Skateparks in Eugene Oregon

Top 10 Skateparks in Oregon You Should Visit

Skateboarding is undoubtedly one of the most fun and engaging activities you can do in your free time. It’s super enjoyable and helps you break free from the digital paradox of life. And skateparks are the #1 place to experience skateboarding at its best.

If you live in Eugene, Oregon, you have access to a few fantastic skateparks near you. Whether you know your city well or not, it’s a great idea to be able to locate all the best skateparks in your city. That’ll give you more options and diversity, which will lead to an amazing skateboarding experience.

Without any further ado, let’s check out some of the best skateparks in Eugene Oregon that you should visit whenever you can manage.

10 Skateparks in Eugene Oregon

Below, we’ll go over 10 of the best parks for skateboarding in Eugene Oregon with their address.

1. Willamalane Skatepark

The Willamalane Skatepark is a perfect park to go skateboarding for the most wonderful experience. It has tons of ledges, stairs, and rails that give you more freedom and flexibility to try out your fancy moves. Basic skateboarding becomes boring quite fast, and these will help to bring back the challenge in your skateboarding experience, which is amazing.

Willamalane Skatepark

Also, there is a bank, a cement picnic table, and a fire hydrant that you can use to do all kinds of tricks with your skateboard. Most of the skateboarders there do jumps or ollies there, and it’s infinitely fun. If all that seems fun to you, you should check out the Willamalane Skatepark as soon as you can.

It’s a huge park with the history of the 2010 End of Summer Skate Competition, which is impressive. You’ll have a ton of fun there and might find some great communities as well. It’s only for skateboarding, and you can’t go for a BMX ride there.

But all things aside, it’s a great skatepark that’ll give you all the space and setups to enjoy the best possible skateboarding experience.

Address of the park: 1276 G St, Springfield OR 97477


2. Amazon Skatepark

Amazon Skatepark is the most renowned park in Eugene Oregon, and people from all places go there to have a phenomenal skateboarding experience. It’s located in South East Eugene, and if you are a beginner, this park is exceptionally great for you to practice there.

Amazon Eugene Oregon Skate Park

The small snake run into a shallow bowl gives you room to practice beginner-friendly tricks, and it’s great. Also, the small extension attached to the bowl gives more flexibility to perform a wider range of tricks and moves.

If you want to learn or polish your moves with a skateboard, this park is a great place to go. You can try out something different thanks to the brilliant design of the park. And as a lot of people go skateboarding there regularly, it won’t take long for you to make wonderful friends.

Overall, the Amazon Skatepark is a superb park to go skateboarding, and you should check it out at least once. Maybe you’ll fall in love with it and that might become your favorite place to go for a relaxing skateboarding experience. So, don’t miss the chance and give this park a try.

Address of the park: 22 Amazon Parkway, Eugene OR 97405


3. Bethel Skatepark

Next up, we have the Bethel Skatepark, another great park that you can go to spend your time. It’s situated in west Eugine, and it has the perfect combination of all the things you need for a thrilling skateboarding experience.

bethel skate park eugene oregon

You can find eight bowls with vert extension and spine that allow you to practice your gliding techniques on them. Not to mention, the large rollout that spreads the rest of the park makes it perfect for skateboarding freely with more room.

You can pick up the speed without any interruption, which is quite amazing. That makes it a great place for starters to practice.

Also, there are a wide variety of steep banks, rails, ledges, and bowls where you can practice your skateboarding, and you can’t ask for more from a skatepark. It offers you everything, and you should definitely go there to visit this fantastic skatepark whenever you can.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find the perfect environment to practice your moves at this park. Once you give it a go, you’ll keep going back to the Bethel skatepark, and that’s a guarantee.

Address of the park: 1855 Legacy Dr, Eugene OR 97402


4. Cal Young Skatepark

The Cal Young Skatepark is the perfect beginner park that you can go to any time. Even for intermediate skateboarders, this park is quite amazing, and you can have so much fun there.

This cement park has a mellow bank, bowled-out corner, which makes up for a great base setup for skateboarding. Not to mention, there are a few ledges and rails where you can practice your tricks and other techniques. Also, a pyramid and quarter pipe hip give you even more flexibility in the park to have a wonderful time skateboarding.

But don’t let the simplicity and the beginner-friendly aspect of this skatepark fool you. It had some big events there like the Summer Skatepark Contest Series, which took place in 2005. Also, another well-renowned event was the School’s Out Summer Skate Competition, and that one was in 2010.

So, you can tell that you’re going to get all the suitable setup that you need to enjoy your skateboarding experience to its fullest. So, make sure to go there if possible, and you’ll have a very fun time skateboarding in this fantastic skatepark.

Address of the park: 2555 Gilham Rd, Eugene OR 97408


5. Churchill Skatepark

If you are somewhat of an intermediate or advanced skateboarder, then this skatepark is the perfect option for you. It has a large outdoor cement surface, and it lets you build speed.

Also, there is a snake that runs into a vert bowl, which is a primary place to practice all the fun tricks and stuff. But 2 extra bowls come with a lot of coping that allows you to experience your skateboarding at its fullest.

The Summer Skatepark Contest Series event was held in 2005 in this skatepark, which was quite incredible. That goes to show you that you can expect all the best pro setups for your skateboarding experience.

If you get a chance to visit the skateparks in Eugene Oregon the Churchill skatepark would undoubtedly be a great park to visit. If you’re only starting on skateboarding, then you should consider going to starter parks such as the Cal Young Skatepark or the other ones that we mentioned.

