best longboard for rough roads

Which are the Best Longboard for Rough Roads in 2023

My top selected rough roads long board are-

  1. MBS All-Terrain the Best Longboard for Rough Roads 
  2. Atom – A Rough Terrain Longboard
  3. Magneto Glider for Rough Surfaces

Skateboarding or longboarding is an amusing outdoor activity. But all people don’t take it seriously. Only skateboard enthusiasts love to ride skateboards or longboards always. They love to accept new challenges with their passion. Riding a longboard on rough roads is a challenging task. Only pro skaters can accept this challenge. 

As a skateboarder I have talked with many skateboarders personally and asked them, do they love to ride longboards on rough roads or not. I have seen 60% of people agreed to take this challenge.

That’s why today I have come to talk about the best longboard for rough roads. There are several types of longboards available in the market. All of them are not suitable for riding on rough roads. 

I have analyzed more than 50 longboards with their features and user experiences and listed 3 longboards as the best for rough roads. Before going to review these longboards, I want to give you some information about riding longboards on the rough road.

Can You Ride the Longboard on Rough Roads?

Yes, you can ride a longboard on rough roads. But there are some facts you have to keep in mind before starting the rough road riding. Let’s discuss them first-

  • The first thing you have to keep in mind is about the wheels. Big size longboards wheels are suitable to ride on roughs surfaces.

And the wheels should be in the midst of hard and soft as it has to tolerate the bump of stone. Too hard or too soft wheels are not suitable for this type of road.

  • Another thing you need to consider is the longboards trucks. High trucks are suitable for rough roads as there are a lot of stones, pebbles, etc. Lower trucks mean lower deck. As a result, the stone will bump with the deck.
  • If you have a rough road longboard, before cruising with it, you should know about how to ride longboards on a rough road. There are many resources to learn how to ride longboard on a rough road.

You may learn tips and tricks from these resources. Practice makes a man perfect. So, do practice before going to ride longboard on a rough road.

  • With these things, I will recommend you to check whether the seller features the longboard as rough roads longboard or not. If there is no information in the product description box, then ask about it from the seller.

1. MBS All-Terrain the Best Longboard for Rough Roads 


  • Brand: MBS
  • Deck Size: 39.1″x11.5″
  • Wheels: 100mmx65mm
  • Trucks: 190mm Drone Trucks
  • Durometer: 78A

Are you looking for a beast for the rough road? According to my experience, the MBS all-terrain longboard is one of the best available in the market. Its Wheels, trucks, deck, bearings, all features, matched with a  perfect rough terrain longboard.

Wheels are the most important thing for riding longboard on rough roads. If we look into the wheels of MBS all-terrain longboard, we will found that they have used 100mm x 65mm big wheels for that longboard.

Its rubber wheels come with the 78A durometer which is neither soft nor hard. These are perfectly designed for all-terrain. Even you can change these wheels if you want.

They have used 190mm drone trucks for precise turning in this longboard. These longboard trucks are high enough to ride on bumpy or rough roads smoothly. Whether you are a beginner or pro longboarder, you can ride this longboard without any problem.

The manufacturer has used a heavy 10 stiff maple drop deck for this longboard. Though they have recommended 220 lbs as the highest bearing capacity, I have found the sturdy deck of this longboard can handle more than 250 lbs. This deck is 3-4 inches far from low that ensures smooth riding on any type of road.

This longboard comes with a rubber shield ABEC 9 bearings. This type of bearings performs better on rough surfaces. If you feel any rattle at the time of riding you can solve it by loosening it.

  • Suitable for all-terrain
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Big wheels ensure rough road riding
  • Comes with fully assembled
  • Can hold more than 220 lbs
  • Suitable for beginners to pros
  • Board is heavy

2. Atom – A Rough Terrain Longboard


  • Brand: Atom
  • Deck Length: 39.1″ inches
  • Wheels: 100mmx65mm (MBS Wheels)
  • Trucks: 50-degree base reverse kingpin
  • Durometer: 78A

My second pick as the best longboard for rough roads is Atom All-terrain. Atom is one of the popular brands in the longboard industry. They produced several types of longboards. This is their specialized longboard for all-terrain.

