how skateboard affect your body

How Does Skateboarding Affect Your Body | 12 Important Facts

You see, skateboarding has all kinds of benefits when it comes to your health starting from losing weight to gaining lean muscles. There’s no doubt that it’s a thousand times better to go out with your skateboard than play video games on your digital devices. But what exactly are you getting from skateboarding?

To help you get clear what skateboarding does to your body, we’ll cover 12 facts about skateboarding. It’ll cover everything related to your health that you need to know.

how does skateboarding affect your body

12 Facts About Skateboarding – How It Affect Your Body

Down below, we’ll go over 12 facts that go to show how skateboarding affects your body. These facts will help clear out a lot of confusion and give answers to some of the most asked questions regarding this topic.

  • Does skating increase height?

    Does skating increase height

This is a frequently asked question among parents if skateboarding will increase their kid’s height or not. And there is a lot of misinformation on this, which leads to more confusion and misbeliefs. But no, skateboarding will not help increase the height of a person.

You need to understand that height is almost entirely determined by genetics. You don’t have a lot to do about it in the first place. So, skateboarding won’t have a huge impact on growing your height either.

But there are things you can do to help make the process healthier. That is where riding your skateboard can come in handy. You see, to grow taller, you need to have all the proper nutrients, physical exercise, and enough sleep. And skateboarding is a great physical workout in itself. 

So, in a sense, it can be a great help to increase height. Some people find it hard to enjoy physical activities, which might hinder their growth to a certain level. But skateboarding is such a fun activity that can really make the process easier to get some physical activity while enjoying yourself.

So, it might not directly increase your height, but if the lack of physical activity is interrupting your natural growth, then it can definitely come in handy.

  • Does skating help lose weight?

Skateboarding is a wonderful way of losing weight. It might not be the most intense workout in the world, but it does help to burn your calories faster. If you’re familiar with the term Cardio, then you know how effective these techniques are. And skateboarding has a similar effect on your body, which is quite amazing.

On average, going on a ride with your skateboard for about an hour will help you lose around 300-500 calories, and that’s impressive. Of course, it depends on the individual as everybody has a different body type. Your current weight, fat level, diet, daily activities, and sleep will have a huge impact on how much weight you’ll be able to lose.

But it does help to get a leaner leg as you have to work pretty hard with your leg. The workout definitely gets rid of some weight and helps you tone those muscles. Besides, doing any work that’s challenging for your body will help you lose weight. So, it’s safe to say that skateboarding does help you lose some weight.

  • Does skating count as exercise?

Skateboarding in itself is undoubtedly a complete exercise that helps your body in many ways. Just like other exercises, it helps to grow certain muscles, enhance endurance and help build your immunity stronger. Besides all that, skateboarding helps you lose weight as we just talked about in the previous segment. 

However, you can’t just replace your workout with just skating. If you are serious about maintaining your health and your body shape, then you must work out 3 to 5 times a week. And for the rest of the days, you can go out with your skateboard. That’s going to condition your body and really make a difference in how you look and also feel on the inside.

Skateboarding is also more fun than walking or running. So, you can replace those in your fitness routine with skateboarding and have more enjoyment out of your workouts that way.

  • Does skateboarding burn fat?

Skateboarding can definitely help you lose fat from your body, and it’s a great way to start your fat-burning journey. As we discussed earlier, skateboarding helps you lose weight by burning calories. And once you start to burn those calories, your stored body fats start to burn as well. As a result, you burn fat, and it’s that simple!

However, to make it more effective, you can experiment with more stuff. For instance, you can start intermittent fasting, which is fasting for a 16 to 20 hours period, and having your meals for the rest of the hours. If you’re in the fasting state, you’ll burn more fat skateboarding. That’s even scientifically proven, and it’s a great way to burn fat.

And if you want to rank it up a notch, throw a diet plan on it. The best options for you would be the Ketogenic diet (keto diet) and the Carnivore diet. These will help you burn fat as fast as possible, and it’s all-natural and healthy for you. Just make sure to be reasonable and start small. That way you’ll be able to stick to your goals and make them a reality.

  • Does skateboarding burn calories

    Does skateboarding burn calories

At this point in our article on how does skateboarding affect your body, we already discussed that skateboarding burns calorie. However, let’s dive deeper into the topic and see how you can get the most out of it.

Skateboarding is a great exercise for people who want to lose calories and burn fat. It works like cardio and helps you lose calories pretty fast. You can lose anywhere between 300-500 calories just by riding your skateboard for an hour. But remember, that’ll depend on a lot of things such as your current body weight, metabolism, etc.

However, if your main goal is to burn calories, then you should combine skateboarding with other exercises that enhance fat burning as well. Also, what you put inside your body is probably the most important thing when it comes to losing weight.

So, make sure to stick to a diet plan, and then skateboarding will be more effective than ever-burning calories. But overall, it definitely helps you burn calories and achieve leaner muscles.

  • Does skateboarding build abs?

First of all, you need to know that everybody has abs. They are just not visible yet for the amount of fat buildup on top. Also, sometimes the reason is just lack of training in that area. In that case, skateboarding will help you get abs pretty fast.

It helps to develop and strengthen some targeted areas of your body along with helping you build some muscle. But the magic of skateboarding is in the cardio aspect. It helps you get shredded super fast as it burns those calories and fats from your body pretty effectively. 

Going back to the point that everybody has abs and they are not visible for fat buildup, skateboarding can help to reduce that fat. Once you achieve a certain fat level, abs will naturally start to show up. 

