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Which is the Best Concave Skateboard Deck For Beginners

According to my personal experience and research bamboo blank skateboard deck is the best concave skateboard deck available in the market. I love it because of its features, durability, build, quality, etc.

What is a Concave Skateboard Deck?

Concave means a slightly curvy structure and shape. And a skateboard deck is a special deck that is used for skating. Therefore, a concave skateboard deck is a skateboard deck with a curvy format on the deck. It is the longitudinal curve on the nose, tails, and edges of the skateboard.

Concave on the skateboard gives higher speed to the riders. You can do various tricks on different terrains using the best concave skateboard decks. The curvier shape on the skateboard decks will allow you to keep more pressure on the deck as well.

best concave skateboard deck

Does Deck Concave Matter?

Surely yes, the deck concave of a skateboard matters a lot. The concave shape makes differences in the structure of the skateboards. Besides, concave on the deck changes the riding speed of the skaters.

Among all of the existing skateboards, a concave skateboard is the one that will be suitable for new skaters. But professional skaters can ride a steep concave skateboard. Thus, it is obvious that a concave on the deck matters in the case of a skateboard.

Is Concave Good on a Skateboard?

 Yap. A concave is good on a skateboard. It gives the advantage of shifting your position favorably on the skateboard deck. A concave on the nose, tail, and edges of the skateboard let you ride faster and wilder. A concave skateboard allows you to move comfortably at the time of riding.

Besides, you will get the chance to ride on several terrains and have a great experience because of the concave on skateboard. However, if you are a novice in the world of skating, a mellow or medium concave skateboard will be just perfect for you. On the other hand, you can select a steep concave skateboard if you are quite an experienced skater.

Types of Concave & What Concave is Best on a Skateboard?

There are three categories of concave on the deck of a skateboard. Those are- a mellow concave, a medium concave, and a steep concave. The details and differences of these concaves are as follows.

  • Mellow Concave: A slightly higher edge on the skateboard deck is known as mellow concave. This concave is good for riding stably on the streets. It won’t be comfortable to perform various tricks using a mellow concave skateboard deck. Its nearly-flat concave feels good if you stand on the skateboard without moving much.
  • Medium Concave: A medium concave refers to a bit more long shape on the edges of the skateboard. Medium concave is also known as a standard concave. It suits the skaters who are initially riding a skateboard. Besides, people who have just started to ride a skateboard can try this medium concave.
  • Steep Concave: A steep concave on the skateboard deck is the higher curves on the edges. A steep or deep concave will be perfect for doing technics and flip tricks on different surfaces. Steep concave skateboard suits experienced skaters.

Concaves are all good on a skateboard. Different concave is good for different reasons. It mostly depends on the rider’s experience and the riding terrain. If you demand to perform various tricks using a skateboard, you can select a steep concave skateboard deck.

Instead, just go for a medium concave if you have hesitation about choosing the right skateboard. Apart from the two, a mellow concave skateboard will suit people who just want to ride a skateboard comfortably without doing any tricks.

Which Types of Tricks Can I Do With a Concave Skateboard Deck?

You can do several tricks with a concave skateboard. Like street skating, technical skating, flip tricks, etc. You can perform Kickflip, Shuvit, Ollie, Casper flip, Powersliding, Backside 180, Nollie, Frontside 180, and so on.

Ollie is the initial trick that every skater should learn. This trick will lead skaters to learn the other tricks. After learning Ollie, you can go for learn Nollie trick. This trick will let you know how to transform your position on the skateboard deck.

The trick known as shuvit is a required trick of the skateboard. This trick will provide you the confidence to learn more tricks and flips. Thus, after being quite easy with a skateboard, you can try to do frontside 180. It will let you perform the backside 180 easily.

Apart from the mentioned tricks, you can do lots of other tricks, flips, and skating using a concave skateboard deck.

Top 4 Concave Skateboard Deck Product Review

So, here are the best concave skateboards that we have to choose from after a thorough search. We hope you will get the suitable one that you are looking for.

1: Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck–Ply Professional Grade Canadian Maple

Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck - Professional Canadian Maple Blank Skateboard Decks Made in Mexico - (7.75" Blue)
  • → 7.75 in Skateboard deck → Street double-kick popsicle skateboard deck, for cruising and tricks. We've sourced the best...
  • → Best quality Maple Decks made in North America → our 7-plys of locally sourced High Quality Canadian Maple wood comes...

Blank Skateboard Deck is an amazing skateboard. It is beautifully manufactured by the Stoked Ride Shop. Because of being made with 7-ply Canadian maple wood, this skateboard can serve its rider a long time without being damaged.

The blank skateboard is offered in red, natural, purple, and green colors. This medium concave skateboard is one of the durable pieces. That’s why it is just perfect for experimenting with different tricks and cruising on the street.

The length and width of this skateboard are 32-inch and 7.75-inch respectively. This quality concave skateboard has a perfect mixture of material and stability. The medium concave of this skateboard can keep riders stable as well.

best concave skateboard deck system

This concave skateboard will finely go with people of different ages. Besides, this skateboard deck is friendly with the budget. Whether you are a novice or a professional skateboard rider, you will get this skateboard very comfortable to ride.

  • An outstanding 7-ply Canadian maple wood skateboard.
  • Provides a long-lasting ride.
  • It has a medium concave.
  • Just fine for new skateboard riders.
  • A budget-friendly skateboard.
  • This skateboard is not suggested for kids under 8-year-old.


