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Core Trucks Review of 2023 | Decision Making Guide

Core trucks are among the very best skateboard and longboard trucks around the world. You may wonder how they rose to the top 20 in the year 2020, and the answer lies in this article. The trucks are the best for proper attachment of the wheels and deck and they consist of a hanger of varied sizes.

When looking at the core truck’s review, it is recommended by many users as the truck has a solid base plate, kingpin, and brushings, not forgetting a riser in between. They come in different amazing colors that suit anyone’s style.

Being built from scratch by the company, there are many things to know to help you commit and buy them with no regrets. This article will showcase the reasons why core trucks are highly purchased and rated all over the world. And I will provide answers to the most troubling questions about Core trucks.

Are Core Trucks Good?

Since they are highly rated and purchased all the time and season, it shows how good of trucks they are. Not only that, they are affordable, however, they are strong enough for a variety of uses. Although their general uses vary with truck size, they all perform well.

core trucks price

The Core trucks are lightweight and easy to use and assemble onto the wheels. Also, they have no problems with concrete or pool coping when riding. And they have an essential feature that is suitable for street skating and strong boards.

Core trucks are good and can be used by people of all ages. They come in different colors for choice. Also, they give the perfect clearance for grinds. Its features are flawlessly providing an ideal function for both longboards and skateboards.

Details About Core Trucks Manufacturers

The core is the manufacturer of Core trucks. It is one of the leading manufacturers and brands in the world. The core has many industries, and the company is the best with thousands of core stores worldwide.

The core trucks were built from the ground to this perfect all-around truck by Core industries. The trucks’ brushings are from the United States of America, along with the aluminum alloy hangers. They also feature grade 8 steel kingpins in the product, which keeps the truck in position.

core hollow trucks

Core trucks manufacturers were building with fine geometry. The core skateboard truck reviews a perfect truck for a strong skateboard and rump. Some have cruiser wheels, which measure 60mm by 47mm, making it ideal for cruising.

The company deals with a variety of inventions, for example, skateboards. You can get a good setup for your skateboard there. It would be the best option for a beginner to get everything at core stores fitting the truck to its suitable board.

They offer the best services all around, in shops and online. The customer service line is always on, and they quickly respond to any inconveniences. The workers are accommodating.

The packages for core trucks include wheels, bearings, hardware, and a riser. The hardware will be used for easy assembling, attaching the wheels to the board correctly. The bearings support the wheels while the risers are of a suitable size for use on many boards.

1. Skateboard Trucks Aluminium Choose Color


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Size: 3.75 inches
  • Package Weight: 73 kilogram
  • Fitting Deck: 5 inches
  • Colour: black
  • Special feature: Have lightweight aluminum alloy hangers with super high rebound bushings.
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It is one of the best in performance with a standardized style. This core truck is of great quality. It consists of heavy-duty baseplates, which are solid with six holes drilled.

The super high rebound bushings and pivot Cups it contains offer a smooth ride with no hobbles, thus well-reviewed. They are packed with 4 nuts and 8 washers for assembling the wheel.

The skateboard truck aluminum comes with wheels measuring 60mm by 47mm with a hardness of 83A. The wheels are of premium super bound urethane, which is perfect. The kit is endless, containing Abec 7 speed bearings, 1.5-inch hardware, and 6mm risers.

2. Core Skateboard Trucks Wheels BEARINGS


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Size: 7.75 inches
  • Package Weight: 3pounds
  • Fitting Deck: 7 and 5/8 inches
  • Colour: dark blue or black

Special feature: it has the best bearing for street skating. The bearings stimulate the wheels increasing speed.

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The truck is very sturdy and of great value. It is lightweight and has heavy-duty aluminum and grade 8 steel kingpins. Also, it consists of axles, brushings, pivot cups, and perfect bearings.

Amphetamine bearings work extensively as stimulators for the wheels. The light synthetic oil, Delrin Crowns, and serviceable rubber shields make the bearings last long. They are best for beginners’ skateboard. The color design is perfect and impressive.

The packages include 52mm TGM Logo wheels and amphetamine ABEC 5 bearings. The trucks have good 1-inch hardware that works impressively and a 1/8 inch riser pad. These core trucks are mainly for skateboards.

Are Core Trucks better for Street skating?

Core Trucks are better for street skating because they are all lightweight and increase speed while clearing grinds along the way. The pivot cups and brushings available make the turning smoother. Turning may be slow, but it is safe.

The core trucks are packed with wheels, and those that measure 52mm with a hardness of 99A are best suited for street skating. They are smoother and have thick base plates suitable for the streets and parks. The trucks allow for freestyles on the roads due to all their unique features.

The Amphetamine bearings act as stimulants for the wheels of your skateboard. Thus, core trucks are the best choice for street skating. They are all very sturdy for use.

Can Core Trucks be used for Longboards?

Core 7.0 truck review favors core trucks as longboard trucks. They work best for longboards but are also suitable for skateboards. When considering its price, this core truck has an amazing build quality for longboards.

The Core 7.0 truck is usually packed with 76 mm-width wheels, which are best for longboards. All other core trucks offer the greatest strength and have the best bearings.

Core trucks sized from 8 inches to 9 inches are the best to be used for longboards. A truck size of 9 and 5/8 inches has a general use of longboarding and is best fitted 9 to 10 inches board size. Core trucks can be used for longboards.

core trucks

Alternatives to Core trucks

There are a variety of core trucks to choose from. They are of different sizes, and the build quality is excellent. The other type of core truck is the black skateboard truck of size 8 inches. These are well made for perfection and are well within budget without compromising their quality.

The Independent Hollow Forged 159s truck is another nest truck for great movement. It has small and Logos and is smooth. It offers a fast clearance of grinds. It also has the greatest core balance for sports training with stability. Many others in the store are of good use for street skating, cruisers, and longboarding.

How Can I Know What Size Core Skateboard I Need?

It is always recommended for the board’s width to perfectly match the truck’s width for comfort and good use. This helps you to get the size you need for your specific needs. When choosing a core skateboard truck, consider what size your skateboard is. If you do not have a skateboard yet, you can get it as a pair at the Core store—a pair of matching boards and trucks.

What Size Trucks Should I Get for a 7.75 Board?

The size of the trucks should be almost the same as the size of the board. If you have a 7.75 board, you need a truck of size 7 and 5/8 inches. The core truck hanger size should be 5 inches. This truck is best used for standard streets only and is to enhance perfect performance.

What Size Truck Do I Need for an 8.25 Deck?

The deck width and board width are almost the same in most skateboards. Thus, the truck size should match the deck size. For a deck width of 8.25 inches, you need a truck width of 8 and 1/8 inches.

The hanger size should determine what works for this truck size, and the deck size is 5.5 inches. This truck is mainly used on standard streets and cruisers. The truck for this deck is made for super-strong boards and is suitable for cruising with freestyle.

Core Skateboard trucks

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the Core truck has been proven to be the best. They work well to keep the skateboard balanced. The Core 7.0 truck is among the best products of Core manufacturers, as it has good build quality. When choosing a truck, you should get one of almost the same size as your board.

Hope the article on the core trucks review helped you a lot to know more about it. To get the best trucks to fit onto your skateboard, buy core skate trucks online, or visit your nearest core store. If you buy one of these core trucks, you won’t ever regret it. They can be used for both skateboards and longboards thus, and you can get one and use it for all your desires.

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