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4 Best Downhill Longboard Decks in 2023

  1.  Fireball X Arbor Longboard Deck Review
  2. DB Longboards Keystone Downhill Deck Review
  3. Rayne Longboards Darkside
  4. DB Carbon Flagship Downhill Longboards Deck Review

A longboard deck is the long flat board that you stand on when longboarding. If you want the best downhill longboard decks, things like the length, width, shape, and material of the deck are essential to look at because they will determine the styles of longboarding and also the speed.

These decks come in different sizes ranging from 33 inches to 60 inches. Downhill longboard decks are the best for cruising, carving, and freeriding.

What Types of Decks Suitable for Downhill Longboard?

When buying a longboard, the design of the deck will play a significant role when it comes to the styles you want to do. On a top downhill longboard deck, there are two types.

Drop through longboard deck

This downhill longboard deck will give you speed and stability. It is closer to the ground allowing the rider to have more balance. This feature also helps to reduce fear when speeding, and they are suitable for beginners.

Top mount downhill longboard deck

If you are looking for grip, especially when racing around bends, this is the best type of layer to buy. It maintains stability during high speeds. This deck will also give you the best performance down the hill

downhill longboard setup

1. Fireball X Arbor Longboard Deck Review

Made by Fireball, a United States company, this longboard deck is easy to push and cruise with, and this makes it ideal for downhill longboarding.


  • Eco-friendly accessories
  • Suitable for all users
  • Very Stiff
  • Durable downhill longboard deck
  • Nice looking design
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  • Allow good turning
  • Great graphics
  • Made with strong wood

Users’ experience

The fireball deck is user-friendly, and it gives all the users a chance to longboard with ease. Whether you are a beginner or a pro in skateboarding, you will be comfortable here. The deck quality is impressive, and it comes well packaged. Besides, this deck is very stable and rigid.

The manufacturers use hardwood to make this longboard deck, and this makes it last longer. It is also environmentally friendly. With this deck, you will get smooth rides, and you will barely feel bumps. Looking at it, it has attractive graphics, and it is very sturdy.

Although you might not expect comfort from a downhill longboard deck, Fireball X Arbor Longboard comes with some support, especially when cruising down the hill. When it comes to hard turns, you can count on this board. Even at high speed, the trucks do not wobble or sway, making them comfortable and gives you confidence even when cruising at high speeds.

FAQ on Fireball X Arbor

  • How much weight it can hold?

Ans: I think 300 lbs.

  • What about the length of it?

Ans: 27 Inches

  • Will I get enough flex from it?

Ans: No, it is rigid and made for downhill

2 DB Longboards Keystone Downhill Deck Review

This is another longboard deck from DB Longboards. This longboard brand has the aim of creating the best longboards, and Keystone is not an exception.


  • High speed
  • Very strong
  • Use water-based chemicals
  • For freeriding and downhill
  • Durable material
  • Feather light

Note: Discussed one is not available so check the alternative here

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  • Board is beautiful
  • Environment friendly
  • No grip tape is used

Users’ experience

This downhill and freeride longboard will take your riding to another level. While it is feather lightweight, its speed is excellent. The tip and tail are made of urethane and these act as shock absorbers. They are also protectors to the core in case of a rigid collision.

Besides, this board has a concave shape, and this permits you to be secure no matter the terrain. The material used in the making of the Keystone is robust and durable. You will not think of replacing it any time soon.

It uses water-based chemicals, and this makes the employees happy and healthy and also for it to be environment friendly. Their customer service is the best. When you order this deck, it takes a few days to be delivered, and in case of a concern, a response comes almost immediately.

FAQ on DB Downhill Deck

  • Where the board is manufactured?

Ans: The factory is situated in Seattle.

  • Will I get enough pop from it?

Ans: Yes, you will get it.

  • Is it available in multiple variations?

Ans: Yes, it is.

 3. Rayne Longboards Darkside

Located in Washington State, Rayne manufactures longboard skateboards for downhill, and this beautiful piece is from them. This longboard is suitable for every rider. If you want to explore the hills, freeride, or cruise curve, Rayne is here to serve you.



  • Quality crafts
  • Maple deck for curving
  • Lightweight
  • Suits every rider
  • Top-mount free ride
  • Environment-friendly materials
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  • Beautiful design
  • Materials used are eco-friendly
  • Suitable for all rider
  • No grip tape on the deck

Users’ experience

This longboard deck is too good to pass you. The trucks have a perfect pocket for your feet, and this helps in initiating slides. It is also easy to ride, and it suits all kinds of riders, including beginners who want to explore the hills, cruise curve, dance, or free ride.

It is eco-friendly since it is made from recycled, reclaimed, and upcycled material reducing pollution.  This brand strives to make the best products and respecting the environment while doing so. The design and the shape in which these decks come in make them beautiful and attractive.

FAQ on Rayne

  • Does it come with grip tape?

Ans: No it is not.

  • What is the size of the wheelbase?

Ans: Wheelsbase are 21.5″-22.5″

4. DB Carbon Flagship Downhill Longboards Deck Review

Founded in 2003 in Washington, DB longboards are still among the leaders when it comes to manufacturing the best longboards. If you are a lover of speed, try this longboard deck.


  • High speed
  • Comfortable rocker
  • Latest shape and construction
  • Go over hills, waves, beaches, and mountains
  • Quality crafted board
  • For freeriding and downhill
  • Classic design
Showing best Alternative as this one is not available
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  • High-quality material
  • Environment friendly
  • Looks Beautiful
  • No major cons to mention

Users’ Experience

To begin with, this longboard deck is beautiful, so be sure to get it in the store the moment you see someone else with one. Talk of high speeds with confidence because that is what DB longboards, especially carbon flagship, is made for. Its rocker makes it comfortable, and a mellow tail has a radial concave shape.

downhill longboarding

Its shape and construction are just on a new level. This board will satisfy all desires you have for a downhill deck, and you will not find a reason for not liking it. It can go through the hills, waves, and mountains since the main idea in its making was to chase adventure.

The materials used in the making of this deck are of high quality, so do not worry about replacing the deck from time to time. Besides, they are environmentally friendly, and they are made from recycled materials so they will not harm the environment.

FAQ On The Best Longboard Deck For Downhill

  • How do I choose a downhill longboard deck?

Ans: Make sure you look at the deck style. The drop-through and top mount are both made for speed. The top mount, it is closer to the ground for more stability. Dimensions also matter. Shorter decks are uncomfortable at high speed, and extended packs are hard to maneuver.

  • Are drop decks good for downhill longboarding?

Ans: Drop decks of the longboard are good for downhill because they are lower, closer to the ground, and this allows the rider to be more stable. It also helps to reduce paranoia, especially during high speeds.

Final Verdict

Even though any deck is fit to be ridden for downhill purposes, some are more preferred than others. When choosing a deck for downhill longboarding, consider looking at the deck style and the measurements because they matter in terms of speed and comfort.


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