Why You Should Buy This

  • The best concave skateboard deck system.
  • Suitable for professionals and novices.

2: ICE DRAGON Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck for Pros (Set of 1 Deck only)

Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck, the name itself gives an idea about how fantastic it is! However, this maple skateboard is a concave skateboard that is manufactured by ICE DAGON. It is a long-lasting item that is suitable for professional riders.

best steep concave decks

This skateboard is designed with cent percent durable 7-ply Canadian maple wood. It is one of the top concave skateboard decks that is demanded to practice various tricks on the street. You can use this skateboard for different purposes.

No matter what you want to do, you can undoubtedly use this finely featured skateboard. Such as regular rides, skateboarding, skate parks, grinds, arts, flip tricks, etc. This mellow concave skateboard deck has a weight limitation of 280 lbs.

This 31.65-inch long and 8-inch wide skateboard is offered in a beautiful blue color. It is available in a set of 1-piece decks. With a medium concave and an identical nose, this skateboard will give you a wonderful riding experience.

  • Designed with long-lasting materials.
  • Has a smooth concave.
  • Presented in amazing blue color.
  • Its wheelbase is 14.25 inches.
  • A perfect selection for expert riders.
  • It has a weight limitation of 280 lbs.

Why You Should Buy This

  • It will serve you a long time.
  • Suitable for having an uninterrupted riding experience.

3: BESIY Blank Skateboard Deck 8.0 Inch, Maple Board for Skating

The blank Skateboard Deck of BEISY is solely made with long-lasting 7-ply maple wood. This skateboard is simply decorated with brown color that gives a smooth feeling. It is one of the best skateboard decks made by the prominent brand BEISY.


This blank skateboard deck won’t come with wheels, trucks, or grip tape. Thus, you have to add these items separately. But this skateboard deck is easily replaceable because of its being blank. This will be perfect for kids and teens.

When you are unsure about the size of skateboard that you need, you can just pick a concave skateboard deck like this one. Then you will be ready to ride in no time. This skateboard is 31-inch long and 8-inch wide. It weighs 2.45 pounds with a height of 1-inch.

This deck has a maximum loading capacity of 360 lbs. It will provide a better experience for regular riding purposes first-hand riders. Adult and professional skaters will get this board a bit uncomfortable for rough riding.

  • Simple yet good.
  • Made with long-lasting components.
  • Easy to use this board for tricks.
  • Good for kids and teens.
  • You will get this within a budget.
  • There are no trucks, grip tape, or wheels added to this skateboard.

Why You Should Buy This

  • Suitable for kids and teens.
  • It will provide a nice riding experience for new skaters.

4: Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck – POP – Strength – Sustainability

If you are a professional skateboard rider and looking for a long-lasting skateboard, you can go for the blank skateboard of the ‘Bamboo Skateboards’. It is one of the best steep concave decks made with eco-friendly 6-ply bamboo and maple wood.

The perfect combination of materials has made this skateboard more durable and flexible than the other existing skateboards. Also, the steep concave decks of this skateboard will give you an adventurous riding experience.

Because of its eco-friendliness, this skateboard is a popular item among skaters. Besides regular purposes, you can do various tricks using this skateboard. No matter how rough the surface is, this concave skateboard won’t break easily.

This skateboard is 28-inch long and 7-inch wide. Besides, it weighs 2.16 pounds with a height of 1-inch. This sustainable skateboard is offered in different sizes. It will provide you a long-time service without being damaged.

  • Designed with a fine mixture of 6-ply bamboo and maple wood.
  • More flexible and durable.
  • An eco-friendly skateboard.
  • It will serve a long time.
  • Won’t be damaged quickly.
  • Bamboo skateboard is not preferable to people with overweight.

Why You Should Buy This

  • An amazing contemporary skateboard.
  • A perfect selection for professional skateboard riders.
Concave vs Flat skateboard

Concave vs Flat skateboard

It is very confusing when the time comes to purchase a skateboard. For newbies, choosing the right skateboard deck is indispensable. Concave and flat skateboards are two basic types of skateboards.

Although concave and flat skateboards have some similarities, there are differences between these two as well. It will be easy for you to select a suitable skateboard if you know the differences.


The structure of a concave skateboard is curvy. It has a longitudinal curve on the nose, tail, and edges of the skateboard. On the other hand, a flat skateboard is just straight. It has no curve on the deck at all.


A flat skateboard is good for riding on flat or straight surfaces only. But a concave skateboard will allow you to ride on different surfaces like flat, jig jag, trail, etc.


Flat and concave skateboards are usually made with Canadian maple woods. 7-ply maple wood is suitable to make a strong skateboard. But some skateboards have a mixture of bamboo and maple wood.

Weight Capacity

On average, a general skateboard can carry up to 120-130 kg weight. But flat skateboards can carry more weight than concave skateboards. Because flat skateboards are not used for doing flips or tricks.


You can perform different types of tricks and flips using a concave skateboard. But flat skateboards are suitable for regular riding purposes instead of technical reasons.

Flat skateboards are not suggested for having tricky rides that you will get from a concave skateboard.

Final Verdict

Now you know a lot about the best concave skateboard deck. So, it is your turn to select a concave and pick a concave skateboard. Whether you want to ride a skateboard for enjoying yourself or for general skating purposes, you can always go for a medium one. If not sure, then a medium concave will be just fine for meeting your purposes.

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