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Is Retrospec a Good Skateboard Brand for 2022?

Yes, Retrospec is indeed a good skateboard brand. In the beginning, Retrospec sold various bikes. But now it is a prominent brand for offering various sporting items including skateboards. There are rarely any sports products that aren’t offered by this brand.

Moreover, you will get your required equipment at an affordable cost from Retrospec. However, the skateboard is one of the best products of this brand. There are different types of skateboards for different purposes. You can select one based on your age and experience.

is retrospec a good skateboard brand

Are Retrospec Skateboards Good?

Answer: Are Retrospec boards good or not is a critical yet necessary question. Simply to say, Retrospec skateboards are very good according to users’ experience. Retrospec offers durable and quality products. You will get Retrospec’s products at a reasonable expense.

The skateboards of Retrospec are finely manufactured with resilient Canadian maple wood. The other parts of the skateboards are durable as well. Retrospec skateboards will be good to skate on different grounds. That’s why Retrospec is a popular brand among its users.

Are Retrospec Longboards Good?

Answer: Retrospec longboards are good enough to ride on various grounds. Based on the quality and expense, Retrospec longboards are excellent. The longboards of Retrospec are manufactured with long-lasting wooden material.

Retrospec longboards have strong wheels that can grip quickly. Besides, these boards will serve the riders for a long time without being damaged quickly. Thus, you can get a Retrospec longboard to have a nice riding experience.

Are retrospec longboards good

Additionally, Retrospec longboards are budget-friendly. These are suggested to adult skaters because of the larger shape. However, Retrospec always provides quality products to its users. So, you can undoubtedly pick a longboard from Retrospec.

Are Alameda Skateboards Good?

Answer: Alameda skateboards are great! Alameda skateboard is one of the best skateboards among a lot of sporting equipment offered by Retrospec. Not only the design but also the quality of the Alameda skateboard is suitable for a person with good taste.

are alameda skateboards good

Alameda skateboards are a bit expensive than the other skateboards. But Alameda skateboards will provide a comfortable and smooth riding experience. You can thus ride an Alameda skateboard on different grounds.

Retrospec has introduced a lot of different products. Skateboard is one of those products. So, in this section, we will know is Retrospec a good skateboard brand or not. Here, we are going to provide some of the best skateboards of Retrospec. Hope you will go through the Retrospec skateboards review and like one of the items according to your choice.

1: Retrospec Zed Longboard

Zed Longboard is an outstanding skateboard of Retrospec. Whatever your demand is, this longboard will meet them up hopefully.  This Retrospec zed longboard review will let you know whether you want to get it or you need to think a bit more.

Retrospec Zed Longboard Review

Zed longboard is a standard-shaped surfboard offered by Retrospec. It is beautifully designed with an eye-soothing white marble color. Hence, whenever you ride this longboard, you will feel like surfing without any tension.

This cruiser-style skateboard is manufactured with a perfect mixture of environment-friendly bamboo and strong 8-ply Canadian maple wood. As a result, you can ride this long skateboard in different weather for various purposes.

Zed longboard has 70 millimeter strong wheels made with polyurethane. These wheels have a powerful gipping system. It will keep you safe at the time of the sudden break. Therefore, you can safely ride this skateboard on different terrains.

This long skateboard will arrive in an assembled way. Thus, you can ride this board just after getting it on your doorstep. From general to adventurous rides, this 7.65-pound zed long skateboard is a suitable selection.

  • Amazing cruiser style.
  • Eye-catching white marble color.
  • Classic decoration.
  • Strong polyurethane wheel.
  • Provides fantastic speed.
  • Good for adventurous rides.
  • This longboard is not suggested for adult skateboard riders.

Why You Should Buy This

  • This longboard is suitable for pros as well as starters.
  • You will have greater experience because of its higher speed.

2: Retrospec Penny Board

If you want to purchase a small yet stylish skateboard for your kid, you can simply go for this penny board of retrospect. This Retrospec penny board review will let you understand why you should choose a skateboard like this one.

Retrospec Cruiser review

Quip skateboard is a wonderful complete penny board made by Retrospec. It is a complete set offered in royal blue color. This board has a classic appearance and a standard design. Thus, every kid will like this small cruiser.

Riders have found this penny cruiser better than a lot of other small cruisers. Because this cruiser is manufactured with long-lasting injection-molded plastic material. Also, this 3.69 pounds cruiser won’t break easily.

This skateboard will serve you a long time without being damaged. The durable wheels are formed with polyurethane that will provide a smooth and adventurous riding experience. This lovely mini cruiser is a portable one. So, you can carry this small skateboard anywhere you need it.

The package dimension of this penny board is 22.5x6x4 inches in length, width, and height respectively. Kid riders of the beginning stage will get this cruiser suitable to ride. But adept riders can ride this cruiser.

User Experience: Retrospec penny board is an excellent item according to the users. However, for some expert skaters, this penny board is more suitable for beginners than professionals.

  • It is a startling mini cruiser.
  • Offered in a royal blue color.
  • Crafted with long-lasting material.
  • Easy to manage this board.
  • Cool to carry in different places.
  • It will provide greater performance.
  • This penny skateboard is not suitable for adult riders.

Why You Should Buy this

  • This is a budget-friendly penny board.
  • Riders can easily carry this small cruiser.

