Skateboard Risers Pros and Cons | Definitive Discussion

What is Riser Pad?

The riser pad is a hard plastic pad that prevents wheel bites. In other words, riser pads are inserted between the truck and the deck of the skateboard. Thus, you can avoid wheel bites during skating.

Wheel bite means your wheel rubs the deck during turning or skating. Therefore, a rider loses balance and falls from the skateboard.

However, riser pads increase the overall height of the board. That’s why the distance between the wheel and the board also increases. As a result, there is no chance of wheel bite, and you can enjoy your skating safely. Don’t you know about the skateboard risers’ pros and cons in detail? Continue Reading. Our skateboard risers guide will help you to know everything.


What Are The Skateboard Risers Pros And Cons?

Skaters use riser pads not only for wheel bite. Riser pads also provide a lot of advantages. However, there are some disadvantages as well. So, let’s describe the pros and cons of the skateboard riser pads.

Pros of Skateboard riser pads

●     Preventing Wheel Bite

Skaters face a common and significant problem named wheel bite. As you already know, it occurs when the wheel rubs the deck. As a result, you may fall from the skateboard and get seriously injured. However, riser pads can prevent wheel bites. That must say, it is the main advantage of riser pads.

●     Improve Balancing

Skateboarding is the game of balancing. In other words, you have to be good at balancing to be a good skater. However, riser pads help to keep an outstanding balance of the skateboard. You can also keep balance while doing stunts on your skateboard.

●     Sharp Turning

Wheel bites make skateboards’ sharp turns challenging. To clarify, taking a sharp turn during wheel bites can be dangerous. You might be injured seriously. However, riser pads increase the height and prevent wheel bites. So, you can safely take a sharp turn on your skateboard.

●     Increase Deck Durability

Wheel rubs the deck during wheel bite. As a result, the deck gets damaged quickly. However, you can improve the deck’s durability through riser pads.  As the riser pad prevents wheels bite, it also increases the durability of the skateboard deck.

●     Reduce Stress

Each truck is directly attached to the board through four heavy screws. The hard metal of the truck is connected to the soft material of the board. As a result, it causes stress and damages the board with the use. The riser is placed between the truck and the board. So, it reduces stress.

Cons of Skateboard riser pads

●     Extra Height

The riser pads increase the height of the skateboard. Therefore, few skateboard tricks are going to be difficult to do for skaters. It is going to be worse when the skater isn’t used to the extra height or the riser pads.

●     Tough for Beginners

As you know, the riser pads increase the height of the skateboard. So, it isn’t easy to keep balance on the skateboard for beginners. Besides, experts don’t prefer beginners to use riser pads on the board.

Moreover, there are many alternatives to skateboard riser pads. If you are not comfortable with the riser pads, you should go with the other options.

What Size Riser Pads Should I Get?

Needless to say, it is a crucial question for every skater. Most experienced skaters use riser pads to prevent wheel bites. There are various kinds and colors of riser pads available in the market. However, you have to choose risers pads depending on your skateboard style to get the best result.

Besides, you have to use the accurate size of hardware accommodating the extra height. So, let’s check the hardware size calculator.

  • No Riser – 7/8″ to 1″ hardware
  • 1/8″ Riser – 1″ to 1 1/8″ hardware
  • 1/4″ Riser – 1 1/4″ hardware
  • 1/2″ Riser – 1 1/2″ hardware

So, it would be great if you used the hardware accordingly. Now, let’s check different types and shapes of riser pads.

Rectangular Riser Pad

It is the standard shape and most using riser pad. Besides, it increases the distance between deck and wheel. As a result, wheel bite possibility decreases.

Rectangular riser pads are beneficial for skateboarders and longboarders. However, you should choose one that suits your board and skating style.

Angled/Wedge Riser Pad

Angled or wedge riser pads are more beneficial than rectangular risers. It does not only increase the overall height but also provides an angle.

In other words, you can angle your board from the center or towards the center through the angled or wedge risers. This riser pad helps to get a sharp turn during skating.

Moreover, you should maintain the riser pads hole and design accordingly to get the maximum result.

wedge risers skateboard

How to Put Riser Pads on a Skateboard?

Putting riser pads on a skateboard is a challenging task for beginners. Most skaters fail to put riser pads on their skateboards. So, I’ll reveal the easiest method to install the riser pads.

Before starting, you need the following instruments.

  1. Regular screwdriver
  2. A three-eights (may vary the size) of an inch wrench

Now, first of all, you have to separate the truck from the skateboard.  So, hold the tuck’s nuts with the wrench and unscrew the screws with the screwdriver.

After that, place the riser pad between the truck and the board. Use hardware according to the mentioned calculator. Lastly, screw them together with the screwdriver and wrench.

So, you have successfully put riser pads on your skateboard.

Last Discussion

Skaters customize their skateboards in different ways to get the maximum result. Installing the riser pad on the skateboard is one of them. Besides, a few skaters don’t feel comfortable with the riser pads. They prefer to use the alternatives.

However, the skateboard riser pad has both pros and cons. You already have a clear knowledge of the pros and cons after reading the article. So, if you feel comfortable, you can use the riser pads on the skateboard. Otherwise, it would be great if you choose the alternative of a riser pad.

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