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Morfboard Review of 2023 | Should You Buy It?

Skateboarding is an amazing game among kids. If you have seen somebody play skateboarding, especially with the tricky tricks, you will want to do everything it takes to learn. Kids use skateboards for skating, which come in different types, sizes, and even features.

To do the best tricks on a skateboard, you have to get one that is of high quality so that moving around will not be hard. There are many kinds of skateboards in the market, and we have come today with morfboard review.

What is a Morfboard?

Morfboard is a brand of skateboards that makes impressive and outstanding skateboards. This brand is trendy in the market for its high quality and durable products. If you love sports and playing skateboard, then you must have come across this name. Do you want to know more about it? Read On…

Morfboard Alternative

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  • 2-in-1 customizable skateboard and lean-to-steer scooter in one, for kids from 3 years and up, the best way to learn to skate
  • Elongated wheelbase for better control and stability when still learning how to skate

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Overview of Morfboard Brand

The market has recognized this brand of skateboards for the quality of the products it offers. Morfboard products come in different beautiful designs, and this is what attracts customers.

A group of young people who fell in love with skating created Morfboard. They were looking forward to creating something that all other skateboard lovers would love.

This product originated from Southern California. The manufacturers had to market their products to get the market.

It is painted green and black, to present excitement, individuality, and sportsmanship. This feature is the reason why most of their customers are kids.

Morfboard skateboard has a simple design. The manufacturers did not focus on too many details since it would make it complicated and boring; they instead made one that brings smoothness and flexibility.

Is the Morfboard safe for kids?

Morfboard is a brand you can rely on since it gives safety priority when making their skateboards. Since skateboarding is a favorite sport for kids, Morfboard has made skateboards suitable for kids to encourage them to have some good time outside.

Some kids are too shy or give school assignments too much attention, such that they do not have time to play outside.  As the saying goes, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Don’t let your kid be like Jack when Morfboard can take care of the play role.

Morfboard Review

MORFBOARD Skate & Scoot Combo

It is one of the top running packages of Morfboard. The manufacturers of this board focus on pushing this skate and scoot to reach out to more people. Let’s see its Features, Pros-Cons, User Experience, Why you should buy that, etc.


  • It’s one board with countless options.
  • Can be transformed into a scooter in seconds
  • Morfboard ecosystem allows for swapping out components
  • Scooter Xtension has a rubber anti-slip grip for safety
  • This board can be used as a scooter
  • Can accommodate little kids because of the variable height T-bar it has
  • Has a wishbone for perfect balancing
  • Rear-wheel has an Inset Lever Brake for safety
  • Has a skateboard Xtension with wheels measuring 53mmfor smooth ride
  • Trucks made from durable cast alloy
  • The ABEC 5 ball Bearings are for unmatched precision
  • Has the  best colors of a skateboard


  • Easily control
  • Affordable
  • Has ABEC-5 bearing
  • Durable
  • Safe


  • Only comes in one color
  • Made for kids only

morfboard balance


Morfboard is the only board you will ever need. This board can make you blast in the neighborhood as you stick to your tricks. This board will give you the chance to do so many things with it

To begin with, this board has a front lean to steer the wishbone truck on the scooter Xtension. The rear wheel is full of insert lever brake. It has a variable T-bar that has no-slip rubber grips for safety. The T-bar can be set high or low, according to the skater’s comfort.

The super-strong rollers and the blocks on the Morfboard allow you to move easily. You can ride this morfboard indoors, on cement, or when you are traveling

If you want a good skateboard, consider a durable one. This Morf skateboard is made with durable material, so worry no more about durability. Made with a great design and structure, this board ensures that you can move quickly and without any resistance.

Why You Should Choose It

Morfboard products have gone through a lot of ABEC testing to make sure it is safe. Everybody`s priority when choosing a skateboard, especially for her/his kid, is safety. If that is also your number one priority, Morfboard has got you covered.

