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Best Cruiser Skateboards Under $100 in 2023| Honest Review

If you are very familiar with skateboards and skating, you should know that very strong, smooth, fast, well-constructed, and reliable skateboards are best for skating.

Have you been having difficulties finding a smooth, fast, and reliable board for skating? Then what you have been looking for is a cruiser skateboard. We will talk about the best cruiser skateboards under $100 today. So let’s start

Are cruisers skateboards good for beginners?

As a beginner, a pro skater, or an expert on skateboards will tell you that a cruiser skateboard is the ideal type of skateboard that you will need to start up your skating journey.

best complete cruisser skateboard under $100

Just about everyone who properly learned skateboarding started their journey with a cruiser skateboard. As the name implies, cruiser skateboards are best for cruising around the neighborhood, and as you know: cruising on a skateboard is comfortable and a relaxing way of skateboarding.

Don’t ride a cruiser skateboard on a skating park. However, it is still the best type of skateboard recommended for a beginner to learn how to ride with.

Another reason why cruiser skateboards are great for beginners is that they are more forgiving on rough roads, and as earlier said, it requires little effort to ride around. And unlike other types of skateboards, a cruiser skateboard provides more stability for a beginner.

Which Types of Skateboards are Good for Cruising?

It is most common in this era to see people commuting (moving from one place to another) with the use of skateboards. Cruiser boards and longboards are the best type of skateboard for transportation, and it is more than twice as fast as walking.

But getting any of this for transportation purposes, you have to ask yourself the distance you will be traveling using any of the boards.

For a short distance, a mini-cruiser is the ideal and perfect type of skateboard to use. While going on a 4-5 miles journey, like cruising around the street or commuting from point A to B on campus, a mini-cruiser is best for that.

It fits in well because of its portable stature, as you can easily come off the board and carry it around while in crowded places. But for a longboard isn’t a good idea to travel with it because it’s a bit too hassle, and will look awkward while carrying it around in crowded places.

So, in my own opinion, cruisers are best for riding around as they offer a smooth and effortless ride and are very portable. If you are getting a cruiser skateboard for this purpose I will advise you to go with one of the abo0ve mentioned skateboards (either the FlyBee cruiser skateboard or the Kryptonics super fat Skateboard).

Both skateboards are perfect for commuting, and you won’t have to break the bank to get any of them, as you can get any for less than $100 from any of the skateboard markets.

Details about Cruiser Skateboards

Best skateboard setup under $100

Cruiser skateboards come in several shapes and sizes and are relatively lighter than longboards when comparing weight. Cruiser skateboards are also taller than the regular type of skateboards. They also provide balance and comfort and allow you to quickly accelerate.

Generally, Cruiser skateboards are identified by their types of wheels.  Their wheels provide higher speed and give more balance by making control, curves, and turns with the skateboard easy.

Before the list of the very best skateboards sold under the price of $100, it is ideal for you to know these few things about a cruiser skateboard.

skateobard for $100

Cruiser skateboards are the best in terms of commuting but aren’t meant for performing tricks on inclined surfaces or skate parks.

They are preferable and cheaper than public transports, and riding a cruiser skateboard to your place, campus, or around the city can also serve as a good means of exercise.

There are different types of cruiser skateboards, as you will find both cruisers and mini cruisers on the market. The mini cruisers are lighter in weight and more portable than the regular cruisers and are best for commuting for shorter distances, like moving from point A to B on campuses.

The most types of cruiser skateboards popular amongst students are mini cruisers because they are easier to put in a bag and carry around.

The most important part of a cruiser skateboard is its wheel which you can identify it easily. Cruiser skateboard wheels are softer and more flexible. It gives the skater the confidence to ride on rough ground.

Although the wheels are important, do not underestimate the significance of the shape and size of the deck of a cruiser skateboard. The reason why we wouldn’t recommend that you replace the wheels of a standard skateboard to turn it into a cruiser skateboard is that standard skateboards are more robust and less flexible compared to cruiser skateboards.

Before choosing a cruiser skateboard, firstly, you need to have a purpose for preferring a cruiser skateboard to the regular one.

