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7 Best Skateparks in Hawaii To Visit in 2022

Check out the 7 of the best skateparks in Hawaii that you need to go to. These have the best environment for skaters and guarantee the best skating experience.

A good skatepark can make your skateboarding experience drastically better. It’s a place built for skaters that creates the perfect environment for practicing your moves or having a great time skateboarding.

Also, any skatepark has a wide range of features and facilities for skaters such as ramps, open spaces, etc. If you want to practice your moves or tricks with your deck, you can head out there and have a blast practicing.

Hawaii has some amazing skateparks that you can try out as well. Below, we’ll discuss some of the best Hawaii Skateparks that you should visit.

7 Best Skateparks in Hawaii

Among the many skateparks in the beautiful state of Hawaii, we have piled up 7 of the best and made a list. Let’s check out our list of the best skateparks in Hawaii below with some extra details about each of them.

1. Kapolei Skatepark

Location: 599 Farrington Highway Suite 102, Kapolei, Hawaii HI 96707, United States of America

Website: N/A

Phone Number: N/A

Direction: Check Here

Kapolei Skatepark

The first skatepark on our list is none other than the famous Kapolei Skatepark. It’s a very commonly known park for most skaters in Hawaii. It also has everything you need to have a wonderful time with your skateboard.

For the time being, this skatepark is not supervised. But only skates and skateboards are allowed in this park. And as long as the skaters are responsible, there are no restrictions in this skatepark.

That allows you to practice your ticks and moves without having to worry over anything. 

Not to mention, this skatepark has a handrail, roll-in, curve, ledge, concrete park, main ramp, bowl, and so many other features that make it an absolutely perfect place for skateboarding.

With access to all of these perks, you can easily learn advanced tricks and impress everyone around you.

But one of the best things about this skatepark has to be the active community of skaters. You’ll be able to blend in with the amazing skaters of the area, and you’ll make good friends in no time.

So, if you are searching for a great skatepark in the state of Hawaii, you should definitely go to Kapolei Skatepark first.

2. Skatepark Mililani

Location:  94-169 Kuahelani Ave, Mililani, HI 96789, United States

Website: N/A

Phone Number: (808) 623-5258

Direction: Check Here

skatparks in hawaii

Next up, we have Skatepark Mililani on our list, which is another paradise for skaters at any level. It’s a concrete park featuring a bowl and a transition/street area, and that makes it a perfect spot for learning and practicing different skateboard tricks. 

This park is open from 7 am in the morning to 7 pm in the evening. You can go directly to the skatepark during that time and have a great skateboarding session there.

As long as you’re not using anything other than a skateboard on the ramps or the bowls, you won’t have any issue there.

Speaking of ramps and bowls, the Skatepark Mililani has so many interesting facilities for skaters all over the park. You’ll find a hubba, ledge, bank, handrail, ledge, and so many other things there.

You can use these to challenge yourself and learn different tricks and moves to impress your friends. 

Overall, the Skatepark Mililani is undoubtedly a great skatepark to visit in Hawaii. You should check it out whenever you can manage some time from your busy life, and you’ll enjoy it a lot.

3. Makiki Skatepark

Location: 1429 Ke’eaumoku Street, Honolulu, Hawaii HI 96822, United States 

Website: N/A

Phone Number: (808) 768-9290

Direction: Click Here

Makiki Skatepark

Makiki Skatepark is another great skatepark that you can head to if you’re searching for a skatepark to chill out. It has the best environment for a skater and nobody will interrupt you while you’re having a great time skateboarding on your deck.

It’s a completely free entrance for all the skaters in the state. So, you don’t have to worry about paying anything or requiring any documentation. Simply, go to the skatepark with your skateboard and have a blast there. 

Like all the best skateparks around the world, this one has a ledge, quarterpipe, bank, concrete park that you can practice on. That gives you enough resources and free space to challenge your skills and grow them exponentially.

