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Best Freestyle Skateboard in 2023 | Detail Guidelines

What makes a board the best freestyle skateboard? If you plan to explore this fun skateboarding style, this is probably the first question on your mind. The good news is you are in the right place!

This article will shed light on freestyle skateboarding and give you the information you need to venture into the sport. It will also help you in choosing a board that will have you freestyling like a pro. First, let us briefly analyze what freestyle skateboarding is.

What is Freestyle Skateboarding?

As its name suggests, this skateboarding genre ignores most skateboarding rules and involves anything from jumping to spinning and performing tricks.

This ancient art, first practiced in the 1950s, fast gained popularity until it seemed to die down in the 1980s. However, it is trending again, and you may agree that it is one of the best versions of skateboarding.

freestyle skateboards

Freestyle skateboarding generally emphasizes flat ground skateboarding and involves a lot of complex techniques. When creating freestyle routines, a skateboarder will need music and choreography in addition to the board and smooth surface.

First, I think it is befitting to start by looking at a review of the most basic requirement- A great freestyle skateboard.

Top Picked At a Glance

1: Seething 42″ Longboard Skateboard For Freestyle


  • Materials: Canadian Maple deck, Polyurethane wheels, Aluminium alloy trucks, PU support pad
  • Size of the deck: 42″ * 10.”
  • Wheels: 70mm, 80A high rebound wheels
  • Truck Size: 7 inches
  • Weight: 6.6lbs
  • Deck layers: 9 layers
  • Bearings: ABEC-11 bearings
  • Bushings: 95A PU cast bushings
  • Max load: 330lbs or 150kg
  • Additional features: Free T-tool
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If you are on the hunt for a good freestyle skateboard, this Seething 42-inch skateboard could be just what you need. Its high-quality 9 Ply Canadian maple deck is not only stable; it is also durable and lightweight. It is also a head-turner with its awesome streamlined design.

Be assured of a smooth ride on the Seething board as it has reactive reverse kingpin trucks and ABEC-11 precision bearings. In order to enhance your comfort, it is equipped with genuine and quality 7-inch alloy trucks.

It is great even for beginners as its waterproof, anti-skidding paper increases stability, balance, and safety.

Additionally, this board comes pre-assembled so you can avoid the hassles of trying to put the board together yourself. Its looks, coupled with its functionality, make this board the perfect gift idea for a rider of any experience level.

User Experience

The seething skateboard can glide over small obstacles easily, giving you a smooth ride because of its well-sized wheels. The well-designed deck feels solid, stable, and can support heavyweights. Overall, this great-looking board is an affordable purchase that exceeds expectations.

What makes this board stand out from others is its length and perfectly matched with making it stable for a beginner. Its deck has just enough flex, and the anti-skid paper is a great plus.

The free T-tool is very handy and makes making quick fixes easy and less time-consuming.

2: NEWQIANG Complete Freestyle Skateboard

  • Materials: Maple, wheels: Polyurethane, A356 Aluminum alloy Trucks
  • Size of the deck: 79 Centimeters
  • Wheels: 53*36mm
  • Truck Size:5 inches
  •  Package Weight: 4.89lbs
  • Deck layers: 7 layers
  • Bearings: ABEC-9 bearings
  • Max load: 220lbs or 100kg
  • Additional features: Free T-tool

If what you want is a stable and durable skateboard, this is the board for you. It features a high-density deck that can support a maximum load of 220lbs. That should be enough for most ordinary people.

It comes with 53 by 36 mm pneumatic wheels that are durable and rigid. The wheels are equipped with ABEC-9 bearings, enabling them to have greater traction and ride in speed mode.

Freestyle skateboard setup
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You will love that this board comes already assembled. All you have to do is take it out of the box, and you can start using it immediately. That will save you from the frustration of having to assemble it

The aluminum alloy truck is another feature that will impress you with this board. Not only is aluminum tough, but it is also quite durable. That means you can enjoy rides with the board for a long time.

User Experience

If you are a skateboarding beginner, you will appreciate how easy it is to use it. It is safe, and the wheels have good traction that gives it the stability to maneuver bends.

3: B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Skateboard For Freestyle

  • Materials: Maple
  • Size of the deck: 41″*10.2″
  • Wheels: 70*52 mm
  • Wheels Durometer: 85A
  • Deck layers: 9 layers
  • Bearings: ABEC-11 bearings
  • Max load: 220lbs or 100kg
  • Item weight: 8 Pounds
  • Additional features: More Flexible

The Baijiawei drop-through longboard boasts a 41-inch deck that will suit you if you love super-controlling the board. The deck is also concave to enable you to control it way better.

Thanks to superior control, you can either ride it downhill or freestyle on any terrain. With such control, anyone can use it.

freestyle longboard
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The board’s surface material is Canadian maple which ensures it provides strong support. With the additional aluminum alloy, it will withstand most weights without breaking. The material also makes it exceptionally water-resistant.

Additionally, it also has smooth wheels that provide excellent cushioning while giving sufficient friction. The cushioning also enables the wheels to absorb shock better when you go over bumps.