Ask yourself questions like; where do I need to commute, how long will it take for me to get there, and what is the path to my destination like?

The distance you need to travel and the strength or rather stamina of your skateboards matters a lot. Be sure that the journey is what you can manage. Also, be sure that the terrain isn’t too rough, as there is an extent that any of the best cruiser skateboards can reach on difficult ground. Also, make sure that the road is very concrete.


1: LOSENKA Mini Cruiser SkateboardBest skateboard under $100

If you are looking for a cruiser skateboard under 100, then you would be well served trying out this one. The Losenka cruiser skateboard comes in a damage-resistant maple wood deck with a concave design that makes it rigid yet flexible.

In addition to the maple deck’s toughness, it also features a high-density grip tape that makes it non-slip. The tape also adds to the board’s aesthetic quality, making it one you would be proud to own.

The Losenka has a sturdy make with the wheels strong enough and the surface non-slip and wear-resistant. It also features a reinforced truck and carbon fiber screws for a sturdier board.

It also comes with Abec-9 bearings that are quiet and enable you to have smoother rides with the board.

User Experience

The Losenka is an easy-to-use cruiser board that will enable you to enjoy smooth and quiet rides. The Abec-9 bearings are responsible for smooth rides.

It is also easier to control, especially on flat surfaces, thanks to its stable friction. The maple wood deck is also adept at absorbing vibrations to ensure a smooth ride. Also, the non-slip grip tape will enhance your safety on this cruiser board.


2: Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Cruiser Board

If you need a board that can do various riding styles, then the Retrospec board will be a worthy investment. You can use it for longboard commuting, downhill riding, carving, and most importantly, cruising. That’s mainly because of the retro surf it has.

The 80AB has an extra grip and covers the whole deck to enable you to stay grounded as you ride. It also has durable and rugged pneumatic wheels that can withstand the friction that comes with riding on the tarmac.

What we loved about this cruiser board are the trucks. It comes with 180mm kingpin trucks that enable you to glide over surfaces without the fear of slanting smoothly. Together with the high-precision ABEC bearings, you can be sure of quiet and smooth rides,

The fact that the board is of Canadian maple wood means it will severe you for some tie. Maple is one of the toughest materials around. It makes this board light enough yet sturdy.

User Experience

This board has features that ensure you have smooth and comfortable rides. The kingpin trucks and high-precision bearings mean you will have smooth rides on most surfaces.

Thanks to the maple deck, it also means this board is sturdy enough to support your weight and ensure you perfectly balance on it.

3: FlyBee 27-inch Cruiser Skateboard


  • Deck Size: 27*8 inches
  • Bearings: ABEC-7
  • Wheel Size: 60*55 mm
  • Truck Size: 5 inch
  • Durometer hardness: 78A
  • Unique feature: Smooth turning experience

The deck of the FlyBee cruiser skateboard in Canadian maple is measured 27*8-inch, which is the ideal length for a cruiser skateboard. Its 8-inch width gives balance and stability, making it the best for a beginner to start his/her skating journey with

The 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks are durable, alongside very smooth and soft 60mm 78A wheels, which makes them a very fast and perfect cruiser skateboard for commuting.

The FlyBee cruiser has high graphics on its boards, and this makes it very attractive. It also comes with beautiful colors that will even give you a hard time picking your choice because they are all so beautiful.

The FlyBee cruiser skateboards are pressed with epoxy resin, which makes them lighter and very durable water-based decks.

  • Stylish deck
  • 7 ply Maplewood deck
  • Wood grooves in the deck for carving
  • It doesn’t come assembled
  • Not recommended to be ridden on skate parks
  • Its small stature may be challenging for some riders

User’s experience

The FlyBee cruiser board is one of the best out there. Its aluminum alloy trucks make it strong and durable; its smooth and soft wheels make it great for speed and help you avoid pesky pebbles.

It’s standard complete bearing; ABEC-7 spins faster and longer than the regular skateboards, and this makes the cruiser board have higher speed and move with less effort.

