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Silver Skate Tool Review of 2023 | Discover What Users Say

Silver is a well-known manufacturer of skateboard tools, trucks, etc. but let’s dive deep into the silver skate tool review and see if it can live up to expectations.

Skate tools, also referred to as T-tools and Y-tools can make your skateboard maintenance a lot easier. Especially if you are a beginner and don’t have enough idea about the bolts and screws of a skate tool can come in handy for you.

The sheer convenience of a skate tool made it one of the most demanding maintenance hardware today. But, among hundreds of options, it’s not an easy job to pick one suitable for you. So, here I researched for you and brought you arguably the most versatile skate tools out there from Silver.

Is Silver a Good Skate Tool?

silver skate tool review

A few key aspects of a skate tool can help us determine if a skate tool is good or not. First, let’s start with the size. As a pocket tool, the Silver skate tool is a small and compact one that you can carry with you wherever you go. Besides, the design gives you a good grip in hand.

Then come the sockets. Most skate tools feature a similar formation of three sockets. Silver skate tool is no different with one 3/8”, one 1/2”, and one 9/16” socket.

The last thing to look for is extra features, like a grip tape file, ratchet mechanism, and Philips screwdriver. Well, the Silver skate tool features all of these extra features too. As you can see, there is arguably no scope to complain here. It’s an excellent piece of skate tool you can opt for with your eyes closed.

Silver Skateboard Tool Review

As previously mentioned, Silver is a brand most famous for manufacturing high-quality trucks for a reasonable price. However, what many skaters don’t know is that they also have a lineup of skateboarding tools. Their all-in-one skate tool can be your one-stop solution for all the tightening and fixing needs.

Versatility is one of the key aspects of any good skate tool. A versatile skate tool can allow you to cover a lot of ground in one go. In that regard, Silver’s skate tool gets the full mark by packing different features inside one single tool.

You get three different socket heads for other purposes with this tool. Additionally, a screwdriver, precision file, and a detachable Allen key add up to the versatility offered by the Silver skate tool.


First, talk about the two features that make this skate tool stand out among hundreds of options on the market. Adding the precision file on top of the tool was an innovative and nice touch by Silver. Instead of looking for a separate tool, now you can file down the edge of your grip tape with this skateboard multi-tool.

The second thing was the ratchet mechanism with the 3/8” socket used for deck bolts. With a control switch at the middle, you can set it to a tight, loose, and locked position. Then comes the medium-sized 1/2” socket for the wheel nuts and a larger 9/16” socket for the kingpin nuts.

You might be wondering where the Allen head and Phillips screwdriver went. Well, the cool thing is this tool is hidden in the body of the skate tool. On top of the skate tool, there is a little button. Upon pressing that, it releases a small tool with an Allen head and Philips screwdriver at each end. This unique positioning also minimizes the chance of losing this tool.

I know color isn’t that important for a skate tool. Still, if you are interested, there are nine color combinations you can choose from. Lastly, the price of this skate tool is a bit higher than most of its competitors. But as a long-term investment with additional features like precision file and ratchet mechanism, the price is worth it.

Can I Use it for the Longboard?

Yes, of course! Why not? A longboard is just a bigger version of a skateboard with more extended decks and bigger wheels in some cases. However, the nuts and screws featured in longboards are almost the same as in a regular skateboard. So, the Silver skateboard tightening tool is compatible with longboards too.

silver skateboard tool review

Where is the Silver Skate Tool Manufactured?

Silver Truck was established back in 2003 in San Marcos, California. Just like the trucks, their skate tool is also manufactured in the US through strict quality control. A team of US-based pro skaters designs all the products to produce the best possible quality.

Where to Buy a Silver Skate Tool?

E-commerce sites like Amazon or eBay are the easiest way of buying Silver skate tools. You can also check out your local skate stores for this product if you want to have a look beforehand. Silver Trucks have an official website too, but buying option through that website isn’t available yet.

Last Word

Different screws and different parts of a skateboard need different tools to adjust, install and fix. As you have seen through the Silver skate tool review, Silver has managed to put all those different tools in one compact package, which you can easily carry in your back pocket. So if it’s the absolute best you are searching for, Silver’s all-in-one skate tool is your best bet so far.

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