3: Retrospec Penny Board 27-inch

Penny skateboard is suitable for kids who are trying to learn skating. Retrospec cruiser review will show you another gorgeous skateboard. This Retrospec penny board 27-inch review will provide the information that is essential to know.

Quip Skateboard is a standard 27-inch penny cruiser. It is manufactured by the famous brand Retrospec. This penny skateboard is made with long-lasting plastic material. Moreover, it is offered in a gorgeous adobe red color.

This stylish 27-inch deck of this board is strong enough to cover dirt and bumps. But it will be better if you don’t ride it on extremely adventurous terrains. The wheels are made with a polyurethane material that has a strong grip.

The package has a dimension of 29×7.8×6 inches in length, width, and height respectively. It weighs 2.2 pounds with a loading capacity of 220 pounds. Thus, it perfectly suits the kid and teenage skateboard riders.

The cover includes a complete cruiser set. So, you won’t have to give extra effort to assemble it. Just ride the cruiser after getting the package in your hand. You are going to love it for sure.

User Experience: Users have said that this 27-inch penny cruiser is not properly suitable for all riders. It serves better for the kids and teens.

  • Easy to ride and control.
  • Made with durable plastic material.
  • Polyurethane wheels are good to grip at the right moment.

  • Highly portable and lightweight.

  • No need to assemble this board.You can ride fast using this board.

  • Not perfect for professional riders.

Why You Should Buy This

  • Beginners will get this penny board perfect to learn.
  • One of the best affordable skateboard.

4: Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Review

If you want to get an outstanding skateboard at a favorable cost, you can go for the Alameda skateboard of Retrospec. This effective Retrospec Alameda skateboard review will assist you to make the right decision.

Alameda skateboard is another stylish item manufactured by Retrospec. This steadfast skateboard is made with strong and long-lasting material. The 7-ply Canadian maple wooden base is just perfect for covering different bumpy terrains.

The polyurethane wheels are 52-millimeter wide. The wheels are perfect for gripping at the moment you need them. Its 7.5-inch deck has a slight concave that is appropriate for riders. Thus, it will provide experts as well as newbies an amazing riding experience.

The package has a dimension of 32x32x6 inches in length, width, and height respectively. Its sustainable wooden deck is 31-inch long. However, this skateboard weighs 6-pound. It goes smoothly because of the durable wheels.

The gorgeous Azul Mist color goes with unisex adult riders. As a result, skaters prefer this eye-catching skateboard for different adventurous rides.

It is easy to control this skateboard. This skateboard will come in a complete set. Therefore, you can ride this board just after getting it on your entrance.

User Experience: According to most of the skaters, Alameda is undoubtedly an awesome skateboard. But few riders have get this skateboard hard to manage on bumpy grounds.

  • Attractive Azul Mist color.
  • Made with durable material.
  • Easy to control and ride.
  • Polyurethane wheels for a strong grip.
  • Perfect for adventurous rides.
  • It will reach a complete set.
  • Not suggested for kids and teens.

Why You Should Buy this

  • This wooden skateboard will serve a long time.
  • It is suitable for unisex adult riders.

5: Retrospec Rift Drop-through Longboard Review – Top Performer

Things become easier when you choose stylish and classy things. Because there you get more options to select from the existing items of the market. Retrospec rift drop-through longboard review will show you a classic skateboard and you will adore it for sure.

Rift Drop- Through skateboard is a very stylish longboard offered by Retrospec. It is finely prepared with stable Canadian maple wood. The long-lasting wooden base will serve the riders a long time without being damaged.

This longboard is available in an elegant dark tropics color. It includes suitable ABEC-7 bearings which are made with stainless steel material. Because of these bearings, this skateboard provides an even skating experience to its riders.

The polyurethane wheels of this board are 70 millimeters. It has a greater grip to break at the right moment. This strong skateboard will provide you an amazing riding experience on different terrains. Therefore, you can ride however you want.

This skateboard is easy to maintain for professional skaters. But it will be good for beginners as well. This longboard will arrive in a whole set. As a result, you can ride it just after you get this on your hand.

User Experience: Longboards of Retrospec are perfect for adventurous rides based on the users’ experience. It is a bit difficult to control this longboard for beginners.

  • Elegant dark tropics color.
  • Crafted with durable wooden material.
  • Strong polyurethane wheels.
  • Perfect grip for taking quick action.
  • Based on long-lasting Canadian maple.
  • Suitable for adventurous rides.
  • This classic skateboard is a bit pricey.

Why You Should Buy this

  • Because you can use this for different purposes.
  • It has ABEC-7 bearings made with stainless steel.

All of the mentioned products of this Retrospec skateboards review are suitable and perfect for different purposes. Now you decide which one you want to get for meeting your necessity. Whatever you choose, you will love the item undoubtedly.

Where Retrospec Skateboards and Longboards are Manufactured?

Answer: Retrospec skateboards and longboards are manufactured in China. But the materials of the longboards and skateboards are amalgamated from different countries. As a result, the quality of the products remains intact.

Final Verdict

After going through the review, it is you who can decide is Retrospec a good skateboard brand or not. From our experience and a lot of users’ points of view, Retrospec skateboards, penny boards, cruisers, longboards, all are perfect for skate lovers.

This is why you can pick a Retrospec skateboard according to your age and experience. No matter what item you pick, you will love this after riding the skateboard. So, happy skating.

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