osprey skateboard review

Osprey Skateboard Review | Important Things You Need to Know

Osprey has become more famous in the market for manufacturing the best skateboards.  They use the latest engineering technology to put skateboard parts together and come up with the best pieces.

Their boards are usually sturdy and durable because they use rigid materials that can withstand wear and tear.

We did an Osprey skateboard review on some of their many skateboards and came up with the best three. Take a look.

Are Osprey Skateboards Good?

The first thing you will notice in an Osprey skateboard is the design. Osprey skateboards come in colorful and unique designs that will make it hard for you to make a choice.

Its wooden deck not only contributes to the board’s durability but is also responsible for its stability. It has a perfect look that is impressive to the eyes.

Next, after the appearance, we want to know how the skateboard rolls. Osprey will not disappoint you on the road. It has wheels that give excellent rotation for smooth cruising.

The wheels are soft, and you cannot compare them to an old longboard. These will make you roll on the road and other surfaces effortlessly.

osprey mini skateboard

The wheels also have excellent grip, a significant feature for beginners. This means that both beginners and pros can ride the board.

These boards are effortless to handle and lightweight so that you can carry them in your bag as you travel. With all these, we can conclude that Osprey skateboards are good.

1. Osprey Kids Skateboard, 31 Inch Double Kick


  • Shape: concave
  • Carrying weight: 50KG
  • Material: 7-ply maple deck
  • Shape: concave-shaped
  • Material: aluminum trucks
  • Board weight: 2.18kg
osprey double kick skateboard review

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You will cruise on this skateboard for some years before you start thinking of replacing your skateboard because the Osprey is made of durable material. The trucks are made from a heavy aluminum material that does not break easily.

It also has a 31-inch maple deck with black grip tape to hold it to place. The deck’s size is big enough to accommodate anyone, meaning that both kids and adults can jump onto the board and get going.

The 31-inch deck has shock absorbers to withstand any impacts on the skateboard. Beginners can also use it to practice new skills.

The aluminum track allows the skaters to maneuver the board quickly. Its concave shape makes it easy for users to do double-kicking. The manufacturer chose this shape to enable the riders to do tricks on it effortlessly.

You can smoothly perform tricks from nose to tail, which makes it the best osprey skateboard.

If you are a beginner, the Osprey kids skateboard will suit you well. This deck’s wheels have grip tape that will protect you from falling as you learn how to balance.

People don’t learn to skate in one day, so be patient. Ensure you put on all protective wear before hopping onto a skateboard.

This 31-inch double kick can carry a weight of up to 50kg, meaning that it is suitable for both children and teenagers. There is also something for the pros.

This skateboard’s wheels measure 5mm, with PU pushing to ensure you enjoy smooth rides on the road at the maximum speed. Do those tricks and cruising at your pleasure.

  • It is durable
  • It is wide enough for balance
  • Suitable for both beginners and pros
  • Suitable for both beginners and pros
  • The wheels won’t spin

2. Osprey Complete Skateboards for Beginners


  • Truck material: aluminum
  • Shape: concave
  • Carrying weight: 110lbs
  • Wheels bearings– ABEC-5
  • Wheels size: 5mm
osprey cruiser review

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What kind of a skating board are you looking for? If you prefer one that is easy to ride on, I would recommend this 31-inch double-kick skateboard. It has heavy-duty aluminum trucks that make it easier for the skateboarder to maneuver.

Aluminum is durable, meaning you will not buy another replacement soon. The best skateboarding tricks can also be performed on this skateboard.

The 7-layer maple deck has a carrying capacity of up to 110lbs, meaning that kids and teenagers can ride on it. Should we talk about the shape? This board’s concave shape makes it easy for the riders to perform tricks on it.

The 5mm wide wheels, with the help of ABEC5 bearings, are responsible for this board’s high speed. This feature can be enjoyed by the pros only. If you are a beginner, you should skate at low rates.

The wheels will also give you a smooth ride on the road or streets because they have shock absorbers that reduce the board’s impact when it is hit.

This board is suitable for both beginners and pros. The one thing that I loved when doing the osprey complete skateboard review is that there are varieties of unique designs of this skateboard to choose from.

  • Designed for beginners
  • It has a concave shape for easy tricks
  • Made with durable material for sturdiness
  • The weight limit is too low

3. Osprey Professional Skateboards for Beginners


Size: 31” x 8”

Carrying capacity: 220lbs

Shape: concave

Wheels: 50 x 30mm PU wheels

Bearings: Abec-7

Osprey Single kicktail complete cruiser skateboard

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This board has a carrying capacity of 220lbs, and it measures 31″ x 8″, meaning that both kids and adults can hop on it and ride comfortably. Beginners can also use this 31″ inch double-kick skateboard for practice and to try new skating skills.

This double kick’s concave shape will allow you to perform all the tricks on the board without challenge. You can flip the board and cruise without the fear of falling.

Its enormous body makes it very easy to control. It has an 80AB Grip tape to help you stay balanced. The wheels, together with the Abec-5 bearings, are responsible for speed. The pros skate at high speeds as they flip the board in different styles.

It also has 4mm riser pads to absorb shock and give the rider comfort as they cruise around the city. This board is also made with durable material. Its trucks are made with pure aluminum alloy meaning you will not think of replacing your skateboard anytime soon.

  • Great appearance
  • Good for beginners
  • Has grip tape for balancing
  • It is hard to balance on

Where Are Osprey Skateboards Made?

Osprey is a United Kingdom company that has been in existence for over 20 years now. It makes the Osprey skateboards.

Final verdict

when buying a skateboard, whether, for beginners or pros, there are many features you need to look at. Before purchasing a skateboard, it is essential to check if what you are buying has all the characteristics you desire.

Having done the Osprey skateboard review, Osprey is a skateboard brand I would recommend.

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