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Best Penny Board Wheels For Smooth Riding in 2023

Top Penny Board Wheels are-

  1. Feedare skateboard wheels
  2. Blank pro skateboard wheels

With a wide range of picks to choose from, getting the best wheels for a penny board is a daunting task. The best penny board wheels strike a perfect balance between affordability and stability.

Not only are the best wheels durable, but they also guarantee you the best cruise experience of a lifetime.

The most suitable penny board wheels are soft and large enough to offer you a smooth ride even on a rough course. The vast majority of penny board wheels on the market today might leave you in a predicament.

This post will help you make the right choice by looking at only the best wheels for penny boards.

What Wheels Do Penny Boards Use?

Penny boards use wheels made of a special type of plastic known as polyurethane. This is a strong, durable type of plastic ore material. The strong and robust chemically bonded polymer molecules make the wheels last longer.

Polyurethane material is quite expensive because of its high quality. Penny board wheel manufacturers have resorted to minimizing costs by reducing the quantity of polyurethane the wheels use. Penny boards now use smaller and cheaper wheels.

Penny boards use a set of four wheels. Each of the wheels is fortified with super-strong bearings. The wheels are either 59mm or 69mm in diameter, depending on whether it is a penny board or a penny longboard. Penny longboards use larger wheels than penny boards.

Are the Penny Boards and Skateboards Wheels the Same?

Penny board and skateboard wheels are not the same. However, skateboard wheels can be used on penny boards.

Penny board wheels are sometimes used as a good replacement or substitute for skateboard wheels. With penny board wheels, you could care less about grits or nuggets.

They guarantee you a smooth cruise on your skateboard or penny board, even in a rough course.

However, a common problem would be wheel bites. Wheel bite is unpleasant; they eliminate the joy of a smooth ride. To avoid wheel bites, the penny board wheels are used with raisers.

1. Feedare skateboard wheels


  • Color: Clear blue
  • Material: Polyurethane wheels
  • Number: Four wheels
  • Bearings: Eight installed in wheels
  • Size: 60 mm
  • Width: 45 mm
  • Hardness: 83A
FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with Bearings 60mm Longboard Wheels (Clear Blue,Set of 4)
  • [SIZE] Freedare skateboard wheels with bearings are 60mm 83A polyurethane material. The size of wheel is 60mm (diameter) X...
  • [APPLICATIONS] The 60mm wheels are suitable for beginners when playing skateboard, longboard or cruising. It can be using all...

Freedare wheels have a universal, clear black color that will easily blend in with any deck. Not only are they available in black, but you can also choose from a variety of other Freedare wheel colors. These colors include clear blue, clear yellow, clear red, and clear pink.

These wheels have built-in LED lights. These make night cruising way easier, less dangerous, and more exciting. The wheels light up with three amazing different lights.

Although the other colors have lights, if you decide to pick the blue wheels, these have no LED lights. In place, they have another unique feature that makes them even better.

Despite not having LED lights, the clear blue lights are still an excellent choice. The blue cores are wrapped with the finest 83A lucency PU urethane. This extra feature is only offered on the blue wheel.

It gives them a perfect street feel and a smart cruise anywhere on any ground. So when choosing the right color for you, consider whether you will need the lights or a smoother cruise. If you are undecided, why not grab two sets of wheels for yourself.

The set of four wheels are 45mm wide and have a diameter of 60mm each. They come with bearings 22mm x 8mm installed in them, making them stronger and better.The wheels are made of a strong plastic ore called polyurethane.

This plastic is durable and soft enough to assure you a smooth ride, even in a rough course. Although plastic ore is quite costly, it is long-lasting.

Not only are the wheels made from premium material, but the bearings are also made from the best. They are high-quality ABEC – 7 608 excellent hard steel bearings.

Freedare wheels have a hardness of 83A, perfect for striking a balance between stability and comfort. This is the optimum hardness for any 60mm wheel. Its manufacturers have well-balanced it with a good grip perfect beginners or kids.

