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Low Vs High Trucks – Everything You Need to Know About Them!

Choosing between low vs high trucks can be a tricky thing. But once you get the right one installed in your skateboard deck, your skateboarding experience will never be the same.

As the trucks have a direct impact on the skateboard performance, you should definitely spend some time figuring out the best one for you if you’re serious about how your skateboard feels to ride.

But is a low truck or a high truck better for you? If you are not sure about which one to pick, we have all the answers piled up in one place for you. Let’s go over everything you need to know about low and high trucks and help you decide which one you should go for.

Overview of High Trucks and Low Truckslow vs high trucks

Before we jump into the comparison between low trucks vs high trucks, it’s a good idea to learn a bit about them both. That way you’ll be able to compare them easily and find out the right fit for your skateboard. Below is the overview of high and low skateboard trucks.

High Skateboard Trucks

The height of high tucks varies between 50 mm to 55 mm, and that impacts the riding experience. You’ll feel much taller when you use a high truck. 

One of the nicest things about high skateboard trucks is that you’ll feel much safer while riding your skateboard. That’s because it provides you with better overall control. You are less likely to make sloppy movements using these trucks, which will provide you with a much safer ride.

Low Skateboard Trucks

A low skateboard truck is usually 44 mm to 48 mm tall, and they are more used by pro skaters. They provide more power and precise control over your skateboard as well. That makes it a favorite selection for experts.

Also, low skateboard trucks make it easier for the rider to do all the moves. Not to mention, your body will be much closer to the ground, making it easier to adjust your center of gravity easily.


High or Low Trucks for Beginners? 

When it comes to the comparison of trucks for beginners, high trucks will always win. That’s because these trucks provide more safety and control. And beginner skaters should not try to build speed right away before developing the techniques anyway. So, it makes the high trucks a perfect option for beginners. 

Also, high trucks are suitable for most riding styles compared to low trucks. So, if you are just starting out on a skateboard and you’re not that skilled yet, then you should definitely gravitate towards the high skateboard trucks. It’ll help you learn the proper techniques fast and without you falling down from the deck too much.

Why Some Trucks Are High and Some Low?

The difference in the size of the truck comes from the requirements of the riders. Different riders prefer different riding styles, and one truck can’t do it all. So, there are high and low trucks to serve these purposes.

Low trucks are great for doing tricks and moves. Also, thanks to its low profile, it provides more speed and precision in control. So, you get to do all your favorite tricks like an ollie, kickflip, and all the other fancy moves that you see all the time pretty easily.

On the other hand, high trucks provide more balance to ride your skateboard. That comes in handy for beginners especially if they are just starting out on a hoverboard. It reduces the chance of accidents and makes it a safer ride for newbie riders.

What’s the Difference Between High and Low Skateboard Trucks?

As we mentioned earlier, high and low trucks serve completely different purposes. You can get the same results with both trucks, but it’ll take more effort from your side, which is not necessary. 

You can simply pick the right skateboard truck according to your needs and it’ll make your life so much easier. Comparing both high and low trucks will help you find out which one is better. Let’s talk about it in detail below.


Speed is the biggest thing most pro skaters consider at first. When it comes to speed, low trucks perform significantly better than high trucks. That’s because the low profile reduces the movement, and gives a better overall speed. So, if speed is your priority, then lower trucks are a no-brainer option for you.


When it comes to the control of the ride, low trucks are again the clear winner. A lower truck will provide you with better control. You’ll be able to do accurate moves with a skateboard equipped with a lower truck. That’s why most pro skaters prefer this type of truck for their skateboards.


Some people mix balance with control. But these two are completely different things. Balance is more important for beginner riders. High tucks provide more balance, which helps to remove any wobbly movement, making it safer for the rider.

Ease of Ride

High trucks are undoubtedly easier to ride. It fixes a lot of mistakes in your movement and helps you enjoy a pleasant ride without thinking about controlling your deck all the time. So, when it comes to the ease of ride, high trucks win.

Do Low Trucks Give More Pop?

Low trucks will give more pop, and it’s quite significant as well. If you are used to riding with tall skateboard trucks, then you’ll notice a huge difference in the pop.

The lower height of the low trucks allows you to build more power in the pop. It’s great for moves that require you to get some air with your skateboard. So, if that’s your style, make sure to use low trucks for the skateboarding sessions.

How Tall Should My Trucks Be?

how tall should be skateboard trucks

How tall should you get your skateboard trucks is totally up to your preference. You should decide by considering the style of your skateboarding and your skill level. That’ll help you pick the perfect height of truck for your skateboard.

For instance, if you want a high truck, then you should go for something that’s around 53.5 mm in height. But if you want to go for low trucks, then you can look for something that’s somewhere around 48 mm in height.

Again, there’s no fixed measurement that you can follow, and it’s different for everybody. So, figure out what’s your style and skill level, and go for a skateboard truck based on the information. You’ll be able to pick the best one without any issue.


Hopefully, the guide helped you figure out all about low vs high trucks. That should also mean you won’t have any issue choosing the right one for you.

Remember, if you want to have the best experience possible with your skateboard, you must spend some energy to find out the best setup for it. And the truck is one of the most important things you should be looking for.


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