User Experience

What you will love most about this board is the control it will offer you. An excellent board should afford user control to avoid any accidents. That’s precisely what this board delivers.

With high-performance bearings, you will also enjoy faster speeds when riding downhill. The wheels also offer you excellent traction and stability for a safe riding experience.

What Are The Cool Freestyle Skateboard Tricks?

To enjoy freestyle skateboarding, you need to have a number of tricks up your sleeve. Trick performance is a mandatory skill for any street skateboarder. Below are a couple of really cool tricks you may want to try out next time you go skateboarding!

1. The Wallie

For you to perform this trick, you will need a wall or ledge as you perform it off the corner of either one. If you are familiar with the Polejam and wallride, it may interest you to know that this trick crosses between them.


  • Step on your skateboard and put your feet wide apart. Your back foot should be on your skateboard tail while the front foot is close to the nose.
  • Next, you snap a stunt between a pole jam and a wall ride. Make sure you touch the wall, ledge, or another obstacle with the back wheels of your skateboard.
  • Lastly, do a short air, then you can land.

2. FS Boneless

To summarise, this is a trick in which you snap in the quarter then use your backhand to catch your board. As you do that, you keep your hind leg on the board and use your front foot to push off the ramp. As you do this, you will be coping with a Front Side 180.


  • As you ride, keep your back foot on the tail. And your front foot near the bolts close to the nose of your board. Ride as close to the coping as possible.
  • This part needs speed, skill, and timeous action. You remove your hind leg from the board, catch the board with your hand, and use your hand to ‘snap’ the board.
  • Now use your hind leg to push off the coping. That way, you will spin a frontside 180.
  • Finally, put your hindfoot back on the board, remove your hand, and return to the quarter.

3.  50/50 Truck stand or Primo

This is a cool freestyle skateboarding trick in which you balance your board vertically. To do this, your front hand holds the nose of your board while your back foot stands on the truck.


  • First, you need to place your board in a nosestop. This is a position in which you completely stop with the nose of the board touching the ground.
  • Next, you take hold of the board with your backhand.
  • Leap and toss the board to your front hand.
  • Place your hindfoot on the truck to land on the board.
  • To land it, simply do a half-finger flip.

4. Casper

The Casper is a stance where the skateboard should be upside down, balancing on the point of its tail.


  • When executing this trick, the skater’s hind foot should be on the tail while the front foot is beneath the deck.

To add style, you can drop the front side of your board. Then repeatedly use your front foot to catch it. This gives the trick a lot of rhythm and noise. If you plan on catching the eye of by-passers and spectators, this is one way to do it.

Freestyle vs Street skateboarding

How to Choose your Freestyle Skateboard (Buying Guide)

A novice rider or someone relatively new to this skateboarding style needs to know just what to look for when choosing aboard. Remember, a wrong choice can make freestyle skateboarding unnecessarily difficult.

In this buying guide, I will give you the specifications of a great street skateboard.

●  Length

The length of the board you choose will depend on the aspect of freestyle skateboarding you choose to focus on. If you want to display your feet’ craft, performing complex footwork stunts, a shortboard is ideal. However, if you would instead focus stunts that involve jumps and spins, a longer board is a better choice.

However, of late, the 28.5″* 7.3″ is the designated industry standard for a street skateboard. If you are just a beginner, try to stick to boards between 28″ and 29″. If you want to perform complicated footwork stunts, you may go shorter.

●  Width

Again, there is no universal ideal freestyle skateboard width. Rather, it is governed by your experience level and riding preferences. If you plan to skateboard for a short time and prefer control to stability, a narrower board is ideal.

On the other hand, if you decide to freestyle skateboard in the long run and opt for stability over control, a longer board is a better choice. Keep in mind that wide boards have a slow flip but are easy to catch, while the opposite is true for their narrow counterparts.

It is wise to choose a board between 7.25 and 7,4″ wide for freestyle skateboarding. A wider board usually looks clunky and needs tall trucks.

●  Concave

A board with the correct concave provides the right amount of comfort for the skateboarder. To pick the right concave for you, hop on the board, and use your feet to assess the deck. Pick your ideal based on your personal feelings on the board.

If you want to do a lot of footwork, a concave may be undesirable as your feet may get locked in the middle of the board.

●  Flexibility

Do not choose a flexible board. It kills reaction time and is the worst for freestyle skateboarding. If it is too rigid, it can also be challenging to choose a board with minimal flex.

●  Single kick or Kick nose

A single kick freestyle skateboard is great for tricks like the pogo, Casper, and finger flip. On the other hand, Kick noses are mainly for footwork, ollies, and a skateboarder who loves speed and very little though

Final Verdict

Because of the wide range of freestyle skateboarding brands on the market, choosing the top freestyle skateboard is difficult. However, I am sure the wealth of knowledge you have accumulated in this article has made your job much easier.

When making your choice, take time to go through the specifications and compare them to your needs.

If you are just a starter and unsure of what you want or looking for a gift idea, it is wise to pick the one reviewed in this article. It is not only from one of the best freestyle skateboard companies; it is also bound to deliver.

I hope you’ll opt for the right choice and have an awesome skateboarding experience.

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