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Easy Guide to Choose the Best Skateboard Wall Mount in 2023

The best Skateboard Wall Mounts Are-

  1. Esk8Club Skateboard Wall Hanger
  2. YYST Racks
  3. Koova Skateboard Rack Wall Mount

Perhaps, you aren’t sure of how to correctly display or store your skateboard on the wall. You need not worry. There are many methods to go about it. However, some of these methods are pretty tricky and confusing.

One of the best methods to hang your board to the wall is to use a skateboard wall mount. To mount your skateboard securely to the wall, you need to get the best wall mount for skateboard available on the market without damaging your wall and skateboard.

Whether it is in your office or apartment you want to mount your skateboard, you can do it pretty quickly and easily. By mounting your board to the wall, you store your skateboard and show off your beautiful-looking deck.

How Do You Hang a Skateboard on the Wall?

Method 1: Using A Finishing line

An easy way to hang up your skateboard on your wall is by using a finishing line. When using this method, you first remove your skateboard’s trucks from the board. There are screw holes on the deck. Find two nearest to one end of your skateboard deck.

Take your finishing line. Bear in mind that it shouldn’t be too long or too short. Now take your deck. Hold it in such a way that its underneath side faces you. Thread your finishing line in one hole of the deck.

Thread back the finishing line in the second hole. You’ll then need to take the ends of the finishing line and tie a strong knot. Then screw a nail into your wall to hang the deck from. Perhaps, you don’t want to make holes in your wall, use a skateboard wall hook. It also comes in handy for this job.

Method 2: Using A Rope

To use this method to hang your skateboard on the wall, you won’t need to remove your skateboard’s wheels. You’ll need a rope 650 mm long and 6mm in diameter. Your rope should be long enough to fit around your skateboard’s wheels when you tie knots.

The next step will be to tie knots on the ends of your rope. You ought to tie the knots tight so that they won’t untie. Mark on the wall, 2 vertical lines on the wall. The marked lines should be about 380 mm apart. Mark two horizontal lines using a pencil. These lines should intersect. The two marked points are where you will nail the rope to the wall.

Drill a hole, add a wall plug before you nail each of the two knots into place. After this, all you’ll need is to slip the rope over your skateboard’s wheels, and your skateboard will be hung.

Method 3: Using a Wall Mount

Another great way of mounting your skateboard to the wall is by using wall mounts. With this method, you can mount your board to the wall creatively and uniquely. Find a place on your wall where you want to hang your deck and drill it. You’ll then need to secure your deck by putting a wall anchor into the wall.

Align your deck display with the hole you drilled. Find a screw (most deck displays have a screw they come with). Insert the screw through the hole on your deck into the wall. This will ensure that your deck won’t fall off the wall. Slide on the posts on your deck display on the holes closest to the end of the deck. Ensure the posts to be securely mounted to the wall by twisting the screws accordingly.

1. Esk8Club Skateboard Wall Hanger


  • Brand Name: Esk8Club
  • Color: Black
  • Part Number: Esk8Club013
  • Material: Steel and soft padding
  • Quantity: 2 Pack Wall Hanger.
  • Weight: 1 Pack about 0.35 lb
  • Special feature: Comes with 8 Screws

The Esk8Club Mount is an excellent choice if you want to mount your skateboard onto the wall with absolutely no hassle. With this product, you don’t have to worry about the protection of your skateboard. The surface of the mount has a thick layer that protects it.

The good thing about this wall hanger is that when you use it, there’ll be zero trippings. Using this mount as a ski hanger, guitar hanger, or skateboard hanger is possible with this product.

2. YYST Racks


  • Package Weight: 0.3 Kgs
  • Material: pliable metal
  • Brand Name: YYST
  • YYST racks Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: YI YA SU
  • Part Number: SMT035
  • Special feature: It comes with 4 R rings and 4 screws

The YYST four racks come with 4 R rings and 4 screws, making it easier to vertically hold your 4 skateboards. You can adjust the rack to fit your need, depending on the size of your skateboard. The YYST is made of pliable metal and can hold a maximum of 10 pounds. If your skateboard is more massive than ten pounds, this rack can not hold it.

Furthermore, the good thing about the rack is that it is quite versatile. If you’re looking for a way to hang your board vertically, this is a cool way to do that. If you want to hang it horizontally, you’ll have to look for other racks that can do the job.

3. Koova Skateboard Rack Wall Mount


  • Material: Quality steel
  • Extra Material: Coated with a black finish
  • Color: Painted with the tough paint
  • Origin: Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Special feature: Comes with wall mounting hardware

This is the best wall mount for skateboards and is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a strong skateboard rack. Whether you want to display or store skateboards, longboards, or boosted boards, Koova skateboard rack wall mount comes in handy.

The great thing about this skateboard rack wall mount is that it allows easy installation. It is also durable and will last a lifetime if you take good care of it. The best aspect of its versatility. You don’t even have to worry about where to store and display your helmets or bags, as the koova skateboard wall mount can be used to hang them.

How can I set up the skateboard wall mount in my home?

Setting up the skateboard wall mount in your home is not rocket science. You can quickly and easily install the wall mount by screwing it to the wall. You can also use a wall plug to hold your wall mount to the wall. This will prevent damage to the wall. There is hardware that comes with your wall mount when you purchase it. You should use it to install your mount securely.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for ways to hang your skateboard, just opt for the mentioned above methods, including wall mounting. With the wall mount for the skateboard, your board can be stored securely, with no hassle. Not only that but you could also save space.

Also if you are on the hunt for the best skateboard wall mount that can give you the best experience, feel free to choose from the above skateboard wall mount. They are very easy to set up and can fit well into your skateboard. After all, you won’t regret but you’ll be glad you grabbed one.

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