I have seen that Atom has used the same wheels as MBS for this longboard. It comes with the 78A urethane wheels that ensure perfect integration between speed and traction.

It features a drop deck to keep a low center of gravity which is very helpful in pushing and off-road riding. This deck is very durable and carries more than 270 pounds without any problem.

And there exists an approximately 4 inches gap between the deck and ground that ensures no trouble at the time of riding the longboard on rough surfaces. 

If we look into its trucks, we will found that they have used 50-degree base reverse kingpin metal trucks with 7-inch aluminum hanger for this longboard. It is high enough to ride on rough surfaces and it can handle a heavy man easily. So you don’t need to be worried if your weight is more than average like 200 lbs.

Rubber shielded ABEC9 bearings are used here. With the help of high-speed lubricant, these bearings spin properly without generating any trouble. And the board comes with a super coarse grip that is anti-slip. This type of grip tape is very helpful for dirt road.

Atom all-terrain longboard is almost the same as the MBS all-terrain. The only difference between them is the MBS deck has more drop than the Atom deck. Let’s see its pros and cons

  • Can bear almost 300 lbs man
  • Suitable for any type of surfaces
  • Durable deck and wheels
  • Bearings used with high-speed lubricant
  • Can be used by beginners as well as pros

3. Magneto Glider for Rough Surfaces


  • Brand: Magneto
  • Seat Depth: 40 inches
  • Wheels: 100mm x 25mm (urethane wheels)
  • Deck: 8 layers hard maple core

Are you looking for an aesthetic longboard for rough terrain? Or a lighter version of the previous two I reviewed here? Then this longboard is for you. This design bamboo longboard is awesome to charm you or your kid. 

It’s 100×25 mm large urethane wheels made it perfect for bumpy terrain. These wheels spin longer than normal wheels because of rotational inertia in every push. So you can go a long way with a few pushes.

The long diameter helps riders to ride the longboard without changing their way. You can ride on pebble, cracks, sticks, small rocks, etc. without any bucked. 

I especially love this longboard because of its deck. I am amused with its charming design. The savvy manufacturer made the deck neither low that touch ground nor much high from the ground. So it is perfect for any type of terrain.

Hard maple core is used to make the deck. And there is a beautiful bamboo stained on the top and bottom of the decks with a sand grit finish which makes the deck more beautiful.

This board comes with an adjustable tool for the trucks. So you can adjust it whenever you need or you feel any problem with the trucks. According to the user experience, there will be no problem with the longboard if the rider is around 200 lbs.

All in all, I can say that it is a beginner-friendly all-terrain longboard. Teenagers to beginner adults all can ride this longboard without any hassle.

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Teenagers and adults both can ride it
  • Awesome looking design
  • Durable board
  • Sharp turn without touching wheels
  • Grip tape is not good enough

Is it dangerous to ride a longboard on rough roads?

Yes, riding a longboard on rough roads is a little bit dangerous for beginners but okay for regular riders. Already we have talked about what things of a longboard you should consider before buying it for rough surfaces.

With these facts, you have to keep in mind some more things for your safety. These are-

  • Wear Protective Gear: There is no skateboarder who can say that he learned skateboarding without any injury. So, before riding a longboard on rough roads, you should wear all protective gear like a helmet, knee pads, etc. These will protect you from unexpected injuries.
  • Use Shoes: Before riding a longboard on rough roads you should wear appropriate shoes that can protect your leg if you fall from the longboard. So I always recommend wearing longboarding shoes before this type of journey. If you don’t have then get one from here.

Final Verdict

Longboarding makes us happy. But it is more entertaining when we accept new challenges. And riding a longboard on a rough road is something like that. We have reviewed the best rough road longboards which will ensure maximum satisfaction.

So get your desire longboard today and have a nice refreshment with that.

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