What are the Best Fingerboard Ramps of 2023 | Top 3 are Reviewed

Fingerboard ramps mimic the exact angles and curves like generic ramps or skateparks, letting fingerboard enthusiasts bust out incredible tricks. Instead of standing menacingly atop the skateboard to perform tricks on the ramp, you utilize your fingers to maneuver the board on the miniature ramp.

It’s a small ramp that allows skaters to reincarnate and reinvent the standard core maneuvers and tricks we typically see with skateboards.

The fingerboard ramps and boards work in unison to deliver advanced and rookie players with 3-D visual aids. They can imitate and comprehend the maneuvers and tricks of skateboarding without performing them.

best fingerboard ramps

1) Skate Park TIME4DEALS Mini Best Fingerboard Ramp –

Let’s begin with the best-selling and most-loved fingerboard on the market. One of the most primitive reasons this made it to our list is its multi-usage and diverse ensembles and design.
Intrigued? Keep reading to know more!

The whole scene with this package is mind-blowing. It comes with a whopping five silicon mats, two mini boards, five finger decks, and a few other tools. You can finally let your imagination run wild and build your fingerboard skating castle.

Finger Skateboard Ramp Set 16 Pcs - TIME4DEALS Finger Skatepark Kit Fingerboard Skatepark 5 Pieces & Finger Toys Set Including Finger Boards Scooters...
  • 🏂 Funny Fingerboard Ramps Scenes : Each package comes with 5 finger decks, 3 mini board skateboards, 1 finger roller...
  • 🏂 Free to Assemble: It will comes with a fingerboard park user guide, there are multiple assembly models and each one is...

Moreover, it’s super easy to assemble. Just follow the user guide that it comes with. Amongst all the assembling models that it comes with, they’re all unimaginable quick, and simple to install.

Additionally, the silicon mat sets to ensure that your construction stays put and that the ramps won’t slip and slide while you ride your fingerboards atop. Due to its multi-functional designs and versatility, both kids and adults have the best time perfecting various maneuvers and tricks.

If you’re getting bored with the current ramp assembly, switch it up for a whole new experience!

On the contrary, even with an immensely affordable price tag, the overall skateboard’s construction isn’t the sturdiest one out there. The material comes off as a bit flimsy, and thus, it isn’t very long-lasting either. Although it glides around seamlessly on the ramps, the wheels are rickety; hence, it has a high chance of falling off.

2)Tech Deck – Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp –

If our first pick doesn’t speak to you, this one will. It has even better customizing options and performance rates. Keep reading to know-how.

If your kid has been bugging you for their ultimate fingerboard ramp, then you’ve found your true match! And here’s why this jumbo, exclusive pack is the answer to all your questions and your child’s dreams.

TECH DECK - Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp and Exclusive Primitive Pro Model Finger Board, for Ages 6 and Up
  • Tech Deck - Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp and Exclusive Primitive Pro Model Finger Board, for Ages 6 and Up
  • Grip tape, 2 sticker sheets, 20 wheels, 1 skate tool, 2 skateboard trucks, 26 screws, 14 nuts

The 20-inch ramp set is exclusively made for kids at the age of six or above. The half-pipe set has a ramp that spans over 20″ long. What does this mean? Well, simply that your kid will have more than enough room for 50-50 grinds, blunt to fakies, and even bust big airs.

We know it truly stands out.

Furthermore, to hype your kids, even more, it comes with unique graffiti-style stickers. So, customizing the ramps according to your child’s epic dreams is just one splurge away. By customizing the half-pipe and ramps, you can even get a more closer feel to a skate-park.

To turn on your maneuvering dial and kick it up a few notches, you can pair this smooth ramp with any of your best-liked fingerboards. The best part is that this ramp can render to any rookie or pro fingerboard enthusiast.

With its fine craftsmanship, thoughtful detailing, and lightweight nature, any pop-up, flip, Ollie, and kickflips seem like a piece of cake.

Even though we all love a good bang for the buck deal, this ramp could’ve used more support. Since there isn’t much sturdy support on either end, a bit of rash handling might snap it in two.

