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How Long Are Skateboards, Longboards, and Others?

If you are thinking about getting a skateboard, you might be wondering, how long are skateboards, longboards, penny boards, cruisers, etc?

This post answers all your questions and helps you choose. let’s go over all the details about skateboards, and their lengths. Buckle up!

What Is The Average Length Of a Skateboard?

A regular skateboard is 71-84cm long or ranges from 28-33 inches. It depends on your board.

how long are skateboards

These are just flat information, there is so much more to know before you pick up a deck for yourself or your loved ones. Not just these, there are different types of skateboards. The length of the deck also depends on the kind of deck you are purchasing.

For example, some different types of skateboards are; cruiser boards, longboards, street skateboards, penny boards, etc. The length depends on which board you are choosing.

How Long Are Cruiser Skateboards?

For cruiser boards, the average length is around 25-32 inches. Whereas the widths vary from 7-9.5 inches. Cruiser boards are also referred to as “mini longboards” or “mini-cruisers.”

In other words, cruiser boards are skateboards that are smaller than longboards and bigger than mini-cruisers, size-wise. Cruiser boards are comparatively easy to ride on, rather than doing tricks. Most cruiser boards have rarely any curves in them and have stronger wheels than an average skateboard.

As cruiser boards have tough wheels than a normal skateboard, it’s super convenient for beginners. The board will be more in your control and won’t slip off every now and then, due to the wheels.

The good news is, although cruiser decks don’t allow a lot of tricks in them due to their building structure, you can still do a couple of tricks! An ollie won’t hurt if you know what you’re doing.

How Long Are Street Skateboards?

how long are street skateboards

Street skateboards are relatively small boards, than regular ones. As it’s more convenient to skate with a small board than a big one in the streets.

On average, a street skateboard is about 28-32 inches long, but some street skaters also use 31-33 inches.

Also, quick tip, if you are skateboarding on roads or streets, please have proper safety precautions and know what you are doing. The rate of accidents occurred by skateboarders is alarming because of the lack of safety, these days.

What Size Skateboard Should I Get?

Selecting a skateboard can be pretty hectic, especially if you are a beginner. Therefore, before choosing a deck, there are two things that you need to keep in mind. One is your height and the other is your shoe size.

skateboard size chart

So if you are getting a skateboard, get a board that is proportional or somewhat equivalent to your shoe size. For example, if you are someone who wears a men’s size 9, then go for a board that’s 7-8 inches wide, in width.

Now, what if you wear shoes that are beyond size 9? Easy, go for a board that’s bigger than 8 inches wide, the bigger your shoe size and height are, the wider your board should be.

Normally, skaters like to use boards that are 7-8 inches wide, that’s the average. But don’t be shy to go over to your local skate shop and see which board fits you the best.

We care about you, so we put together a table to help you figure out which width-size skateboard you should get, depending on your height. Check it out:

Rider’s HeightSkateboard Width Size
4’3” or shorter7” or less
4’3” to 5’2”7-7.5” or more
5’2” more7.5” or more

Keep in mind that the table may vary, if you want to get some ideas, this table might be helpful.

Which Skateboard Should I Get For My Shoe Size?

Now let’s say you wear shoes that are smaller than size 9, what should you pick out then? Go for the 7 inches wide decks, or you can go for less than 7 inches but they are available less.

Skateboards are easily controlled if they are less narrow in the edges. Meaning, the less broad your deck is, the more control you have over your board.

This is why most skaters tend to prefer and use the 7.5-8 inched wide boards. Although some even use the 8.25 inches boards, we are talking in general here.

Before going to purchase a deck, it’s highly recommended and is effective to go over any skate shop and ask them if you can try out a few.  Sure, if you are a pro skater and know what your size is, exactly, then you can purchase online. You can even customize online too, some brands give you that option.

But if you are a beginner who is just learning how to skate and is hoping to do some tricks in it, nothing is better than going out and trying boards of different sizes. Who knows, maybe you’ll feel more comfortable in an 8.25-inch board than a 7 inch one.

The key is to know and understand that if your feet wiggles on the board, or if you feel like you have less control of the board when you are riding it. The deck is probably not the perfect size for you, sometimes it’s not your skills, it can also be the board.

How Long Is A Standard Longboard?

how long is a standard longboard

An average skateboard’s length is 28-32 inches. But for the title, longboards are…well long. A typical longboard is about 32-59 inches.

A fun fact is that longboards can be sometimes twice the size of a skateboard, this provides more fun and joy in the experience. There is a major difference between a skateboard and a longboard.

The difference is that skateboards are more convenient to perform tricks on, whereas, people use longboards as a form of transportation.

Longboards are quite similar to cruiser boards, except there are longer than cruisers. There are lots of cruisers and longboards available in the market that are electrical now. Of course, for transportation uses.

You’ll see a stranger with a longboard or an electric skateboard almost in every corner in New York City. For a crowded place like NYC, it’s quite handy to own a longboard or even a skateboard, it saves you time, energy, and not to mention, being stuck in the never-ending New York traffic.

Longboards are also used for racing in many places. As they are bigger and longer in size, people use them to race. However, don’t be discouraged not to perform any tricks on your longboard, just be careful.

How Long Is A Longboard In Feet?