Whether it is on ramps or concrete or simply on the sidewalk where you want to ride your penny board, Freedare wheels are good to use. Even on rough terrain, the wheels have a good grip and fantastic stability.

Freedare wheels are not only suitable for penny boards; they can also be used on cruisers, longboards, regular or standard skateboards.

2. Blank pro skateboard wheels


  • Color: Baby blue
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Bearings: Steel bearings
  • Hardness: 83A
  • Diameter: 60 mm
  • Width: 45 mm

Blank pro skateboard wheels are a set of four that are durable and installed with steel bearings for greater strength. These wheels are also one of the best wheels for penny boards. Blank pro skateboards are among the bestsellers of their kind.

Blank pro skateboards are a brand of LMAI, one of the best brands on the market today. The package of four wheels also includes ABEC 9 and spacers for your convenience.

Blank pro skateboard wheels are built of a very strong and resistant plastic are called polyurethane. This material makes the wheels quite durable.

With a blank pro skateboard wheel, you are confident you have gotten yourself a high-quality wheel that will last you for the long term.

Since it is built with polyurethane material, the wheels are soft and offer its riders an unforgettable experience even on the bumpiest terrains. These penny board wheels offer nothing short of excellence and pure rider satisfaction to its users. They come in nine different colors, including baby blue.

The blank pro skateboard wheels are 60mm x 45 mm in size. This is the perfect penny board wheel size that will guarantee you a perfect turning radius and good speed. Their bearings are strong and steel bearings that roll perfectly and measure 22 mm x 7 mm.

Unlike other penny board wheels with the strenuous task of assembling, blank pro skateboard wheels require absolutely no assembling. They are purchased ready for use.

The mountain-high outdoor manufacturers created a magnificent wheel that combines great features into a well-designed wheel that is very affordable.

Can you put penny board wheels on a longboard?

No, you cannot put penny board wheels on a longboard. This is primarily because of the significant size difference between longboard and penny board wheels. Urethane is a soft plastic ore that is quite expensive. Longboards and penny boards are both made from this material.

However, penny board wheels are made smaller to minimize cost. Attaching smaller penny board wheels on a skateboard may be disastrous.

The smaller wheels on penny boards have less support ability to endure long rides or higher speeds. The larger size of longboard wheels strikes an optimum balance of speed and grip.

FAQs on Best Penny Board Wheels

  1. What kind of nickel penny board wheels are best for a smooth ride and will fit?

The best nickel penny board wheels that are highly recommended are sector 9 Skiddles. They make riding smoother and better.

They have inner and outer edges that are curved and rounded for a smooth ride. Skiddle wheels are 70 mm in size, giving your penny board a perfect cruise and a greater turning radius.

These nickel penny board wheels fit perfectly on a penny board. Skiddle wheels then have a hardness of 78A. This gives them a good grip and greater stability. Skiddle wheels are purple.

Perfect designer look that makes your penny board look great. Skiddles also come in four other different colors.

  1. Can you put 70mm wheels on a 22-inch penny board?

Yes, you can. 70 mm wheels work perfectly on a 22-inch penny board. They fit well and are an even better compliment for your penny board than smaller wheels. The bigger wheel size offers better ride comfort and a smoother ride even on rough terrain. Big wheels also have more stability. They will give you a bigger turning radius and more speed.

The 70 mm wheels fit perfectly with no need for modifications or use of raisers. Although 70 mm wheels are right on a 22-inch penny board, they make the board heavier. You might also experience wheel bites, especially on sharp turns. If wheel bites occur frequently, then it may be a good idea to use raisers.

Final Verdict

Your search for the top penny board wheels is now much easier. The Freedare and Blank are the best penny board wheels for cruising. Both the penny board wheels strike an impeccable balance between price and quality

Any of the two within your means and have a reputable worth. A decision between the two is fully dependent on your personal preference. The penny board wheels review of each product will help you select which among the two you have the design or features perfect for you.

Penny board wheel manufacturers have succeeded in combining excellence and affordability in a standard wheel. You will still find these to be the best even after examining other wheels for penny board reviews. Grab one of your best wheels for penny board today!

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