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5 Top Choice Best Nike Skate Shoes of 2023

Does Nike Have Skating Shoes?

Yes, Nike has skating shoes for beginners to experts.

We have all the juicy details and history of Nike and its skateboarding background. Yes, Nike does manufacture a unique line dedicated just to skateboarders.

Nike’s rich history with skateboarding is a story of bringing in the most authentic skate-friendly shoes to their customers. So much so that they had to multiply their efforts and finally achieved their desired goals with the skating shoes on the final and third trials.

In the line Nike SB, the ‘SB’ stands for skateboarding. This line is particularly designed with the necessity of comfort and usability of the skaters. Nike has effortlessly brought precisely what the skaters need in their skating shoes with their extensive skateboarding line.

The most significant part about these best Nike skate shoes is the involvement of key experts Stefan Janoski, Paul Rodriguez, Sandy Bodecker, and many more.

best nike skate shoes

Are Nike Skate Shoes Good And Comfortable?

The best Nike shoes for skateboarding have factual claims regarding the enhancement of comfort and performance for skaters. And, they did not disappoint.

Nike skating shoes are extensive in comfort due to their indefinite energy-boosting mechanism and overall protection to the user’s feet. Their unique features blend seamlessly so that users can feel as light as air even while pulling off the trickiest of maneuvers.

1. Nike Men’s SB Check Solar Canvas Skateboarding Shoes –

The Nike Check Solar can be easily enlisted as one of the best Nike skate shoes 2022 has ever laid eyes on. These attractive pairs feature a clean upper canvas because users like me often love to paint their imaginations on their skating footwear.

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It’s made to fit every skater’s taste with its neutral and dark colors. Riders highly approve of its price range, given that you get an immense level of protection and versatility with its standard cut and height. The sock lining intricately runs along with Solarsoft, which provides the most lightweight feel, gives your feet enough air without suffocating your sensitive skin.

Moreover, the liner is also featured to soak up shocks and reduce ground impacts while remaining coherent in delivering top-tier durability and flexibility.

I’m particularly a fan of the outsole’s design. You can notice a few solid circles sporadically placed atop. But, here’s the catch. It doesn’t only look intriguing, but its purpose is to enhance flex wraps. These flex-wraps make these shoes astonishingly flexible even while performing tricks without risking the weight.

Two drawbacks to this excellent piece are that the shoe sizes might run a tad bit larger than what you’d regularly go by. Users also feel that these pairs are tougher to break in.

2. Sb Charge Slip Men’s Best Nike Skate Shoes

The best Nike SB shoes for skating have to be lightweight so that you can twist and turn in them without any trouble. Don’t you agree? If our formerly discussed product doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, then these extremely affordable and light skate shoes definitely will.

What differs between the two is the time to break in with these is shorter. All thanks to the durable canvas that lets you have a ready-made broken-in feel, you will not look past this product.
Moreover, the style of this shoe reinforces unimaginable ventilation. The suede material, heel, and toe pads come off as entry-level skate shoes, but its performance is far off from that.

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These skate shoes will cushion every minor or significant blow with their detailed foam sock liner with each step and maneuver. And as if that’s not enough, the Nike Charge Slip is featured with vulcanized construction that fuses the uppers and outsoles.

What this does is it lets your feet succumb to mind-blowing comfort and the lightest feel while walking, rolling, or performing tricks. With each trick that I’ve performed, I’ve never felt the slightest change in its performance, and it’s all because of how thoughtfully the interior meshes together with its exterior.

On the contrary, this pair can be very squeaky, and if you match them up with socks, they could feel tighter than necessary.

3. Nike Men’s SB Portmore II Ultralight Skate Shoe –

More often than not, we like to see an exemplary exterior in our best Nike skate shoes. Sure, like the previous product, the interior and its comfort are a must-have, but with this product, you will finally understand the hype of owning both.

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I’ve been drawn towards this black magnificence purely because of the mesh uppers. A meshed upper means that you will get to experience an ultralight feel, with enough air passing through and providing proper ventilation. Just as advertised and the name suggests – these are not fluff.

The outsoles have a unique herringbone pattern and are made with rubber that gives users an enhanced feel with a robust grip.

Needless to say, as you cruise around town, you will feel light yet broad on the deck. The profile is a low-cut design that works great if you’re planning to skate during summer. This also means that you’re free to opt for ankle-length socks, so you get better temperature regulations and air.

Personally, due to being a skating maniac, I often end up with sore feet and sensitive skin. Frankly, this model has been my savior as it’s lined with cushioning on the insides, so your skin can breathe through. Furthermore, it can absorb ground shocks and impacts.

All you have to do is lace up according to your desired fitting, and you’re good to roll. A few users feel that this pair is stiffer and needs more flexibility, which is crucial during tricks.

4. Nike SB Nyjah Free Men’s Skateboarding-Shoes AA4272 –

The Nike SB Nyjah lives and breathes flexibility. Undoubtedly, its high-top Nike skate shoes impersonation has been quite a hit for skateboarders like me. If you think that, unlike the previous product, flexible handling and design is what makes or breaks the deal, you will love these skate shoes.

Nike Nyjah comes in two whopping and eye-catchy color schemes. You can choose between the black and tropical twist or the watermelon green strike editions. These two styles have been the talk of the town due to their outstanding gripping capacities.

