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Skateboard & Accessories Reviews

People love to do tricks with their skateboard. That’s why I have talked about the best skateboard for tricks in the article. Checkout the full guide now.

Do you want to know which pants you should read while skateboarding? I have talked about in detail about it. Read the full review now.

Building a custom skateboard is a challenging task. Most rider try to get a top quality complete skateboard. I have discuss what are the best complete skateboard.

During skateboarding, the most pressure we feel on our leg. That’s why all should get a qualitiful insoles for skateboarding. Read my complete guide on it.

When you are injured already you should wear ankle brace to ensure protection from further any injuries. I did research on it and shared my thoughts.

Wheels are most essential parts of a skateboard. Different types of wheels are used for different types of terrain. Check to know about rough road wheels

Longboard & Accessories Reviews

best longboard for rough roads

Are you looking for the best longboard for rough road? People love off-roading. I do love it and have much experience on it. I have shared my experience here. To know more Read the Article

best longboard for 10 year old

Kids love skateboarding as well as longboarding. Longboarding looks more secure than skateboarding. My younger brother who is 10 years old love longboarding specially. I have researched for him and shared my thoughts here.

best longboard for pumping

Pumping is a special type of movement with a longboard. Specially expert skateboarder love it. They want to know more about it and I have experimented on it. Check my findings.

best longboard for long distance

Long distance riding requires special types of features. You can’t use the normal one for this. I have mentioned the best longboard for long distance. Read to know more.

Top Skaterboarding Tips

Am I Too Fat to Skateboard

Am I too fat to skateboard? Some people think about themseleves. I think they are not. Read my full reivew.

is skateboarding a sport

Is skateboarding a sport or not? What do you think? People become confused about it. That’s why I published full guide on it.

Fingboarding Tips

best fingerboard

Fingerboarding is populart game that is inspired by skateboarding. If you are a fingerboard lover check out top Fingerboard List

best fingerboard wheels

To do tricks successfully with fingerboard, wheels plays a vital role in. We should be careful while choosing the best fingerboard wheels. Read the full guide now.

tech deck mega ramp

For doing tricks with a fingerboard ramp is must to be used. I have done a case study on the best tech deck ramp. Check out my findings now.