is skateboarding a sport

Is Skateboarding a Sport? “Yes or No” Explained in Detail

If you are connected with the term “Skateboarding,” Surely you are familiar with the question; is skateboarding a sport? Well, that’s an agitated question for years within skateboarding.

What is Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a freestyle sport done for recreation either on the streets or at a skateboard park. It leads the youth to encourage self-discipline and confidence.

Is Skateboarding a Sport?

You might have faced this question no matter if you are an experienced or a beginner. Some consider it a sport, whereas many skateboarders stand in the complete opposite.

Well before solving the debate, look out the following facts at a glance. Thus you can relate to why do people consider skateboarding as a sport and why they don’t!

Why it’s a Sport?

  • A set of physical activities are involved in skateboarding. And these lead people to think it closer to a sport.
  • The definition of sports is that any activity is done for fun. Also, it deviates from work. This old and straightforward definition argues that skateboarding is a sport.
  • Every sport involves some rules and competition. In that case, skateboarding also includes a set of rules only when it accounts for a race. However, that is merely very tiny.
  • Some competitive skateboarding like X-games, SLS, and the upcoming Olympics lead people to take it as a sport. In those races, it is evaluated by judges under a set of rules like other sports.

Why it’s Not:

  • Skateboarding started firstly for transportation or recreation as a game. Over the years, its popularity morphs into a sport.
  • Mostly the skateboarders engage with the skill, not for the aspect of winning in games. They regularly do this for their satisfaction.
  • In sports like football, tennis, volleyball even in car racing there are tons of rules included. These need teams, perfect playgrounds, competition, and winners, whereas skateboarding doesn’t have to achieve these.
  • There is no wrong or right place to stroll in skateboarding, no strict way to use the board. Even no matter if you are alone or with hundreds of others.
  • The skateboarding competitions don’t represent the true essence of it because the things here have deviated from the aspects of its daily basis.

Along with these, most people who are mainly against the statement, consider skateboarding as art. They relate it with song or dance.

You might notice the styles of skateboarding are different according to the path. And that is its relating point with the artist instead of players.

You may count on another sports player who is the best one. But can you use the tag “best” within artists? Like, who is the best singer or best dancer?

No! You can’t because their styles are different from one another. Also, a skateboarder can be represented as a famous one, not as the best, like other players.

Again you may often be asked some questions like; is skateboarding an extreme sport? Or is it a hard sport?

Generally, these questions are asked by people who are not skateboarders. And these terms “extreme sports” “dangerous sports” put fear into parents and beginners. But is skateboarding a hard sport like these?

It depends on your practice and skill. At the first time of falling hard, you would know if you are going to state or not. It would seem to be extreme who give up hope after 1st falling. Also for them, it seems hard, who don’t know skateboarding!

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is skateboarding an olympic sport

Is Skateboarding an Olympic Sport?

Yes, in the upcoming Olympic sport in Tokyo, skateboarding is going to make its Olympic debut. It is one of the new sports specially added to this Olympics.

The competition has been organized both for men and women. Also, it would take place in two disciplines; park and street. The degree of speed and height, along with other subjective factors, would consider overall marking.

In the street event, the players have to pass a straight street featured with curbs, stairs, handrails benches, slopes, etc.

The park competition would take place with a series of complicated curves. That includes dome-shaped bowls and resembling dishes with very steep slopes.

Here is the fact that the game will hold separately, unlike other sports. Each competitor would perform individually with their skills. This fact also can be considered to outbreak the question “is skateboarding considered a sport like others or not.”

When Did Skateboarding Become an Olympic Sport?

In 2020 Skateboarding is recognized as the Olympic Sport. Many skateboarders participated in Tokyo Olympic. K. Palmer from Australia has won the final skateboarding competition in the Tokyo Olympic.

RiderIntro FAQ


  • Is skateboarding a professional sport?

Answer: Some most famous athletes and some popular online consider the skill as a professional one. In fact, one can only take it as a professional sport when it comes to competition, prize, or money.

But it cannot be called professionals fully as it is independent in maintaining all the aspects of professional sports.

  • is skateboarding the hardest sport?

No, It is not the hardest sport. But it is one of the most difficult sports in the world. If you just ride without any tricks, it is easy. But if you want to do tricks, it requires some skills which are hard to learn.

  • Why is skateboarding such a difficult sport?

It is a difficult sport because it requires much attention, effort, and patience.  Lack of anything from 3, you won’t be an expert on it.

  • Is skateboarding a dying sport?

Answer: Anything is, in fact, dangerous, and it depends on expertise. However, some athletes suggest skateboarding, especially downhill, as a dangerous sport even with 15-17 years of experience!

But they also added that it’s healthy because it keeps our bodies active. Even a football or basketball player is more likely to require medical visits than a skateboarder!

  • When was skateboarding considered a sport?

Answer: According to many theories, skateboarding, two wheels riding instrument, began on the USA’s west coast in the 1940s. That was originated for transportation and recreation.

After years it is considered a skilled hobby. Especially when it came to facts like competition, price because of popularity, it is thought of as a sport.

  • What is harder, soccer or skateboarding?

Soccer is a team sport whereas skateboarding is an individual sport. It is hard to compare. You can’t win the match only using your skill while you are playing soccer. But it is possible in the case of skateboarding. It requires much effort on skateboarding rather than soccer I think.

Final Verdict

You may consider skateboarding as a sport with a strong statement –”it is acting in competitions.” But another fact is that dance/ song, or other arts have also taken part in such competition.

And that fact does not lead you to consider these as sports. Then, why skateboarding? Only competition does not represent all the aspects of skateboarding.

Skateboarding has been an essential part of street culture. You may call it a subculture that influences fashion, music, art.

Yes, it’s not a sport! It’s a big vast world beneath in!


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