But if you’ve got some skills and want more room to practice your challenging tricks and techniques, then this is the right skatepark for you by all means.

Address of the park: 2120 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene OR 97405


6. Emerald Skatepark

As we previously mentioned, the Churchill Skatepark is a quite big park that gives you more room to build up some speed on your skateboard. But the Emerald skatepark is completely opposite of that park as it’s very small in size.

However, a smaller size doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, and that’s exactly the case here. There’s a nicely bowled-out corner in the park that lets you do all the basic moves quite well. Not to mention, there are a few rails and ledges, which is more than enough for even a seasoned pro in most cases.

So, if you’re a complete beginner, this can really be a perfect skatepark that you can practice on without any trouble. But even if you’re on an intermediate or even advanced level, you should know that this park can handle everything you throw at it.

The end of the story is that you should definitely visit the Emerald skatepark if you live in Eugene Oregon. It’s very fun, and you’ll absolutely love spending time there and enjoy skateboarding on what this fantastic park has to offer.

Address of the park: 1400 Lake Dr off of Horn Ln, Eugene OR 97404


7. Florence Skatepark

Next up, we have an amazing skatepark that you must go to if you live in Eugene Oregon. The Florence Skatepark is a staple park to go there if you love skateboarding. It features tons of setup that makes it perfect for skaters at any level.

There is a quarter pipe, snake run, bowl, vert, and a lot of other things that you can use to challenge yourself. Not to mention, there are banks and rails for street skateboarding, which you can’t find on most skateparks.

With 12,000 sq concrete outdoors, this park should give you enough room to do all kinds of stuff in the park. Also, you can bring your BMX to the park as well. There was a controversial ban on the cycles that was lifted back in 2009, and now you can enjoy riding bikes there without any issue.

So, if you’re planning to go to a skatepark in Eugene Oregon, this should be a must-go park for you. You’ll have so much fun there, and be able to practice at your heart’s content as well.

Address of the park: 18th St & Oak St, Florence OR 97439

Phone: 541.997.4106


8. Junction City Skatepark

Here’s another park that’s on the smaller side, and it’s a classic street-style skatepark you can go to if you’re in Eugene Oregon. It’s only 1,500 sq. ft. in total, but you get a packed load of setups and features in this park.

There are ledges, stairs, rails all over the park, which lets you do all kinds of tricks on them and build confidence in your moves. One of the best things about this park is that it’s under monitoring 24-7, making it a very safe place to go and have a wonderful time.

If you want to have an amazing skateboarding experience, then the Junction city skatepark is a hard-to-beat option for you. It has everything you can ask for from a skatepark, and you’ll get the full experience of true skateboarding in this park.

So, whenever you decide to go out on a skatepark, keep the Junction City skatepark at the top of your list. It’s definitely a worthwhile place to visit, and you’ll be very thrilled after going there and going over your skateboarding moves.

Address of the park: 14th and Kalmia, Junction City OR 97448


9. Trainsong Skatepark

Up next, we have the Transong Skatepark, which is easily one of the top recommendations on our list. This skatepark is a perfect one for beginners, and it has everything for even those who are experts at skateboarding.

It’s a small metal skatepark that features quarter pipes, hips, rails, and a roll-in to Pyramid, which lets you have more fun skateboarding. It’s ideal for people who are just getting started on skateboards and they can train their skills pretty well in this skatepark.

However, with all the features and setups, any expert skater should have no issue practicing his advanced skills on the skatepark. You can also make friends with the awesome community, which will make the whole experience more fun.

So, whether you live nearby or you want to visit different skateparks, the Transong skatepark is a fantastic choice for you. Once you go there, you’ll be mesmerized by the ever-so-classy skatepark, and be able to see why it’s such an awesome place to hang out. Just make some free time, and go there to experience for yourself; you’ll not regret it even a tiny bit.

Address of the park: 2775 Edison St, Eugene OR 97402


10. Veneta Territorial Skatepark

Finally, we have the Veneta Territorial Skatepark on our list, which is a highly recommended skatepark for experts or intermediates, as it features a lot of great setups that you can use to your advantage while practicing.

This park has a big and odd kidney-shaped tabletop launcher, which is quite unique to see on skateparks. And it’s super fun to skate in the park because of all the structures. There’s a pyramid, a few ledges, and a long handrail to practice all your complicated moves on, which is perfect for experienced skaters.

However, it’s still a great skatepark for beginners as well. You can enjoy your basic skateboarding techniques there with utter freedom and ease. So, don’t worry about your skill level and just go there. Hopefully, you’ll be able to have the best time with your skateboard and polish your moves and techniques even further.

Make some time to go to this fantastic skatepark in Eugene Oregon, and you’ll fall in love with it very fast. It has everything that you can ask for and you don’t want to miss it.

Address of the park: Territorial Hwy at Hunter Rd, Veneta OR 97487

To Wrap Up

In today’s day and age, the need to do physical activities outside is more crucial than ever. And skateboarding is a perfect way to enjoy your physical activity on weekends.

We talked about some of the best skateparks in Eugene Oregon that you should go to at least once. You might find a perfect park to enjoy skateboarding and get yourself into the culture.

Whether you’re an amateur or pro in this field, you can have the fullest experience in any of these parks. And hopefully, you’ll be able to blend in with the community quite fast as well, which will make everything infinitely better.

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