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What are the Best Grip Tape for Skateboard in 2023

Although the grip tape does not get equal attention that the deck, bearings, lubricants, and wheels get, skateboarders know that a skateboard is not complete without it. It is hard to do ollies and kickflips on a skateboard that does not have grip tape because there is not enough traction.

Skateboarding is becoming popular, meaning that more industries have ventured into the skateboard industry to manufacture wheels, decks, and grip tapes. This makes it a challenging task to choose the best grip tape, given that there are many choices in the market.

Our write up is about grip tape review. You get to know why your skateboard needs a grip tape, what to consider when purchasing one, and review the best grip tapes we found.

What is Grip Tape?

Grip tape is a kind of sandpaper that skaters stick on the upper side of the skateboard deck. This tape adds grip to the skateboard, making it easy to do skateboard tricks. The grip tape has a rough surface on the top.

The rough surface consists of silicon carbide and provides friction between the bottom of your shoes and the skateboard deck.

The tapes come from different companies, meaning they have different logos, colors, prints, and sizes, so you choose the grip tape you want depending on the size of your skateboard deck. When buying, make sure you don’t go for a too rough one.

Does a Skateboard Need a Grip Tape? Why?

Although it is not as important as the other parts of a skateboard, a skateboard that does not have a grip tape is incomplete. A grip tape allows the skater to remain on the board because it offers friction, prevents falls, and allows one to do tricks like kickflips easily.

Here are other reasons it is important to have grip tape on your skateboard.

  • Grip– if you aim to skate like a professional, a grip tape will be of great help. Ensure you buy the branded grip so that it can give you the required friction on the board. Two brands are the most preferred by professionals; the grizzly grip tape and the Mob grip tape.

Although they will both allow you to practice your tricks well, one of them is not friendly to the shoes. The Mob grip tape is said to damage shoes fast.

  • Comfort– using a grip tape on a skateboard provides comfort when skating. Since the grip tape also wears out fast, you will be required to replace it over time, depending on how quickly they wear out.
  • Beauty- grip tapes come in different colors, and they add beauty to your skateboard. Besides the stickiness, there is a valuable addition to the appearance of your deck.

They also have different shapes and designs, so you choose the more appealing ones for your eyes.

Which Grip Tape Pro Skaters Use?

Knowing and choosing the best grip tape can be very challenging, not only to the new in skating but also to the pro skaters. However, after enquiring from different pro skaters, we found out that most of them prefer to use the Jessup Griptape.

Most of them prefer it because it is bubble-free, and it gives a suitable solid attachment to the deck surface. Most skaters say that this tape is very comfortable and it does not tear easily when trimming, unlike the others.

Since it is the first silicon carbide grip tape to be produced by the tape industry, most pro skaters prefer it saying that it is original.

Since we know what a grip tape is and why we need one on the skateboard, let us jump straight to some of the grip tape reviews.

1. Wudan Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet 33x9inch


Size: 33inch x 9 inch

Material: the surface is made of emery, and the back has PVC

Weight: 0.44lbs

Waterproofing: yes

Type: single-sided

If you do not know much about grip tapes, Wudan makes the best grip tapes for skateboards. There is more to the style on this tape. It has a durable material at the top, emery.

The well-known manufacturers of grip tapes use emery, meaning it is excellent material on a grip tape.

It has high-density sand grains, which are hard to scratch. The tough sand grains are also a reason you will get non-slip and wear-resistance from your tape.

When you apply the tape well on the skateboard deck, it will not fall because the surface beneath where you stick your tape to the skateboard is well-sticky.

Besides the assurance that it will serve you well, this grip tape from Wudan comes with very outstanding qualities. Unlike other ordinary tapes, Wudan makes sure that you get 100% quality.

Their tape has a waterproofing material, and it will withstand any impact of water.

You should also not be worried about direct sunlight because the rays won’t cause peeling off of your gripping tape.

The Wudan skateboard grip tape protects your board from getting discolored when exposed to direct sunlight. Sometimes you or your son might forget and leave the skateboard outside.

Neither the sun nor rain will be a reason for the peeling off of the tape.

Your child will never stop loving you for surprising them with this skateboard grip tape because it is the best grip tape for the skateboard.

It would also be the best birthday gift for a friend who is learning how to skateboard. It measures 33 x 9 inches, meaning that it is the best size for a standard skateboard.

2. Jessup Skateboard Grip tape Sheet: The Choice of pro-Skaters Worldwide


Material: silicon

Size: 10 inch x 60 feet

Color: black

Best compatible with wood

Brand: Jesuss Grip tape

First, it is essential to state that this is the original grip tape, a reason most pro skaters prefer it. Jessus brought the silicon carbide grip tape into the skating industry in 1975.

Up to date, they have over 35 years of experience in this industry. Over 25 million skateboard decks have this quality grip tape for gripping, and the company has made over 70 feet of grip tape. Now let us get to the features.

Jessus displays its exemplary performance in very many different ways. Let us first start with a durable design. You will not worry about buying another grip tape soon after you have this one.