Another thing manufacturers of this Morfboard considered when making it is quality. The higher the quality, the safer the board, and the longer it will serve you. Low-quality skateboards are susceptible to breaking, and this might cause unfortunate accidents, mostly to the kids.

These skateboards are of a high sense of fashion, with the focused color being green, which is eye-catching. However, the manufacturers of this Morfboard have not prioritized on details that may not make it complicated and annoying. The simple design creates smoothness and flexibility.

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Morfboard Extension

Morfboard Bounce Board Review

There is just no other bounce board like this one from Morfboard. This bounce board extension is used for exercise, athletic training, and board sports.

morfboard bounce


  • Adjustable foot straps for bouncing and spinning
  • Used indoor and outdoor play
  • For boys and girls
  • It’s active fun for both boys and girls
  • Suitable for kids aging eight years and above
  • support a weight of 150lbs equivalent to 68kg
  • Comes in five different colors
  • More Bounce Xtension is sold separately


  • Easy to use
  • Used both indoor and outdoor
  • Made for both genders


  • Challenging to use unless you have something else to hold onto


This board transforms in second, with no tools needed. When you drop the extensions in the board and turn, the flex trigger locks and the board is ready to use.

You can skate around the neighborhood, showcasing your skills. Enjoy the air with bounce extensions and find your balance with balance extensions

This board will serve you with countless options and allow you to have endless play as you sharpen your tricks.

When using this board, do not inflate or use a high-pressure pump since it may deform the balls.  If a lot of air gets in, put a pin in the valve of the ball to deflate.Before storage, make sure you deflate the balls

The reason you should choose

With this board, you get countless options with endless play.  You can get all these in this Morfboard. It is also simple to operate, with the board being able to transform in seconds.

You can use this board both in and out of the house. How convenient is that?

This board has adjustable foot straps to bounce, spin, and grab some air. It can be used by both girls and boys to do skating tricks on it.

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Roller board Review

This product is suitable for athletic sports and board training. It comes with two end block extensions and one roller, which are both sold separately.


  • Makes exercise fun for kids
  • Improves stability and balance
  • For 8 years and above
  • Supports up to 150lbs
  • Can turn 90 degrees
  • Morfboard Balance Xtension to improve balance and body control
  • Used for skateboarding, snowboarding, and longboarding
  • Comes in five colors
MORFBOARD Balance Xtension, Roller Board Extension for Exercise, Athletic Training and Board Sports, Includes 2 End Block Extensions and 1 Roller, Deck...
  • GREAT FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR PLAY – Simply slide the flat discs into the Morf Board deck (sold separately) and lean against...
  • MAKE EXERCISE FUN FOR KIDS – Designed specifically to improve Balance, Stability, Coordination and the Agility needed in...


  • Easy to use
  • Can be used indoors and outside


  • Every part is sold separately


Training with this board improves your balance. Also, it will make you experience all the fun and joy while sporting.

It is well suited for board athletes, endurance athletes, and bicycle athletes. This board will train all the parts of your body, including your legs and gluteal muscles.

This is not just a sporting tool. It has a lot of fun that you can take advantage of and learn more tricks

The reason you should buy

You have not experienced fun, yet if you do not have a Roller board. Training with it improves your balance, and this is a call for more fun

It is particularly suited for board athletes, amateurs, and bicycle athletes. Use this board to strengthen your leg and gluteal muscle. This exercise is enough physiotherapy to those who have back problems

Training on this board will give quick results in the form of body balance. It is straightforward to learn, and it is relaxing.

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Ghost Grip tape Reviews

It is super sticky and has an anti-slip ghost grip tape-shaped to fit the Morfboard. It is a transparent color.


