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Best Skateboards Under $60 of 2022 | Expert Choice

Beginner skateboarders always try to start their riding experience with a cheap skateboard or longboard. They don’t want to spend much at the beginning. 

After acquiring some knowledge on skateboarding they want to get the best skateboard. But I recommend keeping the minimum $60 budget to get a durable beginner-friendly skateboard. 

From my personal experience, I can ensure that you will get a decent skateboard for $60. Before going to talk about the best skateboard under $60 I will try to answer some basic questions that raise among the skateboarders.

How Much Should I Spend On My First Skateboard?

If you are a beginner then I will suggest spending $50 to $100 for a good skateboard. You will find an awesome complete skateboard under that budget. After becoming an expert you can get an expensive one for a better riding experience.

Is $60 Cheaper to Build or Buy a Skateboard?

According to my experience, pre-built or pre-assembled skateboards are cheaper to buy. Beginner riders don’t have enough experience to build a custom skateboard.

If you have enough knowledge about the deck, wheels, bearings, trucks, etc. accessories of a skateboard then you can build your own skateboard. If you are a beginner then go for the prebuild one.

Will You get a Durable Skateboard Under $60?

Pros skaters may think that $60 is very cheap to get a durable skateboard. But It’s not true. You can buy a durable skateboard under $60 in the market. There are thousands of manufacturers in the market.

Some of them are very determined to supply quality skateboards at a reasonable price. So from my experience, I can say that you will get a durable one for $60.

1. WhiteFang Best Skateboard Under $60


  • Brand: WhiteFang
  • Deck Size: 31 x 7.88”
  • Wheels: 52mm Polyurethane
  • Bearings: ABEC9
  • Trucks: 5” magnesium alloy 
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs

WhiteFang is one of the most popular brands in the skateboard industry. They have manufactured this skateboard for beginners as well as skilled skateboarders.

Its deck, wheels, bearings, trucks, etc. accessories ensure the smooth-riding experience on the street, skate park, ramps, or even on rough surfaces.

  • Deck: The skateboard features 31’’x7.88” Canadian maple classic deck. Its minimalist black and white design will charm you. They have used thermal printing technology to ensure the durability of the deck’s graphic.

This sturdy deck comes with a grip tape that helps to keep your feet locked with the board. According to my personal experience, the board can withstand up to 400 lbs. So it’s a great board for beginner adults.

  • Wheels: The board equipped with 55mm high rebound PU wheels that spin smoothly at high speed. You will feel like you are racing with the wind when you’re riding this skateboard.

These 95A hard wheels are not big enough but ensure smooth riding. You will get a quick response from the wheels on every push. So it is suitable for commuting, street skateboarding, skate park, etc.

  • Trucks: The manufacturer has used 5 inches magnesium alloy trucks for the skateboard. The trucks keep the board near to the ground and ensure reliability.
  • Bearings: It comes with ABEC9 precise bearings and 95A high rebound PU bushings. 95A wheels with 95A bushings make the skateboard suitable for any type of ground or surface.
  • Performance: According to my riding experience, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or pro, you will get the maximum level of satisfaction from this skateboard. You can use the skateboard for normal riding as well as for tricks.

The downside of the skateboard is that you can’t ride it for more than 2 years. And you can’t easily adjust the trucks and wheels as they are pre-assembled.

  • Comes with a fully assembled
  • Suitable for beginners and skilled
  • Awesome geometric design
  • Smooth riding experience
  • Allow speedy riding
  • Doesn’t last for many years
  • Not recommended for 4 or 5 years old

2. Idea Skateboards,31”X 8″ Pro Complete Skateboard


  • Brand: Idea
  • Deck Size: 31” x 8”
  • Wheels: 52mm Polyurethane
  • Bearings: ABEC7
  • Trucks: aluminum alloy 
  • Weight Capacity: 660 lbs

Are you looking for a skateboard that suits beginners and expert skateboarders at a time? The Ideal skateboard can be a good option for this type of requirement under $60.

I have seen some of my friends using this skateboard for many years. Its wide deck helps beginner skateboarders to keep balance.