The original Jessus will provide a strong attachment between the deck and the grip tape effortlessly. The bonding is firm to peel off.

Unlike other tapes, this one does not easily tear when trimming, proof that it has a durable material. Its high-class durability allows for professional skateboard use.

After applying the Jessus grip tape on your skateboard, you will be able to do more tricks with confidence. The silicon carbide material that makes this grip tape is original, with an aggressive adhesive that will be the best for your skateboard.

When well stuck on the deck, there will be no reason for the tape to peel off. This reason is why this grip tape is the most preferred by pro skaters.

A roll of Jessus grip tape measures 10 inches by 60 feet. Putting it on your skateboard will allow you to enjoy maximum grip on your skateboard. You have more control on the skateboard, and you can do more tricks.

Jessus is the best skateboard grip tape because it can stick to any skateboard. It does not choose the material of the skateboard deck.

3. Gonex 44 x 10 1/4 Inch Best Grip Tape for Skateboard


Material: Carborundum with plastic fiber

Color: black

Size: 110 x 26 cm

Color: black

Brand: Gonex

Waterproof: yes

This grip tape is not limited to skateboards but can also be applied on skate scooters, slide plates, and kick scooters. It measures 110 x 26cm, meaning that it is a perfect fit for many skateboards.

One advantage with the Gonex grip tape is its ease to trim. Its material does not tear easily, and you can effortlessly use a blade to cut it and customize it to the size you want.

The well-selected carborundum material used to make this grip tape has a moderate thickness. It is the reason this grip tape will serve for a while.

You don’t have to be afraid of the rain or small flashes because the tape is waterproofing, meaning that they won’t be a reason for it to peel off.

Gonex grip tape gives your feet the required grip to keep you in position and enjoy your rides. The anti-resistance protects your shoes from wearing.

The Gonex tape is straightforward to stick. Its rear has adequate sticking glue, and it won’t form a bubble because the tape has over one hundred small perforations that you won’t see with naked eyes. These perforations allow air to escape.

After sticking it on your skateboard, or scooter, be ready and sure to safely and effortlessly do your skating tricks.

It also provides the best adhesion and grip for handguns, pedals, and even pistols. If your staircase grills are slippery, you can add this grip tape to increase the grip.

Gonex grip tape also has many different colors and patterns, so you choose according to what interests you.

4. BooTaa One of the Best Skateboard Grip Tape


Material: silicon

Color: black

Size: 42.5 x 10 inches

Compatible material: paper, plastic

Brand: BooTaa

When asked the best grip tape for skateboard, your first answer should be the BooTaa grip tape. This grip tape is the most preferred because first, it has a lifetime warranty.

The manufacturer made it with over a hundred perforations to it that are not visible. These allow air to escape and prevent bubbles from forming during application.

This grip tape is not limited to the skateboard because you can also apply it on a kick scooter, sliding plate, and roller boards. It has an exclusive silicon-carbide material that is 1.5mm thick.

The tape’s binding process is easy, and it will not wear out or detach after a short time. It also has a sticky adhesive that does not peel in extremely hot or cold climates.

Do not be afraid of splashing water drops or being rained because this grip tape is water-resistant.

Whether you stepped on a pool of water accidentally or accidentally poured water on your skateboard, the grip tape will still stick on the board.

Its tear-proofing makes it easy to trim to the desired size and design. Its 42.5 x 10 inches size is also perfect for a standard skateboard. With this size, it can also entirely be fit for adult scooters and skateboards.

The grip tape is for a pro or a beginner. Stick the grip tape on your new or old skateboard and try all the tricks you can. Unlike others, it is friendly to shoes and does not cause wear and tear.

The BooTaa tape fits well in a handgun, pedals, and also pistols. When they are carefully rolled, they come in special packages so that they don’t get creased during shipping.

5. FENNEN Blue Sea Wave Monster Skateboard Grip Tape


Material: silicon carbide

Size: 33 x 9 inches

Type: bubble-free grip tape


Compatible material: wood

FEENEN makes the super skateboard grip tape because of the quality of the material they use. This grip tape has silicon carbide, the same material used to make the most preferred grip tape by pro skaters. The material is non-slip and does not wear quickly.

The sticky super adhesive surface sticks bind well with your skateboard surface to not peel off easily. The size of the grip tape can perfectly fit a standard skateboard, either for kids or adults. This grip tape measures 33 by 9 inches.

If you want to fit it on a smaller skateboard, you could easily cut it using a razor to your desired size. There will be no unnecessary tears because the grip tape is tear-resistant.

It is not limited to skateboards alone. It can also be fit for kids and adults scooters.

The manufacturer has made hundreds of invisible perforations to prevent bubble-build up when sticking it to the skateboard. If your desire is for your skateboard to be anti-slip, this is the best grip tape to put on your skateboard.

FENNEN promises to make your skating easy by giving you a product that will allow you to do skateboard tricks with ease. Jop on that skateboard and do kickflips with all the confidence.

