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Hikole Skateboard Review | Is it Durable in 2023?

People find it difficult to make a decision whether they should buy a skateboard from a specific brand or not. The same can happen when people think to buy a Hikole Skateboard. You will get all of your answers that are related to the Hikole skateboard.

Hikole is one of the experienced skateboard manufacturers around the world. From 20 years of experience, they know which type of skateboard people like. So they follow the customer’s requirements and try to manufacture the best quality skateboard at an affordable price.

Are Hikole Skateboards Good Enough?

From the user experience perspective, yes,  Hikole skateboards are good to ride. They prefer a skateboarder requirement. They know if they don’t give priority to their customer, they are going to lose them.

That’s why, when they design a skateboard, they consider the customer’s requirement. They keep their eye on pricing. If you check their skateboards, you will find they are budget-friendly.

hikole skateboard review 2021

1. Hikole Skateboard Review – 31″ x 8″ Complete PRO Skateboard


Brand: Hikole

Wheels: 55mm

Durometer: 85A

Weight Capacity: 220lbs (100 Kilogram)

Best For: Kids and Adults both

Hikole Skateboard - 31" x 8" Complete PRO Skateboard - Double Kick 7 Layer Canadian Maple Wood Adult Tricks Skate Board for Beginner, Birthday Gift for...
  • ★ STUNTS -- 31"x 8" full size double kick concave design; Ideal for BEGINNER doing some basic stunts such 360's, OL action...
  • ★ DURABLE -- High density 7 layer canadian maple wood classical TRICKS skate board; Max supporting weight 220 lbs(100KG),...

Hikole prefers quality rather than quantity. Their product line is very small. If you look into the Hikole complete pro skateboard you will understand this. It is one of the top-selling skateboards with more than 1000 reviews on Amazon.

31”x8” Canadian maple wood deck made the skateboard perfect for beginners. This 7 layers concave design deck allows skateboarders to do some basic tricks like OL action, flip tricks, 360’s, etc. basic tricks. Most people don’t need to worry as the deck can withstand up to 220 lbs or 100 KG.

50mm wheels with precise ABEC-7 bearings ensure the smoothing spinning during skateboarding. These bearings are not fast, but suitable for all types of basic tricks. It features lightweight aluminum trucks. You can ride the skateboard on the street, sidewalk skate park, ramps, pool, etc.

Not for cruising but for tricks. Yes, it is true. You shouldn’t use this for cruising, you will be disappointed. But it is the perfect one for trick lovers. The deck provides more pop and the high-quality grip tape ensures enough grip during skateboarding. So beginner and intermediate skateboarders will face no problem. 

I will recommend the skateboard for more than 5 years old riders. Some people consider it one of the best complete skateboards as it comes fully assembled. So just the skateboard and start your riding that day.

Maintenance Tips For Hikole Skateboard

If you want a longer lifetime of your skateboard I will recommend you to take the following action.

  • Don’t ride the skateboard on rough roads.
  • Use grease to keep bearings smooth.
  • It is not for heavy adults. So if your weight is more than 100 Kg then don’t buy it.
  • Try to clean wheels and trucks regularly to keep it okay.
  • Replace the parts if you want to use the skateboard for special types of riding, for example, downhill, rough roads, etc.

An alternative brand of Hikole Skateboard

There are hundreds of skateboard manufacturers available in the market. All of them are not the same as Hikole. Some alternative of Hikole brand is

  • Beleev
  • CCS
  • Santa Cruz
  • Osprey
  • Cal 7

What other things Hikole produced?

Hikole is a manufacturer that has a wide product line. Besides skateboards, they manufacture scooters, inline skates, etc.

Inline Skate

Hikole wants to supply the best product. You will find the same result if you check through their inline skate. They are offering a quality inline skate at a reasonable price. And I have found that the customers are very happy with their product. So they are doing a great job in this industry as well.


It is one of the most popular riding instruments for both kids and adults both. Hikole manufactures only scooters for kids. Their product line in the scooter sector is a little bit wider than a skateboard and inline skate. It produces different types of scooters for kids and adults. I have found there, people are happy with their scooter.

hikole skateboard

My Last Word

If you are looking for a skateboard for tricks, street, skatepark, and sidewalk then you can go with a Hikole skateboard. I have seen it is one of the best skateboards available in the market. 

Every skateboard has some good and bad sides. The same happened with the Hikole. If you think about quality, it will give you no chance to complain. Get your Hikole board today and start your riding now.

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