So, make sure that you take advantage of it and go visit Makiki Skatepark whenever you can.

4. Honokaa Skate Park

Location: 45-541 Akia Street, Honokaa, Hawaii HI 96727, United States

Website: N/A

Phone Number: (808) 333-0457

Direction: Check Here

Honokaa Skate Park

The name of Honokaʻa Skate park definitely comes to mind as we’re talking about skate parks in Hawaii. Located in the Akai Street of the ever so beautiful Honokaa, Hawaii, this park holds a special place for many skaters of the state.

And once you visit this park, you’ll have the same feeling about it.

This skatepark has been there since 2014, and it’s been a perfect place for skaters for years. Whether you’re an advanced skater or a beginner, this place has everything you need.

You’re getting a spine, bowl, ledge, hubba, etc. there, making it a great place to work your tricks and moves.

Not to mention, you’ll be able to make a lot of city friends there. So, if you want to go to a skatepark to relax and have a wonderful time there, then you should go to Honokaʻa Skate park without wasting any time.

5. Hickam Skate Hangar

Location: 900 Hangar Ave, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI 96853, United States

Website: N/A

Phone Number: (808) 448-4422

Direction: Check Here

Hickam Skate Hangar

Next, we have the Hickam Skate Hanger skatepark on our list, which is just an amazing place for skaters. It gives you the freedom to practice all kinds of moves and tricks, and you don’t have to compromise your space that much in this park.

That’s because it’s actually a private indoor/outdoor park in Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, which makes it a very convenient skatepark to go to at any time.

You’ll have to pay to be there. Also, there are schedules that you need to follow as it has a fixed schedule of opening and closing for each day. 

Besides that, you are getting top-class service from this skatepark. You’ll find many features inside the park such as a londongap, flatpipe, kicker, bank, bowl, wood park, etc. that you can’t find elsewhere in the city.

So, make sure that you visit this park at least once, and you’ll love it for sure.

6. Kalama Park

Location: 1900 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753, United States

Website: N/A

Phone Number: (808) 879-4364

Direction: Check Here

Kalama Park

Kalama Park is one of the most popular Hawaii skateparks among the skaters of that state. With its beautiful placement and added features, you can expect to have the best skateboarding experience there. 

Whether you’re an expert or just starting out, you’ll find a suitable environment for practicing. All the added features such as stairs, rails, concrete floor, and many more allow you to challenge your new moves and get better at them without any issue.

You won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything while skateboarding in the park.

Overall, it’s a great skatepark that you should visit if you are planning on going out on a skatepark. You’ll not be disappointed with this one, and that’s a guarantee.

7. Kamilo’iki Community Park

Location: 7750 Hawaii Kai Dr, Honolulu, HI 96825, United States

Website: N/A

Phone Number: (808) 395-5314

Direction: Check Here

Kamilo'iki Community Park

Finally, we have Kamilo’iki Community Park on our list, which might be the best skatepark in the state of Hawaii. That is not only because it is packed with facilities that are designed to provide the best skateboarding experience.

But the skaters’ community of this park is simply unbeatable. 

You can make so many new friends there and hang out with them whenever you want to. And it has all the necessary features that make it a perfect skatepark for any level of skater.

You’ll find an open bowl, ledge, mini ramp, concrete park, etc. there, and it’s perfect for practicing and mastering any ticks that you want to learn. 

Overall, this park should be on our top list of skateparks to visit. You’ll have a great time there, and you should definitely get there as soon as you can.

Final Words

Skateboarding is not only a relaxing hobby but it’s definitely becoming a great sport. With its endless physical, mental, and emotional benefits, it easily tops most outdoor activities.

And as you saw, these 7 skateparks in Hawaii are the perfect place to go if you are into skateboarding. 

These places provide you with the optimal environment and set up for skateboarding freely. On top of that, you get to engage with the skaters’ community of the area, leading you to make new friends.

So, make sure to schedule some time out of your life and go to each of these skateparks at least once.

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