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Dinbin Skateboard Review of 2023 | The Best 4

If you are looking for a skateboard from a professional skateboard manufacturer then the Dinbin can be one of the best options for you. My Dinbin skateboard review will help you to decide whether you should buy it or not.

Skateboard lovers always prefer to get a skateboard that is manufactured and guided by a professional. Dinbin is a small team of professionals who focus only on skateboard manufacturing.

They are innovative enough. They produce affordable skateboards and longboards without compromising the quality. Dinbin is determined to always supply quality products.

dinbin longboard review

List Of Dinbin Skateboard and Longboard

  1. Dinbin 31 x8 Pro Skateboard
  2. Dinbin Complete Cruiser
  3. Dinbin 42 Inch drop through Longboard
  4. Dinbin Complete Skateboard

Dinbin Skateboard Performance

As a skateboard focused company, Dinbin manufactures skateboards, penny board, longboards. Performance varies from product to product. I have experienced smooth riding with Dinbin plastic cruisers and Dinbin 31” skateboard.

Adults will get awesome performances from Dinbin 31”. But I am not satisfied enough with their longboard. It is flimsy and can’t withstand 190 lbs. I will talk more about the performance of individual product reviews.

Dinbin Customer Support

Dinbin is a team of people who believe in quality. So they strictly monitor their products before leaving the factory. And you can claim a refund if you find any issue with the quality within 60 days. So you don’t have to be worried if you face any problems after purchasing the skateboard.

1: DINBIN Skateboard Review (Best For Teenagers and Adults)

Are you looking for a skateboard for various actions? Then, the Dinbin can be one of the best skateboards for you. Its symmetrical double kicktail popsicle deck made it perfect for any type of trick.

dinbin skateboard

Dinbin skateboard has a sturdy 7 layers Canadian maple deck. The deck responds to all tricks perfectly. Their mechanized production system enables them to manufacture flawless decks.

The board features 54x36mm PU wheels. 90A wheels durometer made it suitable for street and skate park. Its ABEC-7 bearings enable the rider to go at high speed at any place.

You will see high-grade aluminum trucks with the skateboard. The axle supports higher weight and ensures a faster riding experience. The combination of bushing, trucks, enables uninterrupted riding over the year. Wheels and trucks are adjustable to the requirements.

The design, shape, accessories, and all other instruments made the board suitable for teenagers and adults. You can do all types of stunts with the skateboard. It is an awesome gift for any skateboard lover.


  • Deck: 31”x 8”
  • Wheels: 54 x 36mm
  • Bearings: ABEC-7
  • Trucks: Aluminum Lightweight
  • Load Capacity: 330 Pounds

2: DINBIN Complete Cruiser Review

Are you looking for a skateboard that is CE-certified and safe to ride? Then I will recommend this Dinbin cruiser board. This is the perfect one for all types of purposes including transportation.

You will see a 22 ”x 6” plastic board with a skateboard. The plastic board can hold up to 220lbs. But I recommend not more than 170lbs. If you are looking for a 22” cruiser board, then this one is the best one. It comes in fully assembled. Just receive it and start your riding today.

DINBIN Complete Highly Flexible Plastic Cruiser Board Mini 22 Inch Skateboards for Beginners or Professional with High Rebound PU Wheels (Clashing colors1)
  • 🛹Includes: 22 inch skateboard, "waffles" top texture, 85A super soft bushings, 22*6 inch fresh pp deck, abec-7 high speed...
  • 🛹Totally portable, safety guarantee - With CE certification, this well-built skateboard is safe to ride and suitable for...

It features ABEC-7 high-speed stainless steel bearings. 60x45mm polyurethane wheels work perfectly with these bearings. And the 78A durometer allows the cruiser to ride on any surface. The board doesn’t come with any t-tool. So, to adjust your wheels and trucks, you may need to buy them separately if you don’t have them.

Dinbin 22” inches is easy and safe for any level of riders, including kids, teenagers, and adults. The company offers multiple variations. So there is no way to hate the design. If you face any problem within 60 days, you can ask for a full refund. My experience says you will love this skateboard and never ask for a refund.


  • Deck: 22”x 6”
  • Wheels: 60 x 45mm PU wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC-7
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds

3: DINBIN 42 Inch Drop Through Longboard Review

dinbin longboard

Dinbin always loves to offer new types of experiences to its users. Dinbin drop-through is one of them to deliver a new type of fun. Its charming design attracts the skateboard enthusiast.

It features an 8ply hardwood maple deck. The 42” x 9” deck offers enough flex and can hold up to 220 lbs rider. Anti-slip property on the deck ensures proper stickiness to the skateboard. This durable deck doesn’t allow skaters to do tricks. So I will not recommend this if you are looking for a skateboard or longboard for doing tricks.

Dinbin drop through comes with 70x51mm PU wheels which have 85 A durometer. This durometer makes it perfect for streets, grass, rough surfaces, downhill road, etc. 

Its ABEC-11 bearings have a lot of traction that can tolerate more weight and pressure. This feature gives riders a smooth riding experience.

The board comes with 7inches responsive lightweight aluminum trucks. The trucks with ultra-high rebound bushing made the board more stable and controllable. 

If we look into the downside we will find that trucks are heavy and you can use them with other skateboards or longboards. And the grip tape is not good enough but it’s not a big deal.

All in all, Dinbin drop through freestyle is easy to ride for all levels of skateboarders. Great maneuverability made the skateboard perfect for freestyle, cruising, sliding, downhill, etc. The combination of flexible deck, PU wheels, and ABEC-11 bearings give the rider an extraordinary experience.


  • Deck: 42”x 9”
  • Wheels: 70 x 51mm PU wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC-7
  • Trucks: 7 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Weight: 7.3 Pounds

4: DINBIN Complete Skateboard

Are you looking for a portable skateboard for any terrain? Dinbin complete skateboard can be a great choice for you. This CE-certified skateboard is safe to ride.

Its deck comes with 7 layers of Canadian-made maple wood. This sturdy deck can support up to 220 lbs riders. 8 inches larger deck gives a skateboarder a more stable riding experience than any other.

You will see 60x45mm polyurethane wheels with the Dinbin skateboard. Wide and stable wheels, ABEC-7 bearings with 85A super soft made bushings made the skateboard perfect for both flat and rough terrain both.

It features 5 inches aluminum trucks that are painted with spray. Its steel axle is a great essential to the skateboard as it plays a vital role in the safe skateboarding experience.


  • Deck: 28”
  • Wheels: 60 x 45mm PU wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC-7
  • Trucks: 5 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
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Are Dinbin Skateboards Good For Long Distance Cruising?

Dinbin manufactures several types of skateboard and longboard. Some of them are suitable for long-distance cruising. According to my personal opinion, Dinbin’s 42 inch drop through a longboard is suitable for long-distance. This freestyle skateboard allows freestyle, downhill, sliding, etc. types of riding.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best skateboard from a good brand is not an easy task. It requires much analysis. We have tried to explain all upsides and downsides of the Dinbin skateboard. Though I have compiled all features, I will recommend checking user feedback to know more about them. As Dinbin offers a refund guarantee, people can buy their skateboard without any hesitation.

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