4: The Kryptonics Super Cruiser Skateboard


  • Deck Size: 30.5 Inch
  • Bearings: ABEC-5
  • Wheel Size: 65*51mm
  • Truck Size: 6 inch
  • Durometer hardness: 88A
  • Weight Support: 220 lbs
  • Unique Feature: Provides excellent control and easy braking
Kryptonics Super Fat Wide Cruiser 30.5" Complete Skateboard, Blue Fish
  • COMPLETE SKATEBOARD: Complete 30.5" skateboard with a thick, durable 8-ply laminated wood deck and 9.75" super wide shape is...
  • SINGLE KICKTAIL DESIGN: Single kicktail super wide cruiser design provides excellent control and easy braking

It is one of the best cruiser skateboards under 100 dollars. The Complete 30.5-inch Kryptonics super fat skateboard has a thick and long-lasting 8-ply maple wood deck and is super-wide in shape (9.75-inch wide).

The single kicktail, super-wide cruiser design board helps to provide balance and control to the rider, as well as offering excellent space for footing and easy breaking.

Its wheels measured 65*51mm are made of polyurethane. It is the specific and ideal wheel for cruiser boards, alongside carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings that help to deliver a smooth and shock-resistant ride, thereby spending more time on the street without the rider having to exact much effort.

The trucks of the skateboard are made of 6.1-inch heavy-duty aluminum, very smooth and soft 88A urethane bushings, as well as 12mm angled riser pads that help to provide the skateboard with high weight and faster speed compared to other regulars skateboards.

The skateboard is recommended for persons from the age of 8 and above, with up to 220 lbs of weight support.

The deck of the board features a black 80Ab grip that helps to hold the riders’ feet in place. And comes with great graphic designs that give great visual appeal and also give a type of pride to the rider.

  • It is suitable for heavy users
  • The skateboard is quite easy to use
  • Very durable construction features
  • It provides calm and smooth rides
  • It has a nice design that provides better control
  • You may need a wrench to remove the plastic wrapping on the board

User Experience

This skateboard is perfect for a beginner; the deck of its wideness provides support and balance to its rider

These are the amazing features of the two best Cruiser skateboards sold under $100. Whichever one you decide to go for will be a great skateboard acquisition for you and you are sure going to have a great experience while riding.

Why should you use a Cruiser Skateboard?

Cruiser skateboards are the best type of skateboard for transportation. If you love to ride your skateboards to work, campus, or a long distance from home: then a cruiser skateboard is the best for you, as its ability to maneuver will help its riders effortlessly avoid bumping into obstacles like vehicles and humans, etc.

A cruiser skateboard is best for rolling and carrying around without having to impose so much energy.

Generally, cruiser skateboards have flat surfaces, although some types do have an elevated tail, why some are concave? The surface allows its rider to hop on and off curbs and also quickly correct the board.

Another good addition to cruiser skateboards is that they are the best skateboard that allows you to hop and hold onto a bus without having any problems.

When riding a cruiser skateboard on slopes and hills, you should be mindful of your speed: you need to reduce your speed because cruiser skateboards are likely unstoppable when on a high speed and become unstable as well.

cruiser skateboard for $100

How to Choose the Best Cruiser Skateboard Under $100 

Do you want to buy a cruiser skateboard for yourself or your relatives? Well, cruiser skateboards are one the most perfect skateboards you can think of. But when purchasing, you have to make sure you go for the right one, so as not to have a bad experience with the skateboard.

Below, we have narrowed down guides that will help you make the right choice when buying a cruiser skateboard.

What type of deck is suitable for cruising?

When going for a cruiser skateboard, you have to first know the width of the deck as the width of a deck carries more importance than the length. If the deck of a board is too large, it will give the rider more stress because he/she will have to exert more pressure in riding.

Decks that are too small in size are difficult to balance and highly unstable. So, choosing the perfect deck will depend on your height, shoe size, and your skating style.

