The 4 Best Renner Skateboard to Buy in 2023

Renner makes some iconic skateboards that you can try out whether you’re just starting out or even a seasoned pro! They have something for everybody, and you’ll get the best value for your money. 

Renner skateboards provide an all-around great experience for the skaters. The decks are quite durable, and you can do almost any challenging tricks or moves with these without any worry.

To help you get your hands on a great pick, let’s check out my research on Renner Skateboard.

Are Renner Skateboards Good?

Renner skateboards are one of the best deals for your money. They are designed to provide you with the smoothest riding experience while maintaining impressive durability. All of the skateboards produced by Renner are made carefully with high-quality materials.

renner skateboard review

Unlike most other options in the market, Renner skateboards are great for beginner and intermediate skaters. However, these can put up with any of your advanced moves as well. So, your skill level won’t necessarily matter as these are the perfect skateboards for any level. If you’re looking for a trusted skateboard brand that guarantees dope skateboards, then Renner is your best bet.

Is Renner A Series a Good Skateboard?

Renner A series skateboard models are quite good compared to the other alternatives that you can find in a similar price tag. We are going to cover Renner a series of skateboard review here so that you can simply pick one for yourself.

But overall, the A series has got some great models that you’ll truly love. They outperform other options quite easily. Again, we’ll cover 2 Renner A series skateboards in our review so that you can check them out.

Overview of Renner Skateboard

renner skateboard overview

Renner skateboards are one of the best value options for skaters at any level. The decks provide amazing balance and stability along with a smooth riding experience.

The design of the decks is slightly towards the younger edgy generation, which looks incredible. Not to mention, the build quality of these boards is insanely good. You’ll be able to get superior control over your motion with this skateboard.

However, it’s also very capable of doing any challenging moves and tricks that you want to perform with it. So, it’s an all-rounder when it comes to skateboards and you’ll enjoy riding it a lot.


Renner Skateboard Review

Now you know how incredible Renner skateboards are compared to other brands and models. To help you pick the best one for you, we’ll review the top 4 recommended Renner skateboards down below so that you can choose the perfect fit for yourself.

1: Renner Skateboards – Z Series PRO Skateboard

First, we are going to take a look at a Renner Z series pro skateboard model. It’s one of the best budget skateboards that you can get for your money. 

Renner Skateboards-Z-Series


The deck of this board is made of 31-inch Canadian maple wood, providing amazing durability. It won’t have scratches that easily, and it’ll last you for a very long time. It’s undoubtedly the best in terms of sturdiness.


The 53mm Renner pro wheels make sure that you get the smoothest experience possible. You’ll love how flawlessly it rolls across the streets leaving no room for you to have any complaints.


This deck comes with Abec 9 chrome bearings. It’s really a rare spec part that you get to see in such an affordable skateboard.


This Renner Z series pro skateboard features CODE Virus trucks that are perfect for skaters. However, make sure to tighten the trucks the first time you unpack your skateboard after purchasing it.

Overall Performance

This skateboard gives you unbeatable performance, and it’s the best value option on our list.


  • Super sturdy and durable construction 
  • Suitable for any skill level
  • A great affordable option for you


  • Must tighten the trucks after unboxing

2: Renner B Series Complete Skateboard

Next up, we have a B series model by Renner, which is a magical deck for kids. It’s sturdy, and well-balanced, and it’s a great deal for your money.

Renner B Series Complete Skateboard


renner b series skateboard review

This 31 Inches B series skateboard is probably the best deck that you can find for kids. Everything about it from the fit to the spaces provides the best possible experience to the rider.


The Renner B series board features 53-millimeter premium quality wheels. That guarantees a very pleasant riding journey for the rider.


It features Abec 7 bearings for a smooth and noise-free riding experience. Nothing can be worse than riding a skateboard that makes annoying noises all the time.


The Renner 135 Electro-colored trucks make sure that the skateboard holds up well. However, as it’s a kids’ deck, it’s not recommended to try too advanced tricks on it.

Overall Performance

If you are searching for an amazing quality board for your kid, then this is the best pick for you.


  • Amazing build quality provides decent longevity
  • Looks quite fancy and flashy
  • A perfect skateboard for kids


  • Not suitable for extreme moves or tricks

3: Renner Skateboards – A Series Beginner Skateboard

The Renner A-series comes with a popular type of deck which we call concave. And this might be the perfect fit for any beginners. So, if you’re not sure what skateboard to get, this is a safe bet for you.



This beginner skateboard comes with a maple deck body that’s perfect for enhanced durability. That way, you won’t have to get new decks often, which will help you save money.

Wheelsrenner a series skateboard review

The premium quality wheels can withstand a good amount of beating without taking any damage. It’s absolutely perfect for beginners or even intermediate riders.


Like other Renner skateboards, this one also uses premium bearing for the smoothest possible experience. You’ll absolutely love it without any doubt.


The trucks installed in the skateboard do a really great job keeping everything together. 

Overall Performance

Searching for a great skateboard for beginners that’s not going to break the bank? Then this deck is a perfect fit for you.


  • Sleek and modern design; looks great
  • Super solid build ensures better longevity 
  • The best skateboard for beginners


  • Not the best deck for advanced stuff

4: Renner Skateboard A-Series A11

Finally, we are going to check out the specs and features of another Renner A series model. The A11 is one of the best all-around skateboards that you can get for yourself. It’s durable, looks amazing, and it’s quite affordable as well. You can’t ask more from a skateboard at its price range.

Renner Skateboard A-Series A11


The premium maple deck provides great space for more control and a free riding experience that most other decks lack.


This deck comes with great quality wheels that ensure a really smooth journey for the riders. You can do all sorts of tricks and moves with this board without any issue.


Bearings of this deck are pretty great as well, and you’ll have no room for complaint. It’s designed for maximum speed with minimum effort.


The trucks of the deck are made super well, and you’ll find it very sturdy as well. 

Overall Performance

It’s easily one of the best all-around skateboards that you’ll find on the market. You can go for it without any hesitation.


  • Suitable for any level 
  • Flashy and gorgeous design
  • Provides the best value for your money


  • Nothing to complain about

Are Renner Skateboards Good for Beginners?

As we mentioned earlier, Renner skateboards are great for anybody. Whether you’re a complete starter or a seasoned pro, you’ll find this skateboard capable of doing almost anything you throw at it. 

Renner decks provide fantastic balance and control, which is great for beginners. You can really use extra control over your motion at the beginning of your skateboarding journey. It’ll definitely help you grow your skills faster. 

Also, the boards are super durable. So, it’ll be able to take some beating without any issues. So, you can simply put all your focus on practicing rather than worrying too much about the skateboard. As you can tell, Renner skateboards are undoubtedly great for beginners as well as for the pros.

Are These Skateboards Durable Enough?

Renner doesn’t only provide a smooth experience for the rider, but it also is super durable. The decks are made with high-quality material, which helps to make them suitable for doing all sorts of advanced tricks and moves. These boards can withstand these pretty easily, making them quite durable. 

You saw in our A, Z, and Renner B series skateboard review that these are all designed to last you for a very long time. That way you won’t have to waste your money getting new decks too frequently. So, you can expect the Renner skateboards to provide you with great durability without any worries.

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Last Word

The right gear can make skateboarding an incredible experience. As you went through our Renner skateboard review, you can see that it provides you with the best value for your money. 

There are a lot of manufacturers out there who have crazy expensive skateboards that are not even worth their price tag. You can pick any one of these 4 skateboards of Renner and you’ll have the best experience guaranteed. 

Hopefully, that answers all of your questions about Renner skateboards and you now feel confident buying the right one for yourself. 

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