Mini Logo Bearings Review | Deep Researched of 2022

Mini-Logo is a familiar name among skateboarders for a long time for quality skateboard parts like bearings and trucks.

Are Mini-Logo Bearings Good?

Considering the budget, build, and material used, Mini-Logo skateboard bearings are an excellent choice for beginner and expert skateboarders. These bearings are made out of steel, one of the most common and sturdy materials used these days.

Ball retainer of this bearing has a molded chromium finish to ensure high performance and a long lifespan. Don’t get fooled by the simple packaging of this bearing set because the Mini-Logo bearing doesn’t have much competition in the market considering the price.

Mini Logo bearings review

Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings: Compatibility

Mini-Logo bearings are skate-rated, precision 608 bearings. Size 608 is the standard one among different sizes of a skateboard bearings. It features separate inner and outer races, chromium-molded ball retainers, and optional closure.

Mini-Logo skateboard bearings have a core diameter of 8mm, an outer diameter of 22mm, and a width of 7mm. As we mentioned, these are 608 bearings, regardless of wheel size. Mini-Logo bearing should fit every kind of skateboard used these days.

Mini Logo Skateboard Bearings Review In-Depth


  • Steel bearings
  • Bearing shields on both side
  • Chromium-molded ball retainers
  • Inner Diameter: 8mm
  • Outer Diameter: 22mm
  • Width: 7mm

Mini-Logo is a known name in the skateboard community for bringing some great skateboard parts at an affordable price, and their bearings are not any different. We all know bearings can be expensive, but Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings have a fine balance between the price tag and performance. Not all great sets of bearings cost a lot.

With a fraction of the price of a high-end bearings set, you can have a smooth skateboarding experience along with everything a high-end set could have provided.

Mini-Logo bearings set comes pre-lubricated with speed cream so that you can use it right out of the box without any break-in period needed. Both sides of the bearings have shields, one metal and one rubber that makes it last longer, and the cleaning process is very easy.

The ball retainers in these bearings have high-speed chromium-finished ball retainers that ensure top performance. With skate rating and

Mini-logo’s dedication to their customer and product provides a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defect. With a price tag this low, a lifetime warranty proves their confidence and assurance about the product.

Mini-Logo Skateboards Bearings (Pack of 8), Silver
  • Mini Logo Bearings are Skate Rated, precision 608 bearings made to Skate One specifications. They have a removable rubber...
  • Closely monitored quality control to ensure consistent, high performance. Shields on both sides of the bearing for added...

The bearings set doesn’t come with an installation guide or offer any color option. No spacers are included in the box, which could have been nice considering other great features. But again, for the price, you have a little scope to complain.

Quick Question: Does this work with a penny board?

Ans: Yes mini logo bearings work with penny board wheels.

How to Clean Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings: Steps to Follow


To keep your Mini-Log bearings as fast and smooth as new, you need to clean them properly. Timely cleaning can also increase the life span of your bearings set. This part will show you how you can clean your Mini-Logo bearings with some pretty easy steps.

  • Step 1: Start by removing the axle nuts from your skateboard truck. Then slide off the wheels from the truck. Don’t forget to keep the axle nuts and speed washer in a small tray or someplace safe so you don’t lose them.
  • Step 2: Next, remove the bearing from the wheel. To do that, slide the wheel halfway at the end of the axle. Now twist the wheel outwards with your hand and body pressure. The bearings will come off easily. Repeat this method and remove all the bearings.
  • Step 3: Remove the bearing shields with something pointy and sharp. Do it carefully so that you don’t damage the shield. Because if misshaped, it can rub against the balls inside when put back on again.
  • Step 4: After you got the bearings without shields, soak them into a mineral spirit or isopropyl alcohol. You can also rub the bearing with a toothbrush for better results. When using these solvents, don’t forget to put on a hand glove and avoid direct contact.
  • Step 5: After you have soaked your bearings for 30 minutes, take them out and dry them with some paper towel or a hairdryer. Lubricate them with speed cream or lubricants. Finally, put the shields back on and secure the bearings in the wheel.

Are Mini-Logo Trucks Good?

Skateboard trucks are as crucial as any other part of a skateboard. A perfect pair of trucks can make your skateboarding experience well-balanced and smooth. If you are looking for a new pair of skateboard trucks, Mini-logo has an excellent offering for you.

Unlike any other Mini-Logo product, their skateboard truck can be considered one of the most all-around performers of its category. These trucks are lightweight, and sturdy and considering the price tag, it’s a great balance package. Let’s get into Mini Logo Truck Review to discuss the benefits of this truck.

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Mini Logo Truck Review


  • 8mm axles
  • 94a bushing
  • High-grade DuPont Hytrel Thermoplastic Pivot Cups
  • 0″ Trucks compatible with 7.88″ to 8.25″ skateboards.

Manufactured by Mini-logo, this pair of trucks is pretty unfamiliar compared to other Mini-logo products. As unfamiliar as possible, the quality it offers can easily compete with other trucks made available by different brands.

Unlike its known competitors making trucks with a deeper turn radius, Mini-Logo trucks focus on stability and smoothness on any surface you skate on.

These Mini-logo trucks come with 8mm precision axles, and the hanger of this truck is lightweight and slightly curved.

This curve provides a better lock-in with wheels and lets you get excellent grinds. Along with the lightweight base plate, these trucks turn out to be lighter than any other truck in the market.

Bushing is another essential aspect of a skateboard. The rubber rings attached underneath the kingpin help you make the turns and pivot your skateboard. There is a 94a bushing with this Mini-logo truck. If you are a heavy guy, this truck’s high rebounding bushing can be the perfect choice for you.

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Strong pivots cups are crucial parts of a truck too as it prevents pivot from crashing into the baseplate and damaging the baseplate and hanger. Pivot cups on these Mini-Logo trucks are made of high-grade DuPont Hytrel Thermoplastic so that you can use it for a very long time.

As the wheelbase is short and the deck is closer to the ground, these trucks can be considered low ones. As a low truck, small wheels (50-52mm) are more suitable for these trucks. But on the plus side, a lower deck means more stability and easy handling.

After the long list of advantages, these trucks have some downsides too. A bowl/pool skating needs wider deck support, bigger wheels (56-58mm), and higher than usual bushing; this might not be a suitable option for bowl skateboarding.

As for the pivot cups, most people at some point prefer an aftermarket or custom pivot cup anyways. So the stock pivot cup made of plastic is not a big issue too.

Overall, you get stable and smooth turns, minimal design, and a high-quality build a.; give it a try, and we are sure you’ll love it.

Final Words

Many factors come into play like balance, coordination, good timing, and a skateboard when you’re trying to master skateboarding. In this journey of yours, skateboards with quality bearings and trucks can help you go a long way.

We hope our review of Mini Logo bearings review helps you understand the benefits and functionality of the products and let you have a great experience overall.

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