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Santa Cruz Skateboard Review | Read Must Before Buying It

The Santa Cruz complete skateboard is the perfect skateboard. Everything about this board is pretty decent, starting from its forgiving wheels to its deck and its medium ‘hard’ bushings and pop.

santa cruz skateboards

The Santa Cruz skateboard is the ideal skateboard for beginners. It is perfect for learning how to ride because it’s not too hard, not too soft ’95A wheels’ that provide all the balance and support you will need as a beginner when riding.

When riding the skateboard, you won’t have the fear that the wheels will easily block when it encounters an obstacle (maybe hit a pebble or a truck), and you won’t have a problem because of its 90A bushings that enable it to turn well without any discomfort. Also, you will be able to hop and curb with ease when on top of a Santa Cruz skateboard.

Are Santa Cruz Skateboards Good?

The Santa skateboards are great skateboards that provide enough value for your money.

Other than its perfect wheels, their maple wood quality decks are also great, as it provides enough pop. You can ride the Santa Cruz all your life and won’t find any fault with it.

Generally, the skateboard has a wider and bigger shape of the deck as well as softer wheels that provide balance when riding. Up till today, the Santa Cruz still features the original body build and graphic designs of its board models that were released back in the ’80s.

Santa Cruz Skateboard Company has been a standout since the ’80s. They still produce boards with the exact shape, concave, and dimension as the original ones in the ’80s. Unlike other skateboard brands, the Santa Cruz skateboards can boost consistency for over ‘5’ decades.

When Were Santa Cruz Skateboards Founded?

The Santa Cruz skateboard brand that is distributed by the NHS was founded back in the year 1973. The iconic company is the oldest and one of the best skateboard companies known. It was founded by Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman: who came from a small town called Santa Cruz in California State.

Ever since the Santa Cruz Skateboard company was founded, the legendary skateboard brand is still considered by many people as the best skateboard in history. The brand has some iconic graphic design that beats any of the new-era design you can think of and has also sponsored a lot of legendary skaters in history.

Where are Santa Cruz skateboards manufactured?

All Santa Cruz Skateboards are made from the best maple wood in Wisconsin in the United States of America.

They (Santa Cruz Boards) are made of strong slow growth maple veneer. The maple woods are very strong and have the tightest grain that makes it pop off every other skateboard.

Unlike some skateboards that are now made in China and Mexico, and are made from quick-growth maples, Santa Cruz skateboards are known to be the best because they make use of the best woods in making their boards.

Skateboards made from quick-growth maples have fewer pops and breaks easily.

With over 40 years of experience in the skateboard market, Santa Cruz skateboard company hasn’t disappointed their clients, as they keep improving and bringing out the best skateboards compared to others.

I am a big fan of skateboards and a big follower of the Santa Cruz skateboard brands. Since I have been riding on various Santa Cruz Skateboards (like the Santa Cruz screaming hand skateboard, Santa Cruz classic dot skateboard, Santa Cruz red dot 8.0 skateboard, etc) till now, I haven’t been able to fault any Santa Cruz skateboard, I  strongly wish I could same the same about other skateboard brands.

1. The Santa Cruz Red Dot 8.0 Complete Skateboard


  • Material: 7-ply hard rock Maple wood construction
  • Length:16”
  • Wheels size: 52mm, 99A OJ wheels
  • Wheelbase: 14”
  • Truck size: 130mm bullet truck
  • Bearings: ABEC3 Bearings
  • Grip: Black grip tape
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Deck Size

The Santa Cruz Red Dot skateboard has a width of 8.0” that provides balance and support to riders. And also a perfect length of 31.16” which makes it the perfect skateboard for shredding

Deck shape

The iconic Santa Cruz skateboard made of 7ply original northern American maple wood is built with a concave shape. This skateboard is an all-around skateboard that has all it takes to fit into any skating style


The Santa Cruz has a 130mm bullet truck that gives stability to the board when the rider performs skills like the truck stalls and hill bombs. The Board also has an ABEC 3 bearing rating that is optimized for speed.

Wheel size

The crown of it all is its super wheels. The Santa crux red Dot 8.0″ has 52mm, 99A wheels that provide just the perfect acceleration and grip to the skateboard. There is no doubt that this skateboard is perfectly designed for all types of skateboarders with different manners of skating styles.

  • Strong and Durable
  • Multipurpose skateboards that fit all skating styles
  • Classic graphic designs
  • Average bearing rating (ABEC 3)

2. Santa Cruz Skateboards Complete Floral Decay Green

As someone who has been an avid fan of floral everything, I have to say, this Santa Cruz skateboard will sky-rocket your enthusiasm as much as it did mine to ride it.

santa cruz floral decay complete skateboard review

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Deck Size

This board comes in a highly comfortable 31.8″ length and 8.25″ width dimensions. I felt more at ease and satisfied with the spacious scheme, and so would any other beginner or skilled skater.

