Skateboard Quarter Pipe Tricks for Beginners

“Dad, I need a quarter pipe.” “In our days we used our yard swimming pool!”

Yes, in the ’70s, kids used to use their backyard swimming pools to practice the tricks. Now there is the mini ramp to do so.

Among many mini ramps, there is the quarter pipe. It is an arena for different sports like skateboarding and snowboarding. The smooth surface has a curved edge, just like a pool.

When we talk about its shape, it is a quarter of a pipe or sphere. That’s why it is called a quarter pipe. It has one slope side, thus making it more mobile and space-friendly. And if you join two of them, you get a half pipe. Hence, making it versatile.

It is a conversation between Dad & Son.


Use of a Skateboard Quarter Pipe?

skateboard ramps are for making the sport more fun and interesting. When you have mastered the tricks on the pain field, you might feel the urge to take your skills up a notch. That’s when you go for mini ramps. These curved ramps amp up your game.

When you use the quarter pipe, it lets you get some air underneath the skateboard. This looks cool and feels cooler.

Your tricks are more impactful to the audience. Also, when you are up in the air, you have more time in your hands to make the transition.

Furthermore, when you are using the quarter pipe, you get more momentum. This is one of the advantages of a curved surface. You have the advantage of gravity.

The gravity will take you down on its own and add some speed to the skateboard or longboard. This will help you to perform further tricks on the plane, or if you are on the halfpipe, you will have an advantage.

To use a quarter pipe, start with practicing pumping with a skateboard. Pumping is the initial part of getting acquainted with the curved surface.

It is not the same movement as moving on a plain street. You will have to use both of your feet to take you up. Once you are acquainted with the pumping, go to the top.

Now you will practice dropping down. When you are using a quarter pipe for the first time, dropping down is very risky. But if you do it right, you will be able to get the hang of it.

Put your back foot on the tail of the skateboard, and your front foot on the middle of the board, then shift your weight forward and be careful not to shift it back. It is very important to keep in mind that if you put it backward, you will slip.

Gravity will do the rest of the work and take you down. This is the basics of using a quarter pipe.

Some Quarter Pipe Tricks for Beginners

There are so many tricks you can do on the quarter pipe. The possibilities are endless. Once you are on track and meet new people, you get to know more tricks.

Out of these endless options, we have brought you the five easiest skateboarding quarterpipe tricks that you can learn in one day.

The list can go on and on, but we shall start with some basic ones for now.

1: Rock to fakie: To do this trick, you have to go up to the top of the ramp end cleared the front trucks from the coping. Then push on the tail of the skateboard, and come back down the ramp.

2 Rock and roll: This trick is just like the previous one. You just go up the ramp, clear the front trucks from the coping and do a kick turn. Turn your shoulders and go back to the rails.

3: Backside grind/slash: This is an easier trick than Backside 50. You go up with enough speed. Then you do a wide kick turn. When you attempt a wider kick turn, it looks like you’re grinding.

4: Axle stall: This is an easy trick like kick turn. You go up the ramp with enough speed, and before doing the kick turn on the coping, and stand on the front truck for just a moment.

5: Feeble stall: It is a more advanced version of the previous trick. You go up the ramp and clear the front trucks of the coping. Then you rest the front trucks on the coping for a few moments and do a kick turn.

How do a 50/50 Backside Grind on a Quarter Pipe?

Now that you got the hang of some of the basic quarter pipe movements, we will introduce a trickier move. It is not too difficult but takes a lot of time to master.

With patience and practice, it will be a piece of cake for you. But first, you have to learn those five tricks with heart.

The move we are talking about is the backside 50/50 grind. The name sounds tough, but the move is not.

With these two steps, you are ready to do the backside 50/50 grind. Gather enough speed and go towards the top of the ramp. Now, make your front trucks go beyond the coping. The trucks shouldn’t go too much further.

Use the back truck of the tail side two grabs onto the coping. Your board shouldn’t be too much on the deck.

Your position should be more like hanging. The front of the board will automatically set itself in place. You should approach the top at a 45-degree angle to grind.

If you have enough momentum, you should be grinding over the coping effortlessly. The more your weight is on the ramp side.

There is less chance of falling over. If it is on the deck side, it may be dangerous for you to do a kick turn and dropdown on some occasions after a brief grind. That’s how you do a backside 50/50 grind.

How to Make a Skateboard Quarter Pipe at Home?

Since the quarter pipe does not have much height, you will be able to do it independently. But it is always better to have an extra buddy to help you out.

In this way, your ramp will come out at the right level, and the workload is less. You can enjoy the procedure and have fun on the quarter pipe also.