In most cases, 17 to 11 percent fat level will get your abs visible. And the lower the fat percentage goes, the more defined your abs will look. So, if you want to look shredded and ripped, then losing fat is the best way to go. And skateboarding can help achieve that effectively and naturally.

  • Does skateboarding build muscle?
Does skateboarding build muscle

Skateboarding helps you develop some targeted muscle groups. For instance, the core, the quadriceps, hamstrings, lower legs, and many parts of your body get a good workout.

As you should know by now, exercises break the muscle tissues at first. Then certain nutrients like protein help to grow it back even bigger and stronger while you rest. So, exercising plays a huge role in the muscle-building part, but it’s certainly not the only thing.

You must eat well, and get enough sleep for your muscles to grow. Otherwise, you won’t have any gains, and you’ll lose muscles over time.

That being said, skateboarding is a great way to work out some muscle groups. That can help you build muscles. But if you are serious about bulking up and gaining muscles, then you must do weighted training and follow certain diets and sleeping routines.

Skateboarding works better helping you cut some fat and calories rather than helping you build muscles. So, just be aware of that when you plan out your fitness routine.

  • Does skating build glutes?

Yes, skateboarding is an excellent way to build glutes. It mainly works with the lower leg and glutes muscles while you’re riding the deck. So, it can be a great way to isolate the glute muscles and give them a good workout. 

And again, skateboarding is a great cardio exercise as well. That means it’s going to benefit all aspects of your body when it comes to muscle building. It might not be the best intense exercise when it comes to the upper body, but it’s definitely a great exercise for your lower body. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to build more muscles in that area just by skateboarding. That’s because it will get you leaner and shredded muscles rather than bulking up. The movements and flexing required to ride a deck make up for that. So, skateboarding is a great exercise to build glutes, but you should not expect to build a whole lot of muscles there.

  • Does skateboarding make your legs bigger?

Despite many misbeliefs, skateboarding will not help your legs get bigger. It might not make sense if you look at the fact that skateboarding works out the lower body quite well. But why doesn’t it help to build more muscle in these areas? 

Well, riding a skateboard helps you get more lean muscles. That’s why you’ll see most people riding a deck with slim and lean legs. If you want to get bigger legs, you have to work on other intensive training. But if you’re riding your skateboard hoping to make your legs bigger, that’s not going to give you the results that you crave.

But you can always combine those two together for an overall better approach. Don’t be scared to ride your skateboard. It’s not going to kill your gain in any way. You can enjoy your ride while working out to build a bigger leg at the same time.

  • Does skateboarding make you skinny? 

Skateboarding can make you skinny as it’s an effective cardio exercise. It burns almost 300-500 calories an hour, and that can help you lose weight pretty well. Also, the exercise helps you get some lean muscles in your lower body areas.

If you see people who have been riding skateboards for a long time regularly, you’ll see that their legs are quite skinny. That’s because skateboarding won’t help you bulk up. It helps you get leaner over time. 

So, if you want to build some muscles, you must start weight training. Skateboarding will help with cutting weight and building endurance. Make sure not to mix those up and work with an imbalanced fitness routine. 

Also, don’t worry about skateboarding cutting your gain and making you skinny if you are trying to gain weight. If you follow a good diet plan and solid workout routine, skateboarding will not have any negative impact on it. Just stick to your fitness plan, and it should continue to show you results over time. So, don’t sweat over it too much and enjoy those rides.

  • Does skateboarding strengthen anklesDoes skateboarding strengthen ankles

If you wonder if skateboarding strengthens ankles or not, then you should know that it does. Riding your skateboard regularly will have a great impact on your ankles and you’ll be surprised with the results.

Skateboarding helps to grow the micro muscles that surround your ankles and make them stronger. So, that ultimately strengthens your ankles pretty well.

However, if you’re doing tricks and moves with your skateboard, you should know that it’s not the best thing for your ankles. Those aggressive moves have a higher probability to cause injuries to your ankles, which is no good.

So, you must be careful doing those tricks and don’t go too overboard with them. But if you ride your skateboard regularly, it’s going to strengthen your ankles pretty effectively. In addition to this, you can you ankle brace to keep your ankle safe.

  • Does skateboarding cause arthritis?

Skateboarding is generally very beneficial for your health. But riding skateboards too aggressively and trying out dangerous moves and tricks can lead to arthritis in some rare cases. 

Riding your skateboard regularly will help strengthen your ankles as we discussed earlier. But most people don’t just ride the deck normally. They challenge their skills with new moves, and some of them are quite dangerous.

You should not try out these dangerous moves as they can cause serious injuries. Also, make sure to wear basic protective gear to help you prevent injuries. 

Another important thing you need to consider is staring away from dangerous ramps. That’s very irresponsible and might cause nasty accidents.

You see, if you are skateboarding normally, it’s not going to cause anything like arthritis. Rather it’s actually really good for your body. But you must make sure to be careful doing what we discussed earlier. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the rides and have a great time.

To Wrap Up

As you just went through the 12 facts, you can see how does skateboarding affect your body. It’s not only a fun and refreshing activity. But there are a lot of health benefits to skateboarding that you are getting just by enjoying a ride outside with your deck. What can be more fun and effortless way to improve your overall health?

So, make sure to space out some time from your life and go out with your skateboard once in a while. That’s going to do wonders for your body, and of course, it’s one of the most fun activities to do in your spare time. Also, make sure that you are careful with those crazy moves and tricks so that you don’t end up getting injured.

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