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The combination of the grade-A fabric upper and rubber works around the clock to serve top-notch grip. Additionally, the shoe features inner sleeves, which look and feels like socks creating a comfortable fit.

As you step around in these, you will notice a lighter appeal as the auxetic traction patterns advocate adequate pressure dispersion throughout the skate shoes.

The Nyjah also combines laces with internal Flywire cables, compressed or loosened according to comfort and preference.

This pair would’ve gotten the ultimate title as the winner if it featured a bit of extended arch support and a broader feel to it. But, that would also depend on your feet’ size and shape. So, this drawback might not apply to all users.

5. Nike Men’s SB Air Max Janoski 2 Skateboarding Shoe –

The Nike skate shoes Janoski is the most stylish pair out there, which benefits from the prominent features you require in every skating shoe. But, we also understand that every other significant or minute detail will be worthless if it didn’t fit right.

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Heck, that’s a deal-breaker. So, if you loved the former product, however, you’re skeptical about the sizing issues, this one’s ready to seal the deal.

For spotless perfection, this Nike pair has been revamped for an even closer, skin-like fit.

The rubber soles will engulf your ankles in complete comfort. Similarly, the low-cut design is also a top favorite for those who love a more snug yet, natural feel while skating. We don’t need that extra pressure, pulling our legs down during tricks, do we?

The Janoski has made it to the top with no issue whatsoever because of its simplistic and practical design. The auxetic traction provides continuous pressure dispersion on users’ feet. Along with that, the full rubber embedded outsoles offer the longest durability and traction. Mind you, the outsole in this model is flatter but, that’s because a flatter sole allows a substantial grip and stability during maneuvers or short cruising.

Its stability notion is credited even more with the midfoot overlay. They keep the user’s feet secure and stable.

The only complaint you could have with this game-changer is that it’s overpriced. But hey, if the value you get out of a deal is so premium, it’s worth investing, isn’t it?

How Are Nike Skateboard Shoes Different From The General Ones?

The generic brands were created as the idea of skateboarding started to develop amongst skaters. But, not long after the birth of skating, the best Nike skateboarding shoes were designed, keeping in mind the absolute comfort and features that skaters need.

Nike’s implementation, mixed with the famous skaters’ expertise, goes into making these skate shoes top-tier. Nike undoubtedly delivers top-notch branded materials and manufacturing.

Additionally, they also dedicate their knowledge to making the most durable pairs which can sustain regular wear and tear. Moreover, they’re very lightweight and have an excellent feel to them.

So, it all boils down to the quality, which many other notable and older brands are still competing to achieve. Comparatively, Nike has reached and surpassed those desired durability and quality standards since the beginning.

Where Are Nike Skate Shoes Manufactured?

Surprisingly, not many people know that Sandy Bodecker created the Nike SB. He single-handedly created this new and redefined version of shoes along with Nike.

These best Nike skateboard shoes are made in Vietnam. But even after their innovation over twenty years ago, Nike SB went through multiple revamps to cater to skaters’ needs even more meticulously. Time after time, with each remodeling, Nike has proved that comfort and durability in skate shoes can be ever-lasting.

How Can You Clean Your Nike Skate Shoes?

Randomly washing the Nike SB shoes is a big NO. Let me tell you why. If you can wash and clean your skating shoes correctly, it will ensure that their peak performance is consistent even with overuse and overwashing. In addition, proper care and maintenance can elevate its life term and value for you. Here’s how it’s done.

• Step 1: Dry brushing is an age-old, effective technique, and that’s what you must start with. Brushing will remove the upper layer of dirt from the midsoles and outsoles. Try brushes with soft bristles. Old toothbrushes work great too.

• Step 2: For the cleaning agent, mix mild laundry detergent with warm water.

• Step 3: Remove the SB shoelaces and start applying the concussion in small amounts. Rinse and massage the shoelaces. To dry them, utilize a soft cloth.

• Step 4: Employing the brush’s soft bristles, apply the solution to the mid and outsoles. Again, use soft cloths to dry them.

• Step 5: You can use the soft cloth, the solution, and soft-bristled brushes for the uppers too. To dry it, utilize soft microfiber towels or cloth and lift off as much of the excess liquid as possible. This will also get rid of any remaining dirt.

• Step 6: Lastly, air dry your SB shoes at room temperature.

Pro tip: Avoid using harsh detergents or using the washing machine for your shoes. It’s also wise to clean them as soon as they get dirty rather than letting the gunk build up and settle.

Which Are The Best Places To Buy Nike Skate Shoes?

For real-time experience, people love to stop and shop in Nike outlets. Some prefer to see the products on hand before splurging. In contrast, if you’re laid back about purchasing the best Nike SB skate shoes, then, by all means, visit the Nike SB shoe website.

Click on a few images, choose the right size and fit and you’re good to go. On a brighter note, websites like Amazon and Zumiez have the exact offers for users.

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Final Verdict

So, if you happen to check out a few sites or go window shopping, never forget to look for the trustee, the best Nike skate shoes. There are too many hidden gems that you still need to discover by this magnificent company, and guess what?

You’re in luck because we just revealed some of the greatest to you in this Nike skate shoe review. Skateboarding is all about testing out various brands and finding your comfort zone. As I have found my perfect match in Nike SB, perhaps, you will too!

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