility soon.

Opening & Closing Time:

Thursday-Wednesday: 7 am-10 pm

3. Charm City Skate Park

Address: 4401 O’Donnell St, Baltimore, MD 21224, United States

Phone: +1 410-327-7909

charm city skate park baltimore

Charm city skate park is 2800 square feet amazing park for skateboarders, inline skaters, BMX riders, etc. It is the only indoor skate park in Maryland areaThe authority also allows them to arrange different types of skateboarding competitions here.

You can skateboard without a helmet there. And one interesting thing is that you can collect knee pads, helmets, etc for rent from there. You will see there mini ramp, high ramp, vert ramp, street course, bowl, etc. for skateboarders. Riders get a lot of fun with these ramps. They cost $10-$12 for a day. It is reasonable according to me. But I recommend them to do improvements on cleaning and organizing. I found the staffs are very friendly and helpful.

Opening & Closing Time:

Monday-Saturday:  12.30pm-8.30 pm

Sunday: 12pm-6pm


4. Carroll Park Skate Park

Address: 800 Bayard St, Baltimore, MD 21223, United States

carroll park skate park baltimore

Phone: +1 410-396-7900

Are you looking for a skateboard that is open for 24 hours? Then you can go to Carroll Park. It is one of the popular skate parks in Baltimore. According to riders, it is a nice place for skaters & bike riders both. You can play soccer as well. Though the skate park is good for beginners, it requires attention from management.

There are so many rocks. The streets are not okay to ride skateboards. And it should be cleaner. Though the ramps are good, it requires attention. If you don’t have a skate park near you at 800 Bayard St, then I will recommend you to go there.

Open and Closing Time:

Monday to Sunday: 24 Hours.

5. Hannah More Skatepark

Address: 12035 Reisterstown Rd, Reisterstown, MD 21136, United States

Hannah More Skatepark Baltimore

Are you looking for a skatepark to hang out with your friends? If “Yes” then you can consider Hannah More skate park. There are enough ramps and grinds. So you can play different types of competitions with your friends.

Not only skateboarding, but you can also do tricks on your bicycle here as well. if you have a friend who loves to ride a bicycle, so it is a great place for him as well. The only problem is that ramps are under direct sunlight, which may create some problems. Otherwise, the place is okay, there is no trash. So it is a great place for skateboarders.

Opening & Closing Time:
Monday to Sunday: 9 AM-7 PM


Final Verdict

One skatepark is different from another. So all may not suit you. I have tried to mention most of the upside and downside of these skateparks. I recommend that you go near you. Don’t forget to keep protective gear with you.

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