  • Custom grip tape
  • Sold in charcoal and ghost colors
  • Color and tape sold separately
  • Super sticky adhesive
  • The adhesive does not peel easily
  • For ages 8 and older
MORFBOARD Grip Tape, Super Sticky Anti-Slip Ghost Griptape Shaped to Custom Fit The Morf Board, Clear Color
  • Custom grip tape shaped specifically to fit the MORFBOARD
  • Available in charcoal and Ghost colors. Sold separately


  • Has strong anti- grip
  • Can be cleaned with a pencil eraser


  • The grip tape is hard to peel
  • Does not stay cleat forever


This tape enhances friction while providing more comfort and a secure grip. Its 3mm thick padding is trimmed down to the desired size. This tape is an excellent choice for all your taping needs

This tape is also sticky enough to keep you on your board. It is also easy to apply without the experience of bubbling

Reasons for buying

if you are aggressive and only interested in doing serious tricks, you will need this grape tape. You do not want to let a broken board stop you from skateboarding.

Also, this tape will help you keep your skating shoes a little longer after they have spoiled a bit. This Grip tape will serve you well if you want to cruise around town the whole day.

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Different parts overview of Morfboard

  • Deck

This deck is the key to the Morfboard ecosystem. It is responsible for the swapping of components to morph your board. To create a scooter, lock in the scoot Xtension and to get a skateboard, lock in the skate Xtension.

  • Wheels

Just before taking the ride, you can change the current wheels with the new light-up wheels. As you ride and spin, the new wheels will light up to their beautiful neon green. You can ride in the day and night and have all the fun. The tools required for changing the wheels are not included when buying.

  • Design

Morfboard has focused on making the color of their products green because most of them are for kids. To make it fashionable and exciting, they pair a green color with black. Morfboard has prioritized making the design of its products simple.

Many details may make the board complicated and annoying. Making the design simple creates smoothness as well as flexibility.

  • Built quality

The higher the quality of the board, the safer it is for users. Although it is hard to differentiate expensive skateboards from cheap ones, the cheap ones will break easily. Products of Morfboard go through a lot of quality testing to make sure it is safe.

  • Truck

The manufacturers of Morfboard use reliable aluminum alloy trucks. It features an extended wheelbase and a patented, lean-to-steer front truck. To corner with ease, they have used extra fat wheels. The foot brake lets you stop on a dime.

  • FAQ on Morfboard Review
  • How do you use a MorfBoard?

Ans: Lean-to steers front trucks allow you to balance side to side. This will enable you to shift the Morfboard to one side to change direction. The extended front wheels will allow you to carve. To break, use your back foot to hit the inset lever break and drop your other foot on the ground

  • What is Morfboard age group?

Ans: Morfboard manufacturers have put into consideration producing skateboards for kids. Their new type of skateboard has specific details for kids to guarantee safety. These features let kids aged eight years and above enjoy their experience. Kids can quickly transform this ride-on in seconds.

  •  Is there a weight limit on the Morfboard?

Ans: If you weigh 150lbs and below, which is equivalent to 65kgs, you can be sure to enjoy skating on a Morfboard; you will not break the board. This board cannot carry heavier weights since it is designed mainly for kids.

  • Can you change the wheels?

Ans: the deck of the Morfboard never changes, but it has two slots where you can change the wheels. You can twist the lock into place to find an attachment to convert the board.

It also has extensions that help to change it into a skateboard.

  • Does it compare to a real skateboard at all?

Ans: Morfboard has focused on keeping its board’s design simple. Their products are painted green and black and are mostly made for kids. Also, you can use a Morfboard as a skate and also as a scoot. Unlike other skateboards, this product has accessories that are responsible for its high quality.

  • Are MorfBoard’s products expensive?

Ans: Morfboard products are cheap compared to the quality of the products they make. Sometimes, people consider them expensive than other competitors’ products.

morfboard deck

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Final Verdict

Once you know how to skateboard, you will never want to stop. Ask the kids who cannot spend a day without hopping on to a skateboard.

However, the level of skating you want your kid to get while skating will also depend on the kind of skateboard they use. Do not just buy a skateboard. Consider going for quality.

Morfboard tries to manufacture the best quality skateboard. However, the same way humans is error, so does Morfboard skateboards also have pros and cons.