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Is Fingerboarding a Sport – An in-depth Guide on Fingerboarding

Fingerboarding is a relatively new thing for most people. However, over the last few years, it has become quite popular thanks to the truly entertaining factor. But that brings us to a question, is Fingerboarding a sport, or is it just a mindless hobby?

Well, it’s safe to say that finger-boarding is a sport as there are even tournaments organized for it. And it’s a very fun, engaging, and very challenging thing to learn.

That being said, let’s check out some of the tricks to do on the fingerboard that has made it a really fun sport for all.

is fingerboarding a sport

Is Fingerboarding a Sport

Fingerboarding is the laid-back version of real skateboarding, and you don’t need to go outside to play it. But it’s still super fun and challenging to play. And there are all kinds of tricks and moves you can learn to spice things up even further.

However, it wasn’t as popular as today even a few years ago. In fact, no one even knew about Fingerboarding a couple of years back. But eventually, it got super popular as it’s very convenient and fun to play with fingerboards.

Now, there are even tournaments, which makes it a legit sport. So, if you’re asking whether is Fingerboarding a sport or a hobby, you can tell that it’s both. There is just so much stuff to do in it that it became a sport that holds tournaments. Let’s check out some of the tricks that you can learn on the fingerboard to have fun with it

Fingerboard Tricks to Learn 

As we mentioned earlier, there is so much to learn on the tiny fingerboard that you can get addicted after a while with learning new challenging moves. But if you don’t know about all the cool moves and tricks that you can do with a fingerboard, we’ll discuss it for you down below.

There are thousands of moves and techniques that you can learn on a fingerboard. But to make them easier and well organized for you, they are divided into 3 main categories. These are,

  1. Air Tricks
  2. Grab Tricks
  3. Grinds and Ground Tricks

Air Tricks: Air tricks are one of the most common types of tricks that you can learn on the fingerboard but it looks very impressive. Different types of ollies, rewinds, and flips are great examples of air tricks. If you can master a few air tricks, you can easily impress your friends and family without any issues. Learning air tricks is also fundamental for beginners as well.

Grab Tricks: Grab tricks are also very impressive and fun to do. They might not look super fancy like the air tricks, but they definitely make you look like a seasoned pro at Fingerboarding. If you can learn and master a few grab tricks, it’ll take your skills to a whole new level. Different types of plants, grabs, etc are nice examples of grab tricks that you can learn.

Grinds and Ground Tricks: Finally, we have the grins and ground tricks that you can learn. These are more on the subtle side but they look very classy. For that, you need to learn different grinds and slides, and once you’ve mastered it, your Fingerboarding will not look the same anymore.

What is the Hardest Fingerboard Trick

Double flip is the hardest trick.

If you know a few fundamental moves of Fingerboarding you probably know how to do basic flips with your fingerboard. That’s quite hard to get when you’re just starting out. But when it comes to doing double flips with a fingerboard, that gets insanely hard to do.

Doing a single flip on itself can take a lot of practice to get down well. But going for a double flip is when it gets crazy difficult. It’s undoubtedly the hardest fingerboard trick that you can learn, and it’ll take you so much time and effort.

How to do Fingerboard Kickflip

Kickflips on a fingerboard are one of the most classic moves that you can teach yourself how to do. To do a successful kickflip, you must get the hand position correct and start to move the fingerboard to the direction you’re comfortable with going.

Once it’s moving, apply pressure to the back of it and it should lift the whole thing up, and that’s when you’re going to flip the board. To flip it, you need to use your index finger to stroke the nose of the fingerboard, which will execute the kickflip.

It’ll take a lot of your own experiments to find out what works for you. But after you’re done with the kickflip in the air, make sure to work on building a perfect landing as well.

is fingerboaring a sport or a hobby

How to do an Ollie on a Fingerboard

Ollie is the single most popular move on the fingerboard and there are tons of variations available that you can learn. To do the basic one, place your index and middle finger on the board and start moving it. Once it catches decent speed, bring your ring finger and hit the back of the fingerboard so that it launches the board in the air.

Once you figure out how to do it properly, you’re all done! Now, start practicing how to land the board so that you can nail an ollie every time you hit it. It’s a very easy move that might take some time and repetition to get down perfectly. But once you learn it, it’s going to be super worth it.

Final Verdict

As you saw, with all the cool tricks and challenging moves, finger boarding is a quite challenging sport. And as we mentioned, tournaments are held for this sport, which is very awesome.

There is just so much stuff to learn, and once you learn them, it becomes addictive. The best part is that you don’t need to go out with your skateboard to play. And people are loving this sport quite a bit for convenience and fun. Hopefully, that answers your question: is fingerboarding a sport or not quite well?

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  1. You have given very good information related to the article may fingerboard sport and it is very helpful for us. Fingerboard is a normal-sized replication of a real skateboard people like to ride. In Finger boarding, the board replicates every part of the bigger counterpart, starting from the wheels, decks, trucks, or even the graphics on the deck.

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