Step 1: Collect all the supplies

3 pieces of 4 by 8 plywood, ½ inch 4 by 8 ply 2 pieces, 13 pieces of 2 by 4 wood which is 5 ft 11 in, and lots of nails. A steel pipe if you want to add coping. The tools that you will need are a hand saw, carving saw, and hammer.

Step 2: Making the frame

To make the frame, measure out 4 ft on a 2 by four and pin it. Then trace it and make the transition with a pencil on the 3 piece plywood. Make a 1 ½ in the notch for 2-inch coping. Cut them out.

If it is not enough and you want more height, add another piece of wood and join them. Cut the two-by-fours according to the width you want and make notches on the transition. Pin them well. Store the rest of the wood.

The gap should be 8 inches between the notches. The last one should be horizontal. Pin them all in place. Use 2 layers for the surface. Leave them on the patio with water to make them more bendable. It is easier to pin them that way.

Let 7 inches hang from the bottom to make a smoother cut.

Step 3: Adding the coping

To add the pipe, drill it before installation. Make two holes on each side. Pin the coping on the top. Finally, the platform and pin that in place. You can add an extra fence like the frame on the back with leftover wood. Now you have a mini ramp.

skateboarding quarter pipe tricks

How to Make a Concrete Quarter Pipe at Home

An at-home DIY quarter pipe can be very helpful when you are just starting on skateboarding skills practicing.

Concrete ramps are easier to make and a lot cheaper. We will help you to make a concrete quarterpipe for under $50.

Step 1: gathering supplies

Two 4 by 8 pre-cut cardboard slabs, finishing plywood which is smooth and bendable, nails, several Reid bars and wires, 4 or 2 by 4 wood, and four bags of 60 pounds high-strength quiet. This is for 3 ft height, 2 ½ ft wide, and 3 ft transition.

Also, the tools you need to use are a woodcutter, wood float, steel float, pliers.

Step 2: Making the frame

To make the frame, measure out 3 ft on a 2 by four and pin it. Then trace it and make the transition with a pencil on both the cardboard. Cut them out.

If it is not enough and you want more height, add another piece of wood and join them. Cut the two-by-fours according to the width and make ribs on the transition. Pin them well. Store the rest of the wood.

Now lay the plywood on the ribs. And pin it as well. Keep a 3-inch gap from the edge of the frame to the ply. That is how thick the quarter pipe is going to be.

Add bent Reid bars and make the frame. Tie them together like a net. And clean off the rest of the area.

Step 3: pour concrete

Mix the concrete according to the instructions and pour it on the frame. Lay the frame in a cradling position.

Now level the concrete with a long piece of wood. Then use the wood float and finally level it with the steel float. Let it dry for 2 days and add water according to instructions, so it doesn’t crack.

Step 4: Installation

Take out the quarter pipe and dust off the excess dust. Then find a concrete wall where you will place it.

Make the surface rigid and rough to make it adhere better. Add some concrete and set it in place. After it is dry, try out different skills on the quarter pipe you just made.

How Heavy is a Skateboard Quarter Pipe?

A quarter pipe can vary in height, weight, and size. If you have a small backyard, there is no need to worry.

You can own a quarter pipe as small as 3 ft. as you saw earlier, the concrete one is a portable quarter pipe if you don’t permanently install it on the ground. It is also the cheapest quarter pipe. But it is heavy

However, you can buy a quarter pipe if you want a good-looking one. Fresh pork portable ramps are popular among skaters.

A 2 feet high and 3 feet wide skateboard quarter pipe will be almost 70 pounds. It may be more or less.

cheapest quarter pipe

The Cost of a Quarter Pipe

The prices of quarter pipes vary from brand to brand. A good quality 4 ft ramp will cost you more than 700 dollars.

You can find cheaper ones. But since it is a one-time investment, you surely want a good-quality ramp. Also, cheap materials will not hold up against the pressure and grind.

Thus, it is better to get a good-quality quarter pipe for long-term use. If you don’t want to spend some extra cash, you can make one yourself. Making a quarter pipe to skateboard is easy and requires minimum experience.

You can do it with an experienced friend. It will cost you around 200 dollars or less. You can make cheaper ones with concrete. It is mainly for practicing at home if you are on a budget.

You can try out tricks on these and then take them to the park. It is always better to have one at home. That is how you can build your skill. Whether you are buying or building, keep on practicing your newfound hobby.

Final Thoughts

Quarter pipes are fun and add extra resistance when you are practicing. It takes your flat skills to a more spherical dimension. It is also optically pleasing when you see someone doing tricks on mini ramps. The best skateboard quarter pipe will help you to smoothly execute the stunt.

Also, there is less chance of accidents. Thus, start practicing on the quarter pipe as soon as you get the hang of the flat surface. It will make your moves cooler, and remember, having fun is the real goal.

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