6. Black Diamond Sheet of Skateboard Grip Tape


Material: carbide

Size: 9 x 33 inches

Color: black and white

Compatible material: paper

Brand: Black Diamond Grip

Black diamond ranks in a good position in the list of the best grip tape manufacturers. The installation of this grip tape is effortless. You peel and stick it on your skateboard.

If you want to make a custom design of it, it is easy. Cut the grip tape using a razor to get your desired design.

The tape is tear-resistant, so you should not be afraid of it getting torn. It measures 9 by 33 inches, meaning it can fit on a standard size of the skateboard.

If you are looking for an excellent grip for your skateboard, the Black Diamond grip tape is the best. It has an 80 grit silicon carbide that will give your deck enough traction.

Your shoes also get a solid grip on the skateboard, making it easy for you to do skateboard tricks.

The tape is also high quality, and neither rain nor water droplets will cause it to peel off. Don’t worry about too cold seasons or too hot weather because the grip tape’s stickiness is not affected by the weather.

Black Diamond has made it with an industrial-grade glue responsible for its long-lasting stickiness on the deck. You can choose the type of tape you want from a variety of colors and designs.

What You Should Consider Before Buying a Grip Tape

Choosing the best skateboard grip tape can be challenging. While doing the grip tape review, we also came up with some things to consider when buying a grip tape.

  1. Stickiness

If your goal is to skate like a pro, make sure you purchase a sticky grip tape. This will help your grip tape to stay in place and give you ease and comfort in skating. Some of these tapes are too grippy, which can be harmful to your shoes.

Ensure that the stickiness is enough to keep you in position and to give you ease when practicing the skateboard tricks. A too rough grip tape will wear and tear your shoe within no days.

I would recommend the Jessup grip tape if you use your skateboard only for transportation. Although it does not last long, it is cheaper and will not destroy your shoes.

  1. Easy assemble

If you buy a deck that has a grip tape, chances are you will replace the tape on it after a while. When purchasing a grip tape, ensure you get one that is easy to apply.

Some manufacturers make grip tapes with tiny perforations to prevent bubbles from building up. FEENAN and BooTaa are the best grip tapes with small perforations, which allow air out and prevents bubbling.

  1. Feedback

Before you purchase a grip tape, research it, and look for customer feedback. Those who have used the product give their experience, stating how it helped them and its pros and cons. Most of this feedback is genuine.

If you buy the product and look at the feedback later, you might find someone who warned about the same problem you are experiencing. Reading the feedback could have helped you decide whether to buy it or not.

  1. Durability

Some grip tapes are expensive. You do not want to get disappointed a week later after buying your drip tape or start purchasing a replacement. This calls for your keenness when purchasing one.

The tape provides friction necessary to keep your feet glued on the skateboard deck when doing tricks. After a while, this traction wears by the grains smoothing with time due to friction.

With a less durable grip tape material, it will wear out faster, and it will be difficult for you to do tricks.

When you buy one with long-lasting grains, the tape can stick on the skateboard for some months before it starts wearing out.

  1. Material

The time the grip tape will last on a skateboard is determined by the grip tape’s material. Some materials are not waterproof, meaning if you are rained on while skating, your tape will start peeling off.

Some tapes cannot withstand too hot or a climate with snow. When buying, make sure that the grip tape has a material that is weather and water-resistant.

The grains also matter. Ensure that they are tough enough to provide enough friction but not too rough to tear your shoes.

  1. Size

There is a standard size for a regular skateboard. Buying a too-small in size grip tape might only fit a kid’s skateboard. When you buy, shipping takes time, so it will take twice the time for you to get it if you order a small size.

The grip tape’s size is indicated on the package, so make sure you get the correct one.

Do Cruiser Skateboards Need Grip Tape?

Grip tape is vital on the skateboard because it gives the necessary friction to keep your feet on the board. With a taped skateboard, it becomes easier to do tricks.

While some skateboards come with grip tape, some do not have it. Those that come with a grip tape will need a replacement with time, and those that do not have a grip tape will require you to buy one.

A cruiser can do without a gripping tape, but it would not be as comfortable and easy as riding on one with a grip tape. If you only do general cruising, I recommend a grip tape on your foot’s area when doing carving and pushing.

Ensure you cover the other exposed areas with paint or varnish.

Can I Use Grip Tape on My Pop Skateboard?

Just like any other skateboard, your pop skateboard will also need a grip tape. Those that come with grip tape will need a replacement because the grip tape wears out with time due to constant friction.

It will be hard for you to do tricks on the skateboard without the grip tape, and skating stops being fun. When the grip tape wears out, you can remove it using a hairdryer.

The hairdryer produces hot air that liquefies the glue, making it easy for the grip tape to peel off.

To maintain the condition of your grip tape, ensure you hop on the board with clean and dry shoes. Use an apply sheet when replacing your grip tape to avoid bubbles.


Final Verdict

Having a skateboard grip tape is as important as having a skateboard, so never overlook the importance of having one. If you buy a skateboard with grip tape and it wears out, you can always replace it.

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