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Best Skateboard For Intermediate Rider in 2023

Becoming an expert on skateboarding is not an easy task. It requires much time and effort. You have to do a lot of practice to become an expert. During practice, you will be considered as the intermediate skateboarder.

Most of the time manufacturers try to target a specific segment of customers for a specific model of a skateboard. They construct different types of skateboards for different types of expertise.

For example, Osprey assembles skateboards for beginners, intermediate, and experts. This process helps the skater to choose the best suitable skateboard.

I can feel the importance of a level-wise skateboard from my experience. If you choose something, doesn’t fit your skill, you won’t get the best result. That’s why today I am going to talk about the best intermediate skateboard. So let’s get started

What Do You Mean by an Intermediate Skateboarder?

Intermediate skateboarder refers to those who can ride, control, and perform some basic tricks like varial heelflip, ollie, frontside flip, tri flip, etc. with the skateboard.

If you can’t do any basic tricks I mentioned here, then you won’t be considered an intermediate skateboarder. Intermediate skateboarders can perform 10-15 basic tricks.

skateboard for intermediate

Things to Know Before Buying the Best Skateboard for Intermediate

Choosing the correct skateboard for beginners and experts is quite easy compared to intermediate skaters. If you are an intermediate skateboarder then you can follow my recommendations to get the best one for you.

  • Know requirement: First thing you should know, for which reason you are buying the skateboard. If you want to do tricks then buy a skateboard. On the other hand, if you want long-distance cruising, then go for a longboard. So at first set up your goal.
  • Tricks Skateboard: I have already said intermediate skateboarders can perform some basic tricks. But all of the skateboards are not suitable for doing tricks. Before buying a skateboard for an intermediate rider, check whether it tricks friendly or not.
  • Trucks & Wheels: Hard wheels are suitable for parks and streets. On the other mild level of softness is suitable for rough terrain. So select the proper type of wheels according to surfaces. And most of the time you can adjust your skateboard trucks.

I recommend loose trucks for an intermediate skateboarder. If you love rough road riding then go for high trucks.

  • Durability: I have been frustrated many times because of unsturdy skateboard decks. You will be angry if your skateboard deck breaks down during tricks. So try to get a durable skateboard always.


1: NPET Pro Complete Skateboard For Intermediate Rider

NPET Pro Skateboard Complete 31 Inch 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Concave Deck Skating Skateboard (American Flag)
  • HIGH QUALITY: 7 layers maple wood, PU wheels, stainless alloy bearing. 31"(787mm) x 8"(203mm) double kick concave design....
  • HIGH REBOUND SMOOTH ROLL: 95A High-rebound PU wheels provide great roll and grip. Heat transfer pattern(which was printed...

Our first priority as the best intermediate skateboard is NPET Pro. Double concave designs with nice-looking printed graphics will catch your eye easily.

The 31” x 8”  board is made of 7 layers of maple wood. They utilize waterproof sandpaper as grip tape on the top of the board. This feature ensures safe riding and tricks for an intermediate skateboarder.

Instead of using stickers, NPET has used the thermal transfer film production process to create graphics. It doesn’t fade away within a short period of time.

NPET Pro comes with 95A anti-abrasive polyurethane wheels. These high rebound wheels ensure a smooth roll and enough grip for the skateboarder. ABEC-11 high-speed precision bearings with shock-absorbing wheels ensure a flexible and smooth riding experience.

The tough trucks feature aluminum alloy-made hanger and baseplate. These parts are fray resistance and impact resistance that allow users the perfect and safe turn with enough stability. In addition to this feature, these fracture proof trucks can bear up to 220 lbs.

The downside of the skateboard, it is not suitable for kids less than 6 years old. And some people made a complaint about its loose trucks. But it can be adjusted easily with the t-tool. And I recommend not to ride the skateboard on the road with high traffic.

The fantastic combination of deck, wheels, bearings, trucks made the skateboard suitable for all basic and pro tricks. Beginners, intermediate, and pro, all types of skateboarders can handle the board easily.

intermediate skateboard

You will get a free bag with this skateboard. So it can be a perfect gift for a skateboard enthusiast.

Specifications at Glance

  • Brand: NPET
  • Deck: 31” x 8” made with maple wood
  • Wheels: 95A PU
  • Bearings: ABEC-11
  • Trucks: Aluminum alloy
  • Capacity: 220lbs

2: Toyerbee Intermediate Skateboard with A Repair Kit

Our second pick as the top skateboard for an intermediate skateboarder is Toyerbee Skateboard. Its double kick and grinding surface features make the skateboard more suitable for the perfect stunt.