3) Filthy Fingerboard Ramps Mini Picnic Table

Our last pick has to be your end-game if your child loves to abuse their fingerboard ramps. As former choice might not live up to such harsh handling – this one definitely will!

Lastly, we have the aluminum Filthy Fingerboard Ramps that come in a unique display and can tailor to numerous tricks, flips, and maneuvers. Let’s see what the big deal is and if it’s factual or fluff.

Straight off the package, you will notice the non-sliders feet so that the ramp doesn’t move or glide while you’re mastering the art of fingerboard. It comes with three levels—two levels on each side and the top level.

The top ramp has a dual aluminum ledge on each side, which perfectly serves drives and slides. The lower levels are made with pure wood, which has an excellent sturdy and durable construction. The overall design is incredibly realistic and top-tier for pro performers.

It’s also an apt weight and size for portability. The plywoods are thick enough to avoid snapping in half, but at the same time, they’re as smooth as butter for easy rolling and slides.

Safe to say, kickflips, Ollies, and any other possible trick that seems average on generic ramps might come off as an extravagant move on this mini picnic ramp by Filthy fingerboard ramps. Besides, when compared with its price point, value, and intriguing design, this deal comes off as the most terrific bargain in the fingerboard world.

The only downfall with Filthy fingerboard ramps may be that they are astonishingly underrated. More people should dump their age-old plastic and flimsy ramps and switch to this bad boy.

Wooden Fingerboard Ramps

Wooden fingerboard ramps are miniature wood-made ramps made for fingerboard skateboarding. The smoother the wooden texture is, the better you can perform your tricks and maneuvers on them. These tiny creations can be bought from the store, online, or even be made at home by yourselves.

Wooden fingerboard ramps

A sturdy building is one of the top-most priorities. It’s further clarified that if there are no traces of screws and wood chips on these wooden platforms, you can experience an enhanced, sleeker experience. You can perform all the ins and outs and a combination of tricks on these wooden fingerboard ramps.

The small fingerboard ramps imitate the primary curve and drop of a standard ramp. Additionally, many craftsmanships go into making these ramps as they need to be buttery-smooth, have the perfect edge and cervices, and are well-constructed.

Some of the best fingerboard ramps are made with plywood for incredible sturdiness and solid durability. When the materials and build quality are top-notch, it can accommodate any fingerboard wheel’s material, flip, tricks, Ollies, and other maneuvers.

How To Make Fingerboard Ramps?

Now that you understand what fingerboard ramps are, you must wonder how to make them? Believe it or not, the best cheap fingerboard ramps can be made right at home. There are multiple ways of making a ramp for fingerboard skating, and we’re here to demonstrate the simplest DIY.

how to make fingerboard ramp

Step 1: Get an old cereal box.

Step 2: Lay the cereal box on its front and open up the bottom flap.

Step 3: With the help of a pair of scissors, cut the right crimped portion of the box’s front side. Keep doing this until the peak of the scissors hits the base of the box.

Step 4: Cut the left creased portion of the front of the cereal box. This should create a flap that used to be the face of the cereal box.

Step 5: Flip over the box to its side and cut the box in half without hampering the flap. This should give an illusion of a more extended flap than it was initially.

Step 6: Now, set the cereal box upright without any support. The package should be able to stand on its own now and have a ramp. For better stability, you can set the box atop cardboard. This cardboard has to be extended in size to the DIY ramp.

Step 7: Trace the outside of the ramp and remove it from the cardboard. Cut that piece out and glue or tape it on the ramp.
And voila! This is one of the easiest DIYs for creating a fingerboard ramp at home. Give it a try and test run when you’re done.

Last Word

There you have it. We have unveiled everything that we know about the best fingerboard ramps.
But hold on – let us help you further and suggest our top pick from our list – the TIME4DEALS mini fingerboard ramp. Starting from its extensive packaging and tools, you can create your ramp world. The assembling is as easy as riding the ramp. For the price you pay, this is the ultimate investment that can deliver optimum quality and value.

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