Generally, Decks that are 7.5-inch or more are good for teenagers and adults who are at least 5 feet 3-inch tall, with a shoe size of nine and above. For persons between 4’5 and 5’2, with shoe size 7nto 8- a mid-sized 7.3 inches deck is best for them. There are also mini-cruiser decks for children.

What type of  Shape and Size of the Board is Suitable for Cruising?

The best and most preferable skateboards are those that are a bit curved with a pointed front and a raised tail. This type of design allows the board to easily cut through the air.

Cruiser skateboards perform better when they are small in size. So, it is not ideal to go for a cruiser skateboard that is bigger than 75mm.

What type of wheel is suitable for cruising?

The best and recommended wheels for cruising are those that are larger than average. Typically, wheels between 60 to 70 mm are best for cruising, as it helps to maneuver and pass through a narrow place more easily.

Also, the wheel should be soft and should be a better impact absorber, making it good and perfect to ride on rough surfaces.

What type of truck is suitable for turning?

High trucks are best for cruising as they allow for better turning. High trucks can pivot smoothly to different geometry and allows more movement. High trucks are better for larger wheels which are the ideal wheels for cruiser skateboards. With high trucks, you can ride well as the wheels will have more room for movement before hitting the deck.

What type of bearing is suitable for cruising?

If you are familiar with skateboard parts, you will know that skateboard bearing is rated by ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineer’s Committee). The rating is used for measuring the level of precision and durability of the bearing.

bearings for cruiser boards

The American Bearing Manufacturers Association sets up the ABEC standards, as it is used for rating accuracy and tolerance.

The ABEC standard rating is:

ABEC 1- this bearing is the crudest, cheapest, most durable, but least precise.

ABEC 3- This is good for most skateboarding but doesn’t roll fast and smoothly.

ABEC 5- This is the ideal type of bearing for skateboarding (including cruisers). It gives high speed, and you won’t have to break the bank to get it as well.

ABEC 7- This is another very great bearing for cruiser skateboards. The bearing runs very fast and smoothly.

ABEC 9 and other higher bearings aren’t ideal to use in skateboards, except you are performing a downhill luge style of skating or want your skateboard to be insanely fast. You will have to spend a whole lot to get these types of bearings (ABEC 9) in the market.

Haven knew the ABEC bearing rating and their usefulness we highly recommend ABEC 5 and 7 for cruiser skateboards. These bearings wouldn’t have any misconceptions, and you will have a great experience with any of them.


Check the flexibility of the cruiser skateboard. See how impact absorbent the skateboard is; the more curves a cruiser skateboard is, the more impact absorption the more stable it will be when it is at high speed. High flexibility gives a skater more confidence to ride, even when it is on rough terrain.

Our advice is: go for a curved-shaped cruiser board rather than flat-shaped ones, as curved cruiser boards are more flexible compared to flat ones.

FAQ on Cruiser Skateboard under $100
  • Can you do tricks with cruiser skateboards?

Cruiser skateboards are designed majorly for commuting- cruising around the streets, campus, city, basically for movement from one place to another. The cruiser skateboards are not meant for doing tricks like the standard skateboards.

  • How long does a cruiser board last?

If your skateboard is mainly for cruising down the streets without have to ride recklessly, then your board will last for a couple of years. All you have to do is to avoid water from getting to it else it will start to condemn. When you are done cruising, take it in and away from the water.

  • Can I Ollie on a Cruiser?

Although you can, you have to know that cruiser skateboard wheels are heavy and sticky than the regular wheels so, they will react very slowly when trying to pop an Ollie. I wouldn’t recommend you to Ollie with cruisers.

  • Are mini Cruisers good for beginners?

Yes, mini cruisers are great for young beginners who are looking to get a perfect balance, as well as get their grip during skating. Again, mini cruisers are very portable and easy to carry around.



Final Verdict

We have discussed most of the things that relate to cruiser skateboards as well as a guide for getting the best cruiser skateboard for less than $100.

If you are looking for the best and most recommended cruiser skateboard to buy, then you can choose from one of the above-mentioned (The FlyBee 27-ich skateboard or the Kryptonics super fat skateboard).

With those boards, a great cruising experience is sure!

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