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What Are The Best Longboard for Speed in 2022?

  1. INNOWEIGH 41 Inch Best Speed Longboards
  2. WiiSHAM Cruise Professional Longboard
  3. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

There is nothing better for many skateboarders than watching the world go by while cruising on a longboard at top speed. Not only is the feeling thrilling, but it is also a great way to vent out stress timeously. In this article, I will help you maximize your satisfaction by ensuring you choose the best longboard for speed.

Read on to learn more about longboard speeds and what I believe are the top 3 longboards around. With years of longboarding experience to my name, you can trust me to guide you in making the best decision!

What is the Fastest Speed on a Longboard?

Generally, longboards are renowned for their high speeds, and the fastest recorded speed thus far is 146.73km/h. Peter Connolly set this speed record in September 2017. This is noticeably much higher than the longboard average speed, which is only 64km/hr.

Granted, if you too desire to achieve high longboard speed on flat ground, you need a high-quality fast longboard. Below are reviews of three top speed longboards. Assess each one to find the one you like most.

best longboard for high speed

1. INNOWEIGH 41 Inch Best Speed Longboards


  • Material: 8-Storey Maple wood Deck, 80A PU Wheels, Aluminum Alloy Trucks, PU support Pad, PU shock absorb ring
  • Size of the deck: 41″ by 8.”
  • Truck Size: 7 inches
  • Wheel size: 70mm * 51mm
  • Bearings: ABEC-11
  • Max load: 330lb
  • Special Features: comes pre-assembled with a tool to customize your board.
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The INNOWEIGH 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard might just be the best longboard for speed and curving. It is also perfect for sliding, downhill, and freestyle. This board combines multi-functionality with stunning designs, making it ideal for anyone aiming to take to the streets in style.

Its 41 inch, 8-story structured deck, ensures that it is both strong and pliable. The board has a frosted surface, which creates friction between the shoe and board, making it anti-slip and anti-skid. It also gives guaranteed stability even at high speeds as its trucks have a very low gravitational center.

The 85A PU wheels have a rock finish and PU shock ring to give the board an excellent grip on most surfaces. An ultra-elastic PU support maximizes the skateboarder’s control when cruising at top speeds. To top it all, all its patterns are printed using a heat transfer method so they will be beautiful and clear, always!

User Experience

This board is stable, easy to control, and is the perfect longboard for novice riders. The wheels grip the road well, and its drop-through design takes the fear out of high-speed rides. Its awesome design is a pleasant cherry on top!

The deck is very strong and durable, and the grip tape holds your feet in place throughout the ride. The additional tool is handy as it allows you to give the board a tighter or looser feel easily. Also, its affordability makes it a worthwhile purchase.

If you are looking for a gift for your loved one, this board is perfect! Its artwork looks awesome, does not fade easily, and appeals to both adults and kids. Its large, sturdy wheels make going fast both fun and safe.

FAQ on Innoweigh

  • Can I know about its ground clearance?

Ans: Its about 3 Inches

  • Can I replace the bearings?

Ans: Yes, you can

2. WiiSHAM Cruise Professional Longboard


  • Material: Canadian maple deck, Aluminum alloy trucks, Steel kingpin, 85A PU wheels
  • Size of Deck: 42″ by 9″
  • Size of trucks: 7″ axle width
  • Wheel size: 70mm*52mm
  • Bearings: ABEC-9
  • PU cushion strength: 100A durometer
  • Special features: It comes with stickers that allow you to get creative

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When looking at the best longboards for speed, the Wiisham board is undoubtedly worth considering. The 9 plies of Canadian maple attached with water glue make the board lightweight and durable. Its bearings have a lubricant that allows you to skate at high speeds safely.

The drop-down through deck gives the skateboarder comfort and stability, thus reducing the risk of falling off. The clear grip tape makes it even safer for beginners and kids too. While it may not be ideal for dancing, it is a great choice for high-speed cruising.

For the creative mind, this board comes with stickers that allow you to customize the board to your liking. Overall, this board is an affordable and worthwhile purchase.

User Experience

At first glance, the board looks great, and the stickers it comes with giving you room to make it look even better. It has a superpower and easily accelerates to high speeds. Though the wheels may need loosening at first, they give a smooth ride after adjustment.

For kids that enjoy skateboarding, this is a perfect gift idea. The board feels stable and has grip tape so your little one will not fall off. Learning new skills and techniques is also very easy for beginners, as it is easy to master and control.

FAQ On WiiSham

  • Is it flat or concave?

Ans: It is slightly concave.

  • Is the deck symmetrical?

Ans: Yes it is.

3. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser


  • Material: 8 plies natural hard rock maple deck, Aluminum trucks, 78A PU wheels, Chrome steel bearings
  • Deck size: 42 inches
  • Truck Size: 7 inches
  • Wheel size: 70mm*51mm
  • Bearings: ABEC-9 Precision
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If style, durability, and affordability are your chief concerns when choosing a longboard, this is probably the one for you. Its 8 ply, concave, symmetrically shaped maple deck gives it unmatched strength, maneuverability, flexibility, and shock-absorbing ability.

The wheels and ABEC-9 bearings work together in a way that makes your ride both smooth and enjoyable. Its reverse kingpin trucks can be adjusted as 50 or 45 degrees allowing you to cut corners with ease. Since the deck is 9 inches wide, it gives the skateboarder enough space to be comfortable when riding.

Furthermore, the board has several great designs to choose from. It has vintage looks, avant-garde looks, and a whole lot more! On purchase, you get access to 24hr service for any queries or problems you may need to solve.

User Experience

This board is a great beginner board that is easy to control and turns very easily. Its graphics do not disappoint as it comes just as pictured in the adverts. Its lightweight makes it very portable and easy to maneuver.

Though the trucks may need loosening at first to avoid falling off, this board performs up to standard. It is well built, has great balance, and accelerates fast. It is perfect for cruising, and its price will not leave you bankrupt.

FAQ On Volador Longboard For Speed

  • Is it suitable for dancing and cruising as well?

Ans: I will not recommend it.

  • Can I replace the grip tape?

Ans: Yes, you can

FAQ on Cruiser Skateboard under $100
  • Which is a faster skateboard or longboard?

Ans: Generally, longboards are faster than skateboards. This is because their wheels are softer and larger, giving more stability and control. Longboards also have high-quality bearings, which are for high-speed rides.

  • How do you slow down on a longboard?

Ans: If you are not going very fast on a flat surface, simply stop pushing it. Eventually, friction between the wheels and the ground will slow you down. You may also need to learn how to safely hop off if the need arises for you to do so.

  • Why does my longboard wobble at high speeds?

Ans: The main and most common cause of wobbling is loose trucks. Simply tightening them could solve the problem.

High speed longboard

Final Verdict

Choosing the best longboard is not easy. You need to make sure it is safe but also able to get to high speeds with ease. This article has given you the most affordable best longboards for speed on the market. While you may be taken away to look for more options, I can safely say you will not get anything better!

Choose the one you feel is best for you, and I am sure it will not disappoint. Remember, while these longboards are deemed safe, always wear protective gear when cruising, especially at high speeds. Go fast, but stay safe, always!


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