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6 Best Insoles For Skateboarding of 2023 | Most popular

Hold on, before we jump into the nook and crannies regarding the best insoles for skateboarding, let’s answer your biggest dilemma – do you even need an insole?

Heck, yes!

Insoles explicitly made for skateboarding have a significant catch that you don’t want to miss out on. It won’t matter if you like to thrash around on your skateboard or cruise around town; when you take a fall, it’s bound to hurt. And this is where insoles come to the rescue.

This article will guide and help you choose the best insoles for skating, so bear with us!

Does It Require To Use Insoles While Skateboarding?

Previously we have talked about the benefits of an Ankle Brace while skateboarding. Not it is time to talk about skate insoles. The benefits of owning foot insoles while skateboarding are endless. Skate shoe insoles ensure maximum protection against foot impact while skateboarding. These are designed to cup your heels which in return prohibit slippage while performing various maneuvers and tricks.

best insoles for skateboarding

Moreover, when you purchase the best insoles for vans, you will feel maximum comfort in your feet and find incredible stability on your arch. Additionally, insoles are specially made to compliment your skating shoes, which is the ultimate banger.

If you can bag a carbon-fiber insole, then you would acquire endless durability. This specific construction elevates your skateboarding experience by prohibiting collapsing or buckling even under immense stress.

But here’s the best catch and why you should invest in insoles for your skating shoes; within the numerous and countless styles of insoles, there are plenty to match each definite foot contour.

While it does so, the arch support enhances, supporting your tricks, Ollies, and whatnot within each end. The primary diversification maximizes every skater’s chance at a happy skating adventure. After all, shoes aren’t one-size-fits-all, so why shouldn’t insoles be the same?

While skateboarding, your body goes through strains that often remain unmanageable, especially if you’re a beginner trying to optimize your trick skills. Whereas falling off is undoubtedly a long shot, cramps and aches have their ways of peeking in even during mainstream maneuvers.

This is why insoles are a necessity. With better foot insoles, you can naturally maintain your body’s posture and align your foot-to-body mechanism. Furthermore, the shock absorption technique in these are a hit, too, as with improved alignment, it can eradicate or ease lower back, knee, and heel pain.

What Are The Best Insoles For Skateboarding?

In theory, the best insoles can provide users with adequate sizes, cloud-like comfort while skating or walking, expansive feel with proper ventilation, is called best insoles for skateboarding. Moreover, the necessity of stability and complete arch support needs to be unparalleled in the best insoles.

The good news is that our and every skaters’ theory comes to life with the Shred Soles. Their irreplaceable scientific design, reduction in hit, and impact with absorption are a dream for many. Your knees, ankles, and calves will never have to endure any minor or severe blow ever again!

1. Shred Soles Performance Skateboarding Insoles

Our first masterpiece is an actual work of art. Let’s take a gander at this dream-come-true for all skaters.

Before we jump into knowing all about its cloud-like features and comfort, let’s ease the stress of finding the correct size. These Shred soles come in sizes six to eight for women and size five to seven for men. All you have to do is refer it to any of your shoe sizes, and boom… you have yourself the perfect size that’s not too congested or loose.

Shred Soles Performance Skateboarding Insoles (Small Men 5-7 Women 6-8)
  • Cloud Like Comfort - We developed the perfect blend of DuraShred foam as a base layer to provide long lasting support and...
  • Board Feel - Layer of ShredBed Microcellular Urethane under the forefoot. ShredBed is soft to the touch for enhanced board...

Shred has meticulously developed their renowned ‘cloud’ effect by blending their base layer with DuraShred foam, targeted explicitly for skateboarding comfort and long-term support.

Moreover, the broader feel is necessary and targeted via ShredBed Microcellular Urethane layers under the footbed. It’s the softest to touch and diminishes forces in an instant on impact. So, yes, your knee and ankle muscles can finally relax!

And that fantastic arch protection and support users rave about? All thanks to the PrimoTech skeleton blends and design, you can acquire unmatched stability while performing tricks with a skateboard. This technology, along with the dense gel material, provokes protection against primo landings, reduces chances of ankle rolls by ensuring superior control and balance.

Even though it’s a niche complaint, a few fans had to turn down this option due to limited shoe sizes for both men and women.

2. Basmile Shoe Insoles

Looking for better shoe size ranges? We got you! Besides having an exemplary shoe size range, the Basmile insole is a top-notch choice for daily usage, and here’s why.

