Best skateboard grip tape Cleaner

Best Grip Tape Cleaner For Skateboard & Longboard

Best Grip Tape Cleaners are-

  1. Prostik W1304 Abrasive Belt/Disk Cleaner
  2. Outus Skateboard Cleaning Rubber
  3. Geelife Skateboard Multi-Functional Tool and Cleaner
  4. Dura-Gold Abrasive Cleaning Stick
  5. Black Diamond

As a skateboarder, you must be familiar with grip tapes. It’s the sandy layers on the surface of your skateboard to provide you with a good grip so that you don’t fall off the skateboard. Aside from what it does, grip tapes are also considered a fashion statement for skateboarders.

Dirt build-up on your grip tape can result in a loose grip and therefore cause balance loss. So for your safety, you should keep your grip tape clean. Please keep reading to know about how you can use a grip tape cleaner, its alternatives, and a review of some of the best grip tape cleaners.

What is a Grip Tape Cleaner Called?

Grip tape cleaner for skateboards has different names in different communities. Some may know it as “grip gum,” while others may recognize it as a “rubber cement eraser.” Some people also use sandpaper cleaners as grip tape cleaners.

Can You Use an Eraser to Clean Grip Tape?

Yes, you can clean your grip tape using a grip tape eraser. Many skateboarders consider it the best skateboard grip tape cleaner, both for skateboards and longboards.

Cheap and easy to use, most grip tape erasers available at the market cost only 10$ or less, can be carried easily in your pocket, and have a long life span.

best grip tape cleaner

Can You Clean Clear Grip Tape?

A clear grip tape comes with tons of benefits. By applying one, you can showcase the design of your skateboard, and doesn’t create air bubbles. However, the main concern about this grip tape is it shows dirt quite easily.

Cleaning a clear tape is pretty simple, and the process is no different than other grip tapes. You can use a grip tape eraser to clean it. For deep cleaning, use a wire brush and cleaning mixture after using the eraser.

Grip Tape Cleaner Review

Quality and the reviews it has, there are the two most important things to consider when buying a grip tape cleaner. Among hundreds of products available online, we reviewed some of the products with outstanding quality and features. Let’s get to the grip tape cleaner review to find the best one for you.

1. Prostik W1304 Abrasive Belt/Disk Cleaner

If you are tired of dirty grip tape and losing your skateboard grip, this belt/ disk cleaner from PROSTIK can solve your problem.

In case you are wondering how belt/ disk cleaner can be used as a grip tape cleaner, belt/ tape cleaners can be used as grip tape to as we mentioned above. In fact, despite the name, most people buy it to clean their grip tape as it provides the same feel and texture.

Not only they are usable, but it also does a fantastic job on your grip tape. This grip tape cleaner is available in different sizes and packs and offers bigger sizes than its competitors at the same price. Make sure you check the size when comparing the cost to get the best value.

Some hard areas on the surface of your grip tape may need a little more pressure, but overall this grip tape cleaner is a great choice.

2. Outus Skateboard Cleaning Rubber

Outus grip tape cleaner is another example of an efficient and budget-friendly grip tape cleaner Amazon offers. One of the best things about this item is it comes in a pack of three separate pieces of grip tape cleaner. Therefore, it allows you to use it for a very long time, and you can share/ gift extra pieces to your skater buddies.

This cleaner is made out of quality rubber material which makes it more durable and long-lasting too. Versatility is another great thing this rubber eraser offers.

You can use it for multiple purposes, including your grip tape, skateboard shoes, and finally, cleaning the belt or disk of your sander. For the price, this grip tape cleaner is a great option.

3. Geelife Skateboard Multi-Functional Tool and Cleaner

This cleaner we are talking about here is slightly different from the other options we’ve discussed in this article. As for the other grip tape cleaners, nothing but the cleaner came with the package.

This time rather than a piece of grip tape, the cleaner only comes with a multifunctional skateboard tool. With the help of the multifunctional tool, you can adjust the kingpin nut on top of the board, mounting hardware, and axle nuts. You can assemble, tighten and repair your skateboard very easily with the help of this tool.

The tool offers different color choices, and three different sizes of sockets (3/8″, 1/2″, and 9/16″) to match different screws of different types of skateboards. The tool itself is very lightweight and small in size. You can easily carry it in your pocket inside the carrying pouch that comes with the package.

4. Dura-Gold Abrasive Cleaning Stick for Skateboard Grip Tape

The Dura-Gold Grip tape cleaning stick is one of the most popular among professional and amateur skateboarders. The cleaning stick is 8′ long with a height and width of 1-1/2″, which is the perfect size to hold in hand and clean with long strokes.

If you don’t want to use the whole thing at once or share it with someone, you can break it down into two equal pieces. This cleaning stick is made out of high-quality natural rubber that wears out slowly and lasts longer than the competition.

The cuboid construction of the stick works best on skateboard grip tapes and has other applications like cleaning sanding belts, drum sander, disc sander, and rubber bottom shoes like your skateboarding shoes. This grip tape cleaner can prove very useful considering the shape, size, price, and applications.

5. Black Diamond is the Best Grip Tape Cleaner

Black Diamond might be the most familiar name when it comes to grip tape cleaners. For 15+ years, it has been a reliable tool that skateboarders used, and many of them considered it the best grip tape cleaner to ensure the grip of their skateboards.

This dirt remover has a size of 4.5″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″, which is decent-sized for comfortable one-hand use. Specially designed diamond dirt remover is made out of quality rubber that eliminates the grit and dirt from the surface of your abrasive grip tape instantly.

After every time you use it, your skateboard will feel like new, and you will get the best possible grip again from your grip tape. All you have to do is make long full strokes down the tape with pressure, and you’ll have a clean grip tape.

If you are looking for something familiar and proven in the skateboarding field, look no further, Black Diamond Grip Tape cleaner is the right choice for you.

What Household Items Can You Use to Clean a Grip Tape?

If you don’t have a grip tape cleaner in your hand, you can get the job done using things available at your home. You will need a soft wire brush or toothbrush and any cleaning liquid (e.g., dishwashing liquid, window cleaner)

Start by mixing the liquid with water and dip it in that mixture. Keep rubbing your grip tape with the brush until it gets clean.

Final Verdict

A clean grip tape can keep your board solid and usable for a long time. It’s certainly not cost-effective to change the grip every time it’s dirty.

We hope our article gave you an overall idea of how you can clean your grip tape, and how the cleaning works. Just choose any of the grip tape cleaners mentioned above, and you are good to go.

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