A longboard’s length ranges from 32 inches to 59 inches, which is roughly 2 to 4 feet. As you can see, the lengths can be according to your preferences, and let’s be real a 4 feet deck is quite long. But don’t be intimidated by it.

To be fair, longboards are not the most convenient boards to do tricks on, as mentioned earlier. But would you not try to do an ollie on your deck if Tony Hawk did it? Unfortunately, though, Tony Hawk doesn’t skate on longboards, if he did, maybe there would have been more longboard tricksters than users for moving.

Just as longboards are a part of skateboarding, longboards themselves have different kinds too. There are at least 18+ longboard types for the big long decks.

Pintail longboards, Cruising longboards, downhill, Bamboo longboards, Blunt longboards, fishtail longboards, etc.

Each of these longboards is used for different purposes and serves different criteria.

How Long Is A Pintail Longboard?

how long is a pintail longboard

For example, a pintail longboard is shaped like an expanded teardrop from our eye. Its length is 38 to 46 inches, and the width is 9 to 10 inches.

Pintail longboards are similar to cruiser longboards, more on that later. Pintail boards are extremely effective for those who are trying to get into longboarding as a beginner. As it will cause little to no wheel bite for the rider.

Since it’s a longboard, it will have more than enough space for the rider to move around, which can be pretty awesome to terrifying at the same time. Because while skating, no matter if it’s a longboard or just a skateboard, your feet should be comfortable on the deck.

If your feet feel uncomfortable, or if there’s space that you don’t have control over more, take the sign and change your board’s size.

Let’s say you are in a park, or just in a place where there’s space and you just want to roam around with your board and take the view in. That’s when a cruiser longboard comes in useful. Lazy, idle, but playful and beautiful at the same time.

Pintail longboards and cruising longboards are considerably similar as cruising boards’ length starts from 40 inches in length, and can help you roam around better.

For cruising boards, choose a board that’s more flexible and has strong wheels. The deck being more flexible gives the rider more confidence to ride it, as well as, be good at riding it.

How Long Is A Dancing Longboard?

Nowadays, a new type of longboard is being ridden. Which is called the “dancing longboard.” Ever wondered how long they are?

How long a dancing longboard

To be blunt, a dancing longboard is about 42-48 inches long. The deeper we are getting for longboards, the longer they are getting.

Dancing longboards are exactly what they sound like, dancing on your decks. While that may sound quite fun, but it takes some time to dance on the actual board, and of course, to have immaculate skills.

Dancing longboards don’t have to be any particular type of longboards, you might say, you can dance on any skateboard. However, first introduced by fellow skater Rodney Mullen. Which is still holding the title for inventing a lot of difficult tricks in the world of skateboarding.

Keep in mind, in dancing longboards, flexibility is a must-have. Earlier for Pintail or cruising longboards, having flexible boards giving you more control. But here in longboard dancing, you have to have flexibility, or else you most likely won’t be able to perform the tricks.

For longboard dancing, all you really need is a longboard and get ready to express yourself, and hopefully, blow away others.

There is a term for longboard dancers too, yup, you probably guessed it, they are called, “longboard choreographers.” Longboard dancing also gives you more room to be flexible with yourself, and get crazy with the board.

Warning: Don’t get too crazy, we still need you safe and clear.

Lastly, if you are going to practice longboard dancing, be creative. Mix creativity with difficulty and technicality. Think of the board as your own stage.

Another reason why drop-through is popular is that it’s all in one structure. Drop through boards are strong, flexible, easy to roam around with. Basically all the features you want in a longboard.

This is why it’s a people’s pleaser and is a go-to option for so many riders. The drop-through decks is also mounted a little lower than usual longboards, which allows the rider to have more control over the board than regular longboards.

Longboard Length For Height 

There’s a lot to longboards when picking one. And just like skateboards, longboards require some fields to cover too, while purchasing one. Here just like normal boards, you need to know your height before you get your hands on a longboard for the best experience.

Before choosing a board, you need to figure out where you will be riding the board the most, flexibility, design, durability, wheels, last but not least the length of the deck.

Similar to skateboards, another table has been arranged to help you understand better in the easiest words. Take a glance below:

Different Longboard StyleRider’s HeightLongboard Size
Freeride & Freestyle LongboardUp to 5’10”38-42 inches
Downhill5’10” or more42” or more
Cruising5’10” or more40” or more

Therefore, these are some of the heights and lengths differentiated. If you are under this height category, feel free to take ideas on which size your deck should be. If you just starting out with longboards, it’s still highly recommended to go to a physical skate shop and try different types of boards there and see which size fits you the best.


I hope you know everything about skateboard size including how long are skateboards and longboards.

There are different types of skateboards, as there are different types of longboards. While an average skateboard’s length ranges from 28-32 inches, for longboards, it’s 32-59 inches.

Whichever you are buying, be it a skateboard or longboard, both of these need few boxes checked before the purchase. Durability, strongness of the board, wheels, etc. but the rider needs to know their height, and shoe size if acquiring a skateboard.

In general, skateboards’ width starts from 7” whereas for longboards it’s 9 inches.

There are at least 19 different types of longboard types available.

To sum it all up, different types of skateboards or longboards have different sizes and require a unique criterion. So, don’t be shy to go all-in when you are purchasing your very own deck, and have a safe boarding journey!



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