best skateboard for 5 year old boy uk

Best Skateboard For 4, 5, 6, 7 Year Old UK

Skateboarding is widely popular all over the world, and the U.K is no different than others. The U.K. is one of the few places that adapted to skateboarding a long time ago and developed their skating scene drastically.

In this article, we will discuss the kid’s skateboarding scene in the U.K. with reviews of some of the best skateboards for 5-year-old UK kids. Let’s get started.

Does a 5-Year-Old Oid in the U.K. Love to Skateboard?

The influence of the U.S. on the history of skateboarding is undeniable. But if there is one place that has loved skateboarding more and formed communities and subcultures, U.K. has to be that place. Skateboarding in the U.K. is popular since the late ’70s, and since then, kids in the U.K. have got quite a few skate idols to look up to.

For example, Thrasher’s Skater of the Year winner Geoff Rowley or 2021 Tokyo Olympic skater 13-year-old Sky Brown gave skating a massive boost in the U.K., and kids and parents were heavily motivated by their success.

Now, we don’t know if your kid’s going to love skating or not, but for most kids and parents, skateboarding is super popular, and what can be a better age than 5 to start anyway?

best skateboard for 5 year old uk

Is It Safe to Skateboard For a 5-Year-Old?

We understand that letting your kid skateboard is a matter of concern for every parent. It can increase agility, balance reaction time, and balance of your 5-year-old. But with all these benefits, skateboarding also comes with the risk of injuries.

However, as long as they reach the minimum age of 5 and wear the right protective gear and the best skateboard for the 5-year-old UK, skateboarding can be absolutely safe for kids. Additionally, parents should watch their 5-year-old as they are skateboarding and choose a smooth surface to skate on.

1: Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard For 5-Year-Old UK

At an affordable price, this mini cruiser from Skatro can be a great gift you can buy for your kids or grandchildren for Christmas or their birthday. Specifically tailored to meet the needs of young skaters, kids between the age of 5 to 10 would appreciate this as a gift.

The deck of this board is made of high-quality plastic, so it’s durable yet lightweight, serving your kid for years to come. Plastic might not be on top of your choice as deck material, but we assure you the plastic used for this particular deck will hold up pretty well.

The deck also has a kicktail at the back to give your kid more versatility and fun. If your kid’s planning to learn tricks in the future, the kicktail will be a great help for that.

There is no official weight limit for this product. However, as per our testing, it should easily carry a weight up to 160 lbs. which should be more than enough for a 5-year-old.

Skatro consistently sourced the best parts to build this skateboard. The trucks of this board are made of stainless steel that provides a stable and robust base for regular skating and landing after tricks. The wheels are pretty standard made of polyurethane.

However, some users complained about the wheels being a little stiff. We don’t think that’s an issue you should complain about for a skateboard at this price point. With a bit of break-in period and maintenance by the skate tool included, you can easily get rid of that problem.

Lastly, you get to pick a color according to your kid’s choice from 27 different color options. We don’t recommend this for and advance tricks or street skating. But if you are looking for something your kid can cruise around or learn skating, it is a pretty decent option.

2: BELEEV Mini Cruiser Skateboard for UK Kid

This mini cruiser from Beleev has thousands of reviews on Amazon with an almost 5-star rating, which proves just how good this skateboard is. Every feature a kid might need, this skateboard has it all. Without compromise on any part, this is one of the best skateboards for a 5-year-old boy in the UK.

This skateboard features a 22.5″ long x 6″ wide plastic deck, which is an ideal size for a 5-year-old kid. If you have any concerns about plastic, the weight limit of 220 lbs. should put your mind at ease.

You’d probably notice that there is no grip tape on the deck, but the plastic design on the deck makes up for it by providing a decent grip for your kid.

Another benefit of plastic decks is that they tend to be lightweight. Weighing only 1.7 Kg, this Beleev mini cruiser is super easy to carry around and maneuver. Also, as a complete board, it comes preassembled in the package. So there is nothing to worry about if you don’t have any prior knowledge about skateboard assembly.

To attract kids, sometimes a board needs to be attractive more than being functional. However, you get both functionality and fun with durable 59mm wear-resistant P.U. wheels. The wheels will light up every time your kid ride on them. You also get ABEC 7 rated bearings that give your kid a responsive and smooth ride with the wheels.

Assuming your kid is just a beginner, shock absorbency and easy turning is a crucial factor you should consider. However, with high rebound bushing and 3.25-inch aluminum trucks, you no longer have to worry about those factors.

Once you get your hands on this board, you’ll appreciate the quality components, attractive design, and smoothness. It’s comparable to a high-end board from every aspect yet costs only a fraction of that price.

3: Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard

Looking for a way to attract your kid to skateboarding? Then nothing can be a better choice than these Maerkapa skateboards. This complete board has the ability to light up your kid’s world…quite literally.

With light-up wheels and decent quality parts, this can be a top skateboard for a 5-year-old girl in the UK you have been searching for.

Made of polypropylene plastic, the deck measure 22″ x 6″ with a kicktail design. Despite being a plastic deck, it’s sturdy and comes with a weight limit of 180 lbs. In addition, the deck is shock absorbent and damage resistant, so it can easily withstand long skating sessions on rough terrains.

The deck comes in seven different colors, and you can choose any of them according to your kid’s choice. Again, there is no grip tape on the deck, but the surface design provides a decent grip.

Underneath the deck, you get soft 60mm P.U. wheels paired with ABEC 7 bearings.  These wheels will provide a greater balance and grip for your kid with consistent acceleration. There is a 3.2 inches aluminum truck, which will guarantee stability on the wheels. On harsh or uneven surfaces, you won’t have to worry about the wheels falling apart.

