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Meketec Skateboard Review | Deep Research

It’s rare to find the best durable skateboard in the market now. It’s even tougher to pinpoint which one’s will serve you the longest. However, this Meketec skateboard review for the youths will clear up all presumptions of yours.

Is Meketec Skateboard Good?

Yes, it is an awesome cruiser skateboard for beginners.

There’s an array of benefits that you can acquire from the Meketec cruiser, and one of the standouts is that these are exceptionally reasonably priced. Along with its undeniable affordability, you also get grade-A built and sturdy construction that’s unparalleled.

meketec skateboard review

For Whom Meketec Skateboard is Suitable?

The Meketec stakeboard is perfect for beginner youth and kids, especially if they’re only starting on their journey on wheels.

Due to its solid and durable construction, it can take hits and falls quite well. It’s generic for a learning child to waver during their learning phase, but this resolute skateboard with eye-catchy designs is built to withstand such mishaps.

Users within 3-12 years old have seen great results and progress with these. However, these are also great for adults.

Meketec Skateboard Review

Specification –

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Weighs 3.8lbs
  • 22″ long X 6″ inches in measurement
  • Made with sturdy and bendable, high-quality polypropylene
  • Soft and smooth casters for stability
  • 25″ heavy-duty aluminum
  • PU injection cushion
  • ABEC-7 bearings
Skateboards Kids Mini 22 inch Cruiser Beginner Skateboard Boys Board for Girl Youth Children Toddler Teenagers Adults Patinetas Dog (American Flag)
  • Meketec Unique Technology - The strong 3.25 inch trucks with different color with others skateboarder,let you skateboarding...
  • Performance - High speed abec 7 meketec Bearings; 60mm Urethane wheels; 22.5 inch long x 6 inch wide deck, max load weight...

Our Meketec complete skateboard review would be incomplete without mentioning the whopping 26 color line of this 22-inch mini skateboard.

meketec skateboard size

The deck width on this is 6-inches with an overall 78A durometer hardness. Meketec brings you unique technology which can persist even the roughest of rides. The solid 3.25-inch trucks come with unparalleled gliding technology and many colors, making each ride even more enjoyable.

It can take up to 200lb of maximum load, all thanks to the ABEC-7 bearings, expansive deck, and 60mm wheels made of urethane. Most teen and young users benefit from these because of their unusual ability to outperform even high-end skateboards.

What’s even better is that the Meketec does so seamlessly at a super affordable price rate. Users love that it has multi usability and can be experienced by adults, experienced, or even beginner riders. All you need to focus on is the speed limit based on your expertise level. The soft wheels are tremendously smooth, thus it can glide around town seamlessly but, requires the correct supervision.

However, the overall deck structure and construction makes it worth your while if you’re a beginner. Since the board serves with speed customization and wider space, you get a pretty good head start.

The critical point to note here is that the construction of the Meketec mini is impeccable; hence, it’s great for any amount of commute, terrain, cruising, and skill level. The CE-certified and secured ride comes from its bendable and robust polypropylene, with smooth and soft casters.

When these are combined with the other top-notch plastic, aluminum, and urethane components, it rounds up as a ride that’s safe, stable, and enjoyable.


  • The construction is durable and long-lasting.
  • The soft wheels are perfect for uneven terrains, cracks, and bumps.
  • Unmatched value for the affordable price point.
  • Well-built with over 20 colors and designs.
  • The deck boosts confidence, is easy to manipulate, balance on, and gain momentum.

Downside –

Beginner users might have to watch the speed at all times since it can go pretty fast if not regulated as required.

Where the Skateboard is Manufactured?

Meketec is a US-based company with top-tier manufacturers who focus on delivering uni-sex, adult, and children skateboards. They have their models in multiple retail stores and online websites for greater ease of purchase.

Moreover, these are CE certified, hence highly safe to ride for an experienced or beginner user.

Is it Suitable for Cruising?

These iconic four-wheelers can be the most suitable option for cruising. Whether you’re a master or an apprentice, the Meketec skateboard can comply with faster or steadier speed limits while being safe.

It’s easy to get accustomed to, and you genuinely feel the adrenaline course through you during each glide. Since it has distinctive speeding and safety qualities, the riders also get a stable experience whether they are rolling on uneven terrains or simply cruising.


There’s no going around the fact that this Meketec skateboard review is packed as the most valuable deal in the market. Who would’ve thought that grabbing a mini skateboard that’s safe and user-friendly could be possible without breaking the bank?

Not you, since now you know all the specialties of this model. Meketec manufacturers diligently worked to make this deck stable, sturdy and secured. Now, with an added dash of around 26 colors and designs, this skateboard has become a staple for many.

Whether you want to learn skateboarding or simply want to cruise through blocks, this is the skateboard that you can put all your trust in. So, what are you waiting for? Give in and get to experience this beautiful ride within a budget!

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