Shoe Insoles, Orthotic Insoles, Memory Foam Insoles Providing Great Shock Absorption and Cushion, Best Insoles for Men and Women for Everyday Use (M)
  • Soft and ultralight memory foam providing great shock absorption and cushion, antiskid
  • Stoma design and mesh fabric surface offer better air circulation, make your feet airy and fresh

First off, let’s talk about its enormous shoe size range. It comes in three sizes L, M, and S. Within each of these sizes, there are sub-categories to fit your shoes perfectly. Sounds like the best dream team, doesn’t it?

The product is well-renowned for its good-ol’ antiskid and shock-absorbing mechanism designed with ultra-light and softest memory foam. Besides, don’t you hate it when the materials are so thick that your feet start getting clammy and sweaty? Eww!

Skateboarders don’t need any of that! Finally, you can stay dry and fresh with its superior mesh fabric and stoma design. This offers continuous air circulation thus, avoiding any blisters or sweaty aftermath.

The insole’s performance is elevated by its scientific arch support located right at the center to eradicate plantar fasciitis and foot ache as it’s suitable for men, women, and children to also render to their flat feet.

These best skate insoles for flat feet don’t only complement your skating shoes, but you can switch it up between boots, work, outdoor, casual and athletic shoes. Definitely an investment with diverse usage and value, we must say!

Even with much attention at the center of the insole, users would love to see some improvement in the thickness around the front area to enhance support on the foot’s ball.

3. Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles

Perhaps, our previous product suggestion didn’t makeup as the best gig because you suffer from particular foot aches or issues that need constant care. Don’t worry; these Easyfeet insoles will be a game-changer for you.

Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles for Men and Women Shoe Inserts - Orthotic Inserts - Flat Feet Foot - Running Athletic Gel Shoe Insoles - Orthotic...
  • PLEASE CAREFULLY CHECK THE SIZE DETAILS BEFORE YOU PROCEED TO PAYMENT. Premium podiatrist-recommended sole shoe inserts for...
  • ANY AGE / FOOTWEAR/ ACTIVITY orthotic inserts for men and women fit all orthopedic - athletic - casual - workout - sports -...

Whether you like to skate or not, these insoles with maximum arch support and podiatrist recommendation are inserted to offer unbeatable comfort. Users have had their minds blown with its affirmative relief from Morton’s neuroma, heel spurs, pronation, and other posture irregularities.

Needless to say, these pairs are adaptable to any age, footwear, and activity. Moreover, consumers have seen incredible performance whether they whip these out for hiking, casual wear, or sports. The magic lies within its immediate shock-absorbing arch support.

Gel insole ensures unmatched stability and cushion against any minor or significant blow. It’s implemented with deep-heel cradling, which magnifies its span of stability and keeps feet bone straight for heightened support.

Lastly, buyers keep coming back because of its hard TPU and PU memory foam base construction. These are grade-A choices for manufacturing frictionless, breathable and heat resistant, comfortable wear. And the best part? These can be trimmed to fit. Yay!

Some users say that these pairs have a longer ‘breaking in’ period than contemporaries. Manufacturers also recommend using them for 2-3 hours daily to reduce pressure.

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4. YILILONG Shoes Insoles for Men and Women

Are you in search of the best skate insoles that can accommodate any footwear and activity? Even with such abilities, our prior options don’t solely conform to such diversity. But what if we told you that you’ve finally hit the jackpot?

Built with the highest quality materials, this YILILONG insole is promised to add structure, support, and comfort to your shoes. The material and construction involve vegan and latex-free, durable materials with intricate designs fit for men’s sizes 8-13 and women’s sizes 5-10.

No products found.

But, the essential element that makes its performance divine is it’s designed to jerk out any stress that metatarsal, flat foot, or heel pain could cause you. Due to its explicit comfort and detailing, you can acquire a full-time lightweight feel whether you plan for long walks or stay idle.

That’s another reason why it’s best for hiking, running, walking, or any other sport. If you’re someone who has to stand straight for prolonged hours at work, don’t delay this super affordable and feet-friendly deal!

In hindsight, users have felt that the YILILONG insoles provide adaptability on control, cushioning, and comfort depending on the kind of work you’re doing. That’s a revolutionary innovation that can even elevate your skateboard tricks and awe your superiors.

On the contrary, the material could be a tad greasy with a strong rubbery-y smell, making it slippery.

5. Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insoles

Lastly, we recommend Dr. Scholl’s insoles for those of you who still aren’t satisfied with the prices. This super-affordable insole can tailor you to unbelievable value at the cheapest rate. Let’s see how they do it.

No products found.

Here’s the banger with this deal. You will not only acquire the total value and more when you skateboard with these magnificent pieces embedded in your shoes but, you will also get to enjoy the benefits in an array of athletic activities. Name your favorite hobby, sport, or activity; this insole will be there to save your day.