The best part of this skateboard is the wheels of this board. With led lights installed in them, they light up every time the wheels rotate. Additionally, the lights don’t need any charge or battery to operate, saving you some extra bucks.

Overall, this skateboard is a complete package at a very affordable price with insanely good user feedback. Besides the quality, the light-up wheels add an extra bit of fun.

4: Spiderman M002010 Skateboard for Kids

After three plastic skateboards, this time, we went for a wooded deck. This complete board has earned a place on our list, not because of the size but the Spiderman theme. If your kid is into superheroes, they’ll love this board at very first glance.

Let’s clear out the confusion about the size first. This skateboard measures 31″ x 8″, which is not a kid’s size at all. But unlike other kid’s if you kid is taller and heavier, this skateboard can be an excellent choice for him. Also, it can be the best skateboard for 7-year-old UK kids because of the full size.

Best skateboard for 5 year old in United Kingdom

Moving on to the build quality, the deck is made using 7 ply cold-pressed maple wood rather than plastic used in most kid’s skateboards. Due to their slow growth, maple woods are the most stable and durable deck material.

Because of this high durability, the deck can handle any rough terrain as well as tricks your kid might attempt.  This is the first complete board on our list with an actual grip tape, and you’ll be blown away by the amount of grip it provides.

This Spiderman-themed complete board features 50mm PVC injected wheels with 608z bearings. Therefore, the board runs smoothly with minimum friction on any surface. Additionally, smaller wheels have less speed, which is good if you are a beginner.

Performance aside, this complete skateboard boasts a design that can attract kids of all ages. Now combine that with high-quality materials, and you get a value-for-money skateboard your kid can grow into.

5: Meteor Retro Mini Cruiser Plastic -BestSkateboard For 6 Year Old Uk

If you are looking for a kid’s skateboard that has the kid’s size but doesn’t look like one, then the Meteor mini-cruiser plastic board is the best skateboard for 6-year-old UK kids.

Unlike other kid’s skateboards, this one doesn’t have funky colors or lighting wheels. Instead, every aspect of this skateboard is similar to a full-size adult skateboard except the size.

Best skateboard for 5 year old girl uk

Made with maple wood, the deck of this board is considerably durable and lightweight. With the wooden finish and bold graphic design, this skateboard is a head-turner. You get to choose from three beautiful designs, and all of these designs look stunning under the deck.

To add more versatility and fun to the mix, this board has a dual kicktail design. If your kid is trying to learn tricks, the dual kicktail can be a great help to pull those off.

The wheels section doesn’t feature anything exclusive; it’s the regular PU wheels with ABEC 7 bearing made of chrome steel. However, combined with high rebound busing and the aluminum trucks, this ordinary setup runs quite smoothly that it doesn’t seem like a budget kid’s skateboard at all.

The aluminum trucks hold the wheels and deck together tightly. Still flexible enough so that your kid can easily make quick turns perform tricks. If the trucks feel a bit stiff, you can always loosen them up.

If your goal is to introduce your kid to how an actual skateboard feels, this Meteor skateboard is the right choice for you. Everything starting from the build to design feels pretty similar to a full-sized skateboard.


What Size Skateboard Should I Get For a 4, 5,6,7-Year-Old?

It’s not necessary that a 5-year-old kid have to have a specific size for himself. At the end of the day, the size of the best skateboard for a 5-year-old in the United Kingdom comes down to your kid’s personal preference and comfort.

Remember that choosing the right size is the most important part of his learning curve, as a suitable size will make his learning a lot easier. Consider the average height of a 5-year-old; most of the kid’s skateboard has a length of about 22inch and a width of 6-7.5 inches.

Again, this is just an average number consider the kid’s skateboard on the market, and most of the 5-year-old year should be very comfortable riding a board of that size.

best skateboard for 6 year old uk

How Does a 5-year-Old Ride a Skateboard?

In recent years we have seen a massive boom in kid’s skateboarding, and more than ever before, kids are taking up skateboarding as a sport or just as a transportation. Full body workout, coordination, balance, perseverance, the benefits of skateboarding can’t be expressed in words.

If your kid’s starting skateboarding, you should know how they should do it correctly as a parent. Below, we have mentioned some points about how a 7-year-old can ride a skateboard. Read those, and you’ll have a better understanding of the whole process.

  • Wearing proper safety gear is the first thing your kid should do to maximize safety. Then under the parent’s supervision and safe surface, a kid can start skateboarding.
  • Then comes choosing the right board. Don’t even think about cheaping out in this part. Instead, pick a durable board that suit’s your kid’s height and weight.
  • We deal with these little kids, and we have seen some start out by sitting on the board. It’s funny, but some grip tape can tear up the cloth your kid’s wearing. If that’s the case for your child, use a towel on the deck.
  • Grass or carpet can be a good surface to start as they prevent the wheels from moving at high speed. If your kid fall, the impact will be minimum too.
  • When your kid sets foot on the board, tell them to put it near the bolt and stand next to them. Then, when both feet are set, ask them to jump on and off the board couple of times.
  • Next, tell your kid to walk with the skateboard with one foot off the skateboard. While doing so, hold their hand if they seem imbalanced.
  • When they have a good grip on “walking,” tell them to put both feet on the board and try to move forward. Repeat these steps, and eventually, your kid will pick it up in no time.


As we are at the end of the article, we hope we have convinced you enough about the safety of kid’s skateboarding. Besides, this year a 13-year-old girl won an Olympic medal from your country in skateboarding, and what can be a better motivator to put your kid in skateboarding?

If you have made your mind, purchase a skateboard from our recommendations of the best skateboard for the 5-year-old UK and get ready to cheer for your kid in the skate park.

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