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Do you want to know more in detail about the Hoten skateboard, my honest Hoten Skateboard Review will help you to know everything on this. Continue reading the full article.

Do you love sidewalk surfing with a pro-quality skateboard? Believe it or not, most of skateboarders love this. They want to keep the skateboard with them wherever they go. Hoten can be the best option for you. I will try to break down all of its features- pros-cons, etc.


1:HOTEN Skateboard Review


Brand: Hoten

Best For Teen boys-girls and adults

Deck Size: 31” x 8”

Wheels Size: 52mm

Wheel durometer: 95A

Trucks: Premium quality

Weight capacity: 380 pounds

Item weight: 6.25 pounds

Indulge in a skateboard that can meet your needs. The Hoten Pro is one of them for teens and adults. You can ride skateboards on the street, skatepark, pool, etc., and can show your skill to people. This skateboard comes with a 7 layers Canadian maple deck. The 31″x8″ size durable deck withstands up to 380 lbs. So I think it is a good skateboard old guy because of its bearing capacity.

Its 5.25” aluminum trucks made it the strength to absorb shock on uneven terrain. Besides it is equipped with 95A high rebound PU wheels and ABEC-11 professional sports bearings. So, I think one of the best skateboards for flip tricks, kickflips, ollies, etc. 

Hoten Skateboards are hotcakes for skateboarders who are looking for a fully grown-up skateboard. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can start your cruising instantly. In addition to this, it is a preassembled skateboard, that needs to be tense about assembling. Just receive it and start your surfing.

2: HOTEN Pro Skateboards for Kids, Teens, Adults

It is another one from the Hoten family. It is almost the same as the first one I have talked about already. Still, there are some differences between them. Let’s see what are they-

hoten pro skatboard review

Deck Size: The deck length of this skateboard is 31.5” whereas the first one was 31”. In addition to this, the concave style of the deck ensures enough pop. So you will get more space on the deck that will facilitate doing tricks successfully.

Load Capacity: OMG!!! This board can handle up to 420 lbs that look like a beast. I have seen a few skateboards that can perform like this one. The skateboarder who is looking for a skateboard for a fat guy can choose it without any doubt.

Cost: It may cost you less than the previous one. If you are looking for a budget-friendly quality skateboard then the Hoten can be one of the best options available in the market.

Without these three features, most of the specifications are the same as the previous one.  So get desired one, that is suited to you.

Know more about Hoten Skateboard

“Never Stop Creating” is the Philosophy of Hoten skateboard. Since 2016 they are working to manufacture high-quality, durable skateboards. I love them because they compromise with the standard that is developed to offer fascinating boards to all skateboarders around the world.

Why You Should Choose Hoten?

Customization: The first thing I love about their skateboard is the customization. I think you know the importance of a perfect set-up. With professional experience, Hoten has done the job successfully. The combination of the skateboard parts is super. For example, 95A PU wheels with ABEC-11 sports bearings make it one of the best skateboards in the market.

Craftsmanship: Their engineers have been working on the skateboard components and they are working with a new process to improve absorption ability while pressing each layer of the board. They’ve also improved in the trucks and bearings by using up-to-date innovative and creative technology.

Durable and Sturdy: The skateboard has passed all of the tests in durability. They used advanced Canadian maple and use premium quality glue and epoxy to join the layer. They use an OS780 premium grip that is anti-slip and lasts for many years.

For every level of Skater: Their skateboard is perfect for all ages and all levels of skaters. With the high-strength maple deck and aluminum truck, you can be confident that it can handle any terrain or challenge.

Wrap Up

Are you still confused after reading my Hoten skateboard review? Then you can check the user experience by yourself here. I have tested these skateboards and I am fully satisfied with their performance. Get It Now – It will be worth buying!

Ref Image: Photo by Sid Saxena on Unsplash

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