  • Deck: This double kick concave design deck is made of a 7 layer Canadian maple deck. And there is no doubt about its durability. You will find nonslippery sandpaper on the deck that will provide enough grip. The deck is wide enough. You will face no problem if you are a beginner.
  • Trucks & Wheels: The board comes with aluminum alloy trucks. Its 52mm PU wheels ensure smooth and safe riding. The trucks and wheels are strong enough that they can bear up to 600 lbs.

So you don’t need to worry about its bearing capacity. In addition to this feature, you can use this as a street skateboard.

  • Bearings: With this skateboard, you will get ABEC7 high-speed bearings. These high capacity bearings can hold up to 200 k.g and they are suitable for teenage and adult skateboarders.

To keep the bearings smooth enough the manufacturer recommends using skate oil regularly.

  • Performance: It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or pro skateboarder, you can start your riding immediately with that skateboard. The deck made this skateboard beginner-friendly.

And the trucks and wheels are so reliable. So if you are a beginner or your kid is a beginner skateboarder, you can choose this skateboard without any hesitation.

  • Suitable for beginners and expert
  • The wide deck made it tricks friendly
  • More than 600 lbs weight capacity
  • Durable wheels and trucks
  • Not suitable for less than 5 years old
  • Looks slower than a normal skateboard

3. Hipoten Skateboard For $60


  • Brand: Hipoten
  • Deck Length: 32 Inches”
  • Wheels: 60x45mm
  • Bearings: ABEC7
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs

Our last pick as the best skateboard for $60 is Hipoten. It is one of the best skateboards for stunts available in the market. This sturdy skateboard ensures an easy turn and controlling system.

  • Deck: The manufacturer has used a durable 8 layer maple cold worked for a deck. It comes with a nonslippery matte surface that will keep your feet locked with the deck. And the surface is waterproof. So you will face no problem if it is wet.
  • Wheels & Bearings: The board features 60x45mm PU wheels. Its glowing wheels look like LED lights. So it’s an interesting feature. These wheels work perfectly with the ground.

In addition, they have used ABEC7 bearings for the wheels which create very little noise, it may be 30 to 50 decibels.

  • Performance: From my personal experience, I have seen that you can do almost all types of basic tricks like 360, OL action, nollie, kickflip, etc. with the skateboard. And I have seen more than a dozen kids handling this skateboard without any problem.
skateboards under $60

You will get an extra benefit as it comes with a t-wrench and carrying bag. The easy controlling system makes me attracted to this skateboard. 

So, I am highly recommending this skateboard.

  • Suits to kids, adults, youth, etc.
  • Can perform almost all basic tricks
  • Easy Control
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Glowing polyurethane wheels
  • Multiple Variation
  • I have found no problem

4. Quest The Super Cruiser Gaia Artisan Longboard Under $60

I wish I had a Quest longboard in my collection!!! Yes, Quest is one of the best longboard brands in the skateboard industry. There are some people who love to ride longboards and want to get one under $60. For them Qest the Super Cruiser can be the best option.

  • Deck: The board features 7ply, 44 x 9.5” super-flex bamboo and maple deck. This durable deck is designed with a kick tail and nose for better performance. And the deck is well designed that will force you to love it.
  • Trucks: It comes with agile and rugged 7 inches aluminum trucks. The construction of reverse kingpin with trucks ensures smooth riding with longboard skateboards. Well-made lightweight trucks ensure super-fun riding.
  • Wheels & Bearings: They have used 70x51mm durable wheels with ABEC7 bearings. 80A polyurethane wheels are neither hard nor soft. These wheels stick to the ground perfectly and made this longboard the perfect one cruising.
  • Performance: All in all, I can say, you will be satisfied enough with the quest longboard when you will use it for cruising. Its lightweight trucks, durable wheels, and fast-speed bearings make it the perfect longboard under $60 for cruising.
  • Nice looking deck
  • Suitable for cruising
  • Beginners friendly
  • Lightweight trucks ensure smooth riding
  • Durable wheels
  • Bad grip tape

Final Verdict

Choosing the best skateboard under $60 is always a difficult task. We have checked personally all of the mentioned skateboards and then made the list. So you can choose anyone that suits your requirements.

For long distances we recommend longboards. If you love longboarding then you can choose the Quest Longboard under $60.

So what is your decision? Leave a comment below and let me know your interest.


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