how to get more pop on a skateboard

How to Get More Pop on a Skateboard

After learning skateboarding, most people get a desire to learn skateboarding tricks. While some are hard and might take a long time and excellent skills to learn, others are basic.

One of the tricks most skateboarders are eager to know is how to get more pop on a skateboard. It is not as challenging as the other hard tricks, but this is not to say that you can learn it in one day.  Let’s know more about it.

How to get more pop on a skateboard

The first thing to get more pop is to choose the best pop skateboard. With this, there are some factors that skateboarders need to consider to get more pop. Take a look.

  • Position better

There are specific foot positions that will give you more pop on your skateboard tricks. For a better pop, position your front foot below the bolt at the front of the skateboard and duck down at a lower position than usual.

Now arise for the Ollie and bend your knees deeper towards the chest. You are trying to get the best position that will give you more pop. Also, find the specific pressure points on your skateboard, which will enable you to get that better pop. Discover better foot positioning, and you will get more pop.

  • Jump higher

You ought to jump higher to get your tricks higher, and how strong your legs are will determine how high you will jump. Work hard towards having strong core muscles. That way, you will increase your vertical leap, which makes jumping higher direct and straightforward.

You can exercise on push-ups, squats, planks, and hip lifts to get strong core muscles. They are all free on YouTube. Leg muscles include all the areas from the butt to the calf muscles. Other activities like jumping a rope, biking, and swimming could help with this.

  • Pop harder

Popping harder is another trick to getting more pop on your skateboard. The more you pop harder, the higher the trick. Popping on a new skateboard will give a better pop than using an old one. This fact is because old skateboards have worn-out tail. You can keep a budget to purchase a new skateboard after every 90 days to maintain high pops and stop using worn-out decks.

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How to Pop an Ollie on a Skateboard

Note that it is difficult to pop an Ollie when all your weight is on the skateboard. This trick would work well. Place your feet on your board in Ollie’s position and jump up off the board, lifting your knees towards the chest.

Ensure there is adequate space between your feet and the skateboard and carefully return for a safe landing. You can jump 2-3 feet above the board to make the jump high.

Use the whole of your body, including your arms, head, and back to get the vertical jump. Also, do it with balance and control to ensure a safe landing.

So how do you pop the board while you jump? The toes are responsible for the popping. You pop the tail of the board before your feet leave the board when you jump. Your front foot first accelerates upwards while your back toes flip the tail downwards.

Ensure your weight is not on the tail when it is getting in contact with the ground. If this happens, you will not get a pop. Just be consistent in your practice and put more effort. You have to train your body to time well when to jump.

how to pop the tail on a skateboard

How to Pop the Tail of a Skateboard

This trick is almost the same as popping an Ollie. Before you learn how to pop the tail, you need first to be good at balancing on a rolling skateboard. Start practicing to pop the tail when rolling slowly. Also, ensure that you master how to keep your skateboard rolling even after you have popped. To pop the tail;

  1. Put down your back foot on the tail of your skateboard and the front on the midpoint of the board.
  2. Bend down your knees like you are squatting, but do not bend your back. Crouch down to a level where you can get a high jump.
  3. While crouched down, jump and pop the board. This action requires a good mastery of timing. Practice makes you do this part well.
  4. To pop, make your back leg straight and lift the front leg so that you can get a hard tail’s pop.
  5. Level up by pointing your front foot downwards when you get to your maximum height. Also, straighten your front leg so that it levels with the back foot. This way, you will make your back stick and rise with your feet.
  6. Come down by pointing the front foot and lifting the back foot. Then push the board to the ground and squat to absorb the shock.
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How to Jump Higher When Skateboarding

If you are a beginner in this trick, you might want to practice it on a flat surface or on the grass to protect yourself if you fall. First, position your front foot in the middle of the tail and the back one on the tail. Bend your knees towards your chest to enable you to pop the tail as you jump.

Pop the tail by pushing the backside of the board with your back foot. However, do not push down your tail too hard because your weight might stop the board from going up.

After you have popped the tail, straighten your legs and jump up. Raise your hands and straighten your back to help you get a higher jump.

Make your front foot move along with the board by sliding it along the surface of your board.  Now, as you get to the high point of your jump, bring up your back foot to level up the board underneath.

Drop your legs to the ground to land on the board safely. Ensure your knees are bend to absorb shock and prevent injuries.

how to jump higher when skateboarding

Final Verdict

Popping on a skateboard is a simple trick that you can train and become a pro within days. To master this trick faster, you must first know how to balance well when rolling and get the perfect timing.

Play with your front and back feet well for a safe landing. Also, ensure you bend your knees always when landing to absorb shock and prevent injuries.

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