Deck Design

It comes in a perfect concave shape to support all your tricks. This shape enriches the rider’s satisfaction helping them to acquire a variety of skillful maneuvers. I’ve lived on this and can assure you that you can learn and rise as a professional with its convenient design.


The bullet truck is another hit that guarantees to support your body weight while maintaining efficient stability. It’s an all-rounder skate with multi-purpose gifts that can suit any ramp, pool, grind, and vert player.


The grade-A 7-layered Canadian maple wood and aluminum construction are professionally prepared to secure high durability and a sophisticated appeal. Moreover, it’s pressed, manufactured, and distributed by the trusted California NHS Distribution channels. And honestly, with their level of expertise and long-term operation experiences, nothing could ever go wrong.


The implementation of the OJ 53mm wheels is my favorite part, as it lets you glide down streets or even accelerate on rickety terrains with ease. The gripped design is a big YES for those of you who love to have complete control over the speed limit. Besides, since the grip warrants utmost safety, the entire power is now at your disposal.

3. Santa Cruz Longboard Review Pintail

Are you a skilled skater? Perhaps, you’re an amateur. Guess what? It doesn’t matter! With this Santa Cruz Pintail longboard, any rider can learn or cruise through town with ease.

santa cruz pintail longboard review

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Deck Size

The 9.2 inches width and 41 inches long is a spot-on choice for all riders. Frankly, even if you’re a beginner, you won’t feel the tensions of uneven terrains or a confined space while riding, which is a big win-win.


The overall weight sums up to only 2100gm. Evidently, the deck is incredibly lightweight. So, the riders never feel any jerk while flipping or performing tricks. As you turn or flip during your crazy maneuvers, be sure that the deck will comply too.


The 60mm road rider wheels are pre-assembled and ready to hit any road. You might want to cruise or take on bigger challenges the next day. Don’t worry. The wheels’ construction is exceptionally sturdy and well-built, leading to hitting and executing on all terrains.


We all know 9-ply Canadian maple constructions are the talk of the town. But now, you can feel its stunning performance as I did and feel the change compared to the contemporaries. The Canadian maple brings out maximum durability and sturdiness in the structure, making the deck lasts longer and perform consistently.


180mm trucks are just the cherry on top – or should I say, bottom. These are designed to attach to the wheels and deck securely with an unbreakable mount. This critical component makes the ride on this deck ever-so-smooth.

Are Santa Cruz Skateboard Wheels Good?

For an amazing skateboard like Santa Cruz, I am sure you can almost predict that the wheels are perfect too right?

Yes! You got it right! The Santa Cruz skateboard wheels are just as perfect as other parts of the skateboard. The wheels are very excellent and are about the perfect wheels for cruising around the city. They come in 60mm or 65mm with four different retro designs.

The Santa Cruz wheels, built with about a 26mm patch, provide great traction. The wheels fall on a 78A on the durometer measuring scale; this means riders are assured a nice and smooth ride even on pebbles, cracked roads, or bumpy roads.

What do you expect from a brand that has been around for nearly 40 years? The best off cause! Santa Cruz brand has been in the skateboard business too long to make mistakes on their skateboard wheels production.

santa cruz skateboard wheels

Their silky wheels are simply the best! And it gives them great pride and a reputation to be labeled as the best in the business.

Are Santa Cruz Skateboards Good for Tricks?

As said earlier in this article, The Santa Cruz skateboard is too perfect to find a fault. They are the very best skateboard brands known and wouldn’t want to jeopardize that honor for anything: I guess this is why they give the best of skateboards.

The Santa Cruz skateboard is an all-around skateboard that is good for performing tricks of all kinds. It can be ridden anywhere, be it on the street or in skateparks.

To have a good ride and also perform tricks without problems, I will recommend you go for the Santa Cruz red Dot 8.0. Due to its grip, the skateboard is perfect for performing all types of tricks and is suitable for any skater’s riding style.

Do Santa Cruz Skateboards Have Good Pop?

The Santa Cruz decks are great. They are made of 100% North American quality Maple wood, and they have good pop.

The Santa Cruz Skateboard is a good definition of ‘perfect.’ Every part of the Santa Cruz skateboard was perfectly designed to satisfy its clients.


  • Can I get extra parts for the Santa Cruz skateboards?

Yes, If you decide to replace any of the Santa Cruz skateboard body parts, you can get it on the skateboard store both online and offline.

santa cruz longboard review

Final Verdict

I think the article Santa Cruz skateboard review helps you a lot whether you should buy it or not. I highly recommend the Santa Cruz skateboards for anyone who which to get just the perfect skateboard.

The skateboards are perfect skateboards that suit every rider; be they a beginner or a pro skater. Also, it suits all kinds of skating styles and allows you to easily hop and curb.

Go for the Santa Cruz skateboard, and enjoy the best skating experience ever!

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