It features 31” x 8” inches 9 layer hardwood  Canadian maple deck. The high-density construction made the skateboard more stable to ride. This durable deck can withstand 220 lbs.

The board has a graffiti theme in black and whiteboard. And they have used eco-friendly 3 layers painting to protect the graphics from destruction. These graphics make it more attractive to the riders.

The skateboard comes with 5 inches seagull solid aluminum trucks. These trucks will give you a stable and more powerful grip during your riding. And the trucks have rise pads that decrease the vibrations and ensure a surf-like riding experience.

Toyerbee has 55mm, 95A shock abrasive PU wheels. The diameter of the wheels is 2.1” x 1.26”. The manufacturer has used ABEC7 high-speed stainless steel bearings and PU bushings for it.

The super combination of wheels and bearings makes the skateboard suitable for street, ramps, pools, even, and rough ground.

The mild concave design made the skateboard perfect for all types of basic train. Kick nose and kick tail design will allow you to perform some advanced tricks like 360 degrees, boneless, etc. 

skateboard for intermediate

This feature also facilitates sharp turn and easy maneuvering in the street. The skateboard is suitable for beginners and intermediate skateboarders. Age doesn’t matter, even a 4 years old boy can handle the skateboard easily.

The downside of the skateboard is its grip tape. It should be more grippy. But it’s okay for most of the riders. Another good news about the skateboard is that you will get 3 years after-sales service. According to my personal experience, you will get the response within 12-24 hours.

Specifications at Glance

  • Brand: ToyerBee
  • Deck: 31” x 8” made with maple wood
  • Wheels: 95A PU
  • Bearings: ABEC7
  • Trucks: Aluminum alloy
  • Capacity: 220lbs

3: YF YOUFU Complete Intermediate Skateboard

Skateboards Long Boards for Adults 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Concave Standard Skateboard 31 Inch Pro Skateboard for Beginners, Skateboard for Teen...
  • 【Suitable for All Level】 -The long skateboard is relatively stable and suitable for beginners, teens, etc. It can also be...
  • 【Quality Wheels and Bearings】 -The pro skateboard is super smooth and comfortable control - equipped with ABEC-9...

Are you looking for a skateboard that is suitable for a skateboard with high weight capacity and doing tricks at a time? Then my recommendation is to get YF YOUFU. Its super stability tricks friendly equipment with reasonable price made this perfect one for an intermediate skateboarder.

Symmetrical and double kicktail popsicle deck made the skateboard suitable for all levels of skaters. The deck’s size is 31 x 8 inches. It is flexible and shock absorbent.

And they have used Canadian maple wood to make this waterproof deck. The deck ensures enough grip which facilitates safe riding and tricks.

The skateboard features anti-shock 95A PU hard wheels. They have used ABEC-9 precision bearings and 95A soft bushings for the skateboard. The combination of wheels, bearings, and bushings made the skateboard suitable for smooth ground.

YF YOUFU comes with 5 inches strong magnesium alloy trucks. The trucks don’t bend easily and this ensures high stability. It has a flexible PU pad to give the riders a shockproof experience.

With a strong deck and trucks, the skateboard can hold up to 397 lbs. So it is suitable for a heavy person.

The awesome combination of all parts made it perfect for an intermediate skateboarder. You can perform all basic tricks like 360’s, OL action, etc. with the skateboard.

Its dual concave and double kicktail features ensure the correct position for the feet. This feature ensures ultimate control during the tricks and stunts.

If we look into the downside, you will find they have used average bearings and these are not durable enough. You may need to replace these after a few months. And the skateboard is not recommended for less than 6 years old.

Specifications at Glance

  • Brand: YF YOUFU
  • Deck: 31” x 8” Canadian maple wood
  • Wheels: 95A PU
  • Bearings: ABEC9
  • Trucks: Magnesium alloy
  • Capacity: 397lbs
skateboard for intermediate skateboarder

Final Verdict

If you want to get the best service, you should be careful when choosing a skateboard for you. Your skill level and requirements determine which skateboard you should collect. If you are an adult intermediate skateboarder then I will recommend going with NPET Pro or YF YOUFU. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a skateboard for an intermediate kid’s skateboarder then you can collect Toyerbee to get the best service.  Even 4 years old can ride it easily.

Get your desired skateboard today and improve your experience from an intermediate skateboarder to an expert.


How We Selected the Products

I have tested As a skateboarder, I keep a huge collection of Skateboard, and Npet Pro is included here. My friend Robin has used YF YOUFU. And Toyerbee is selected based on user experiments. I have talked to a mom who bought this skateboard a few months ago from Amazon.

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