Save the day from what, you ask? Good question.

These insoles are seamlessly designed for users who suffer from chronic fatigue, pain, and muscle ache in their legs and feet. By the grace of the massaging gel technology, you can experience reduced stress on the lower portion of your body, especially on your joints. Moreover, due to its no-stress technology, it lets you stay up and working on your feet even longer.

But, more than anything, users have loved the flexible arch shell features, which provide unbeatable end-to-end stability, improvised control, motion, and fantastic support. Don’t get behind on this race, and grab this insole to fit any sneaker, vans, or shoes.

The only downfall about these best insoles for vans is that they aren’t designed to support flat feet or regular runners. Yikes!

best skate insoles

How To Choose The Best Insoles For Skateboarding?

The best skate insoles have too many good qualities to be true. Along with comfort and warmth, their services are endless. However, they’re all not the same.
You can’t possibly pour all your money in one basket without knowing why you’re doing it. It’s crucial to know what to look for in the insoles. So, keep reading to learn what to invest in and why.

• Material – Both the manufacturing and material of these shoe insoles have an undivided give and take. Insoles made for skateboarding are essentially constructed with either of the four primary materials; leather, gel, cork, or foam.

Each of these materials has its own way around durability, comfort, and long-lasting capacities. If you opt for foam insoles, you will acquire pressure reliefs, mediocre support, and cushioning. With cork construction, you will receive a good cushion and support.

Whereas with leather, you get a better feel on your feet, and the cushioning is impressive too. Lastly, gel insoles are renowned for their exceptional shock absorbing and strengthening properties. It all boils down to your preferences and need.
• Foot Type – If you find the correct match with an insole, make sure you go for a bit of a test run. This mini test run will paint a nice picture of how well the insole matches your foot type and if it can withstand long-term usage.

Indeed, there are several kinds of insole sizes and types. Thus, it’s best to go around and find your perfect match, depending on your weak spots, flexibility, and comfort.

• Size – Before you get onto purchasing, here’s a pro tip: each manufacturer has a diverse insole size range. Make sure you correspond it to your foot size and then invest in one.

However, both the male and female shoe size patterns will not diverge apart significantly. Thus, you can utilize a few of your shoe sizes to estimate the insole’s size. There are also available options such as trim to fit, which allows a more snug fit if that’s your desire.

• Cushioning – All shoes in the market can’t combine comfort and excellent cushioning. Safe to say, whereas some can offer excellent arch support, others may concentrate best at absorbing shocks. If your shoes don’t come with the proper insole and cushioning, you’re free to test out a few depending on your frequent riding style.

Few of these insoles can take a beating; others can’t. With that being said, you have to find the right match based on your expertise level and if you’re cruising or thrashing.


a) Will insoles make shoes tighter?

Good insoles for skateboarding can leave your shoes feeling tighter. However, if you do want a tighter fit, insoles are the safest and sturdy options out there. Insoles are added to give your shoes a more snug fit, enhance the overall comfort and not cramp up the ease of use. So, if you’re looking to optimize comfort and the tightness of your skating shoes, opt for an insole.

b) How long should you wear insoles?

Right after purchasing an insole, there’s a ‘breaking in’ period, which allows the soles of the user’s feet to get accustomed to the varying pressures from the insoles and shoes. However, to set yourself free from this breaking in period sooner, you can try the following methods:
• Try wearing the new insoles for at least an hour every day before you hop onto using them while skateboarding.
• Keep adding an extra hour per day as you keep going up the ladder.

c) Do insoles hurt at first?

It heavily depends on your feet’ shape. Suppose you have flatter feet; an insole has a higher possibility of hurting your heels for that specific shape. The orthotic exerts a certain amount of pressure on the user’s arch, which can evidently cause some aching or none at all, depending on your foot’s shape.

This also happens as your feet are only starting to get accustomed to this new tool. However, as you keep breaking in the orthotic, your feet will adjust to the pressure and begin positively receiving the support.

d) Can insoles make you jump higher while skateboarding?

Rather than affecting the jump heights, skateboarding insoles are a better fit for pulling off multiple standard or pro-level tricks that come with increased impacts. Insoles reduce foot ache thus, performing any maneuver, and even the highest rates of jumps turn out smooth as butter.

Final Verdict

We hope now you know the value of owning the best skate insoles. During your quest to find the most reasonable solid pair, you’ll come across many brands and features, but nothing beats the Shred Soles Performance Insoles.

With its cloud-like comfort, broad feel, perfect arch protection, and support, you will not only feel light as air but, you will get to enjoy even more with double the stability. What a banger!
So, don’t wait any longer. Get off your couch